You are told by us about Ukrainian women beauties

You are told by us about Ukrainian women beauties

Johnny Huang has sooner or later be a proper social networking celebrity with more than three million supporters on Weibo – one of Chinese many popular social media marketing platforms.

Why is him now get huge number of responses and likes under all of their articles is, nevertheless, neither their verified identification as “writer” with his two bestseller-books posted four years back nor his performance on A chinese matchmaking television show seven years back. The video that is pinned of their web page posted during the early 2018 markings this milestone: with 38.1 thousand reposts, 15.1 commentary, and 71.7 thousand loves, Johnny’s romantic love tale went viral.

Therefore went viral their wife, a painter from Kyiv, and their mixed-race child.

Karina Moemi is currently acting as a beauty writer on weibo, her husband that is chinese is their everyday life with pictures and videos usually. They usually have undertaken numerous commercial adverts since Johnny introduced their wife that is ukrainian to public.

“Your spouse can be so pretty! ” “wef only I could marry such a female such as your spouse! ” Folks are commenting on Johnny’s page.

“Nana (nickname for Karina), you might be extraordinarily breathtaking! ” Users whom stumbled on Karina’s web web page after viewing the movie can not conceal their admiration.

Johnny and Karina aren’t the only Chinese-Ukrainian couple having gained general public attention. Continue reading