Encyclopedias provide background information on an interest.

Encyclopedias provide background information on an interest.

Remember that you need to confine your usage of encyclopedias to background information only, since their info is too general to work being a source that is appropriate a college paper.

Specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries offer history in certain fields ( ag e.g., a dictionary of music terms, a biographical encyclopedia of us writers, explanations of legal terms).

Facts on File and Statistical Abstracts offer brief components of analytical information that will aid your quest. For instance, if you are doing on a paper on airline security since deregulation, it is a safe bet that you’ll find statistics on flight safety issues in just one of these guide books.

Other guide publications abound ( ag e.g., Book Review Digest, medical and dictionaries that are legal etc.). Take some time, at some point, to browse your collection’s shelves into the guide part to observe how various sorts of guide publications occur also to think about the method that you could use them. It shall be time well invested.

Library of Congress Topic Heading Index

The Library of Congress has an indexing system; many academic libraries index their publications Library that is using of topic headings. Continue reading