Why you seldom see ‘hot’ guys dating ‘plain’ ladies.

Why you seldom see ‘hot’ guys dating ‘plain’ ladies.

If I inquired you to definitely think about a few where you’d consider the girl to be much more appealing compared to guy (as an entirely objective alternative party), you can probably reel down more information on either a-listers or people who you understand.

Exactly what about vice versa?

It’s really unusual to experience a ‘hot’ man dating a ‘plain’ woman – and if they are doing, there’s a tremendously discouraging reason it is typically condemned to fail.

We are accepting for the woman that is hot less hot guy yet not one other way round. Image: Getty

The latest episode of Tinder’s podcast DTR desired to learn precisely why that is by speaking with different people from both edges whom’ve discovered by themselves in this ‘unequal’ pairing.

Surprisingly, it is frequently got nothing at all to do with the few on their own, but the way they’re identified by those around them. (Post continues after audio.)

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