INFLIGHT ADVERTISING: Reach Premium Set of audience directly at the point

A question that arises many times is how do premium brands advertise in a focused manner? Is there a specific platform for them? Everyone does television commercials, radio and print advertising. Every brand nowadays is hitting the right node with digital as well. But how do brands that wish to target the upper segment approach them concretely in an efficient manner?

An increasingly active medium tremendously emerging nowadays is ‘INFLIGHT ADVERTISING.’ It gives the brand a unique opportunity to connect with its target customers. With highest efficiency rate, in-flight advertising provides at the lowest cost of sale the maximum impact. Sample surveys show that approximately 77% of passengers remember the brand after exiting the aircraft. In-Flight media creates rare and ideal opportunity for business to communicate and engage with target customers.

Let’s closely look at some of its benefits-

While they’re reaching Their Destination, Reach out to them

In-flight advertising is one of the best channels to advertise to people because flight travellers are a captive audience and cannot just get up and walk away. In-flight advertising has benefits that many other media vehicles do not: a captive audience.

Plus, being on the aeroplane is stuck and boring for many people, and they are often hungry for information and surely in a receptive of mind. That is the timely moments for your ads to come.

Travel with Your Customers All Day Long

In-flight advertising reaches out to millions of eyeballs in a short span of time because of its ability to reach globally. With the help of effective media platform, you can advertise your brand. It opens room for innovation for any brand to represent itself uniquely and impressively.

Choose Your Way to Greet Your Customers

Advertisers can choose the format, platform suitable for their business and purposes and be creative with the campaign ideas when it comes to in-flight advertising. The various ways in which in-flight branding promotes advertising of brands are-

  1. Bulk Head Branding

Facing forward and bored? That is when your target audience must see you! Bulkhead wall graphics are prominently visible to all passengers. Therefore, they are providing great targeting opportunity for luxury and premium brands.

  1. Seat Back Branding

Your ad displayed straight in front of their seats with a guaranteed view of at least 40 minutes to 8 hours. Now, being up-close and visible to all passengers sitting in the row, seat-back branding ensures high impact advertising with the maximum brand recall.

  1. Meal Tray Branding

The entire interior of the tray table can be used to bring your brand and message to life. Tray table branding is highly visible to every passenger in an uncluttered, captive environment, who opens the tray table either to eat or to work.

  1. Over-Head Bins Branding

Make sure your product is also added to their baggage the next time they open the overhead bins. These overhead bins present a one of a kind large format media to brand upon.

  1. In-Flight Catalogue/Magazine

The editorial content on board is widely read and recalled. More than 80% of the passengers would surely grab the magazine placed in their front pockets and flutter through the pages.

Moreover, readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine than a newspaper, so there’s more chance they will run across your advertisement.

Final Word

Now, start your advertising campaign with flight advertising. Advertisers can choose the format and platform suitable for their business and be creative with campaign ideas.

Innovative Outdoor Advertising

Over time, the age of ‘paper and paste’ has made way for the period of consumer engagement; campaigns that merge technology, innovation, creativity, and interactivity to capture and engage with consumers.

Outdoor advertising has been an effective medium for marketers for quite some time. However, due to technological advancements and social changes the advertising industry is one that is always shifting and evolving. Like all other mediums, outdoor advertising has had to change and evolve along with the industry as a whole. As marketers battle for the attention of an increasingly distracted audience, we are seeing them turn to some rather unconventional forms of outdoor advertising.

Integrate with the Surrounding Environment

One unconventional tactic advertisers have been using in regards to outdoor advertising is an idea of integrating the surrounding environment with their message or ad.

For the last five years, digital advertising is the main frontier of this Outdoor innovation. Emerging technologies and capabilities have brought brands to life in increasingly responsive and creative ways, while the combination of mobile and digital technologies into outdoor has allowed consumers to immerse themselves in brands fully.

The creative opportunities of big-impact installations have also continued to grow, allowing greater opportunities for brands to capture the imagination of their target audience.

Innovative and Attention Grabbing Billboards

Billboard Ads are the oldest advertising medium knowing to a man having evidence and creative, essential character not available with other kinds of media advertising.

Here are some creative and innovative billboards Ads.

  1. Kolestron’s Naturals billboard

This billboard execution was strategically located on a trip. This billboard had a perfect view of the skyline and sea behind it. The woman’s hair is die-cut on the billboard to capture the variations of Kolestron’s Naturals’ colours through the different phase of the day and night.

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Billboard Ads

Do you explain how tasty your chocolate is? You don’t need to, just put Big chocolate to make all passengers feel hungry.

  1. Formula Toothpaste

Strong Teeth. Build strong teeth with Formula Toothpaste. It’s creative Billboard.

  1. Coca-Cola with straw Billboard

It’s a brilliant and innovative idea. In this advertising, a ladder is to make this billboard advertising extremely beautiful and attractive also.

  1. McDonald Billboard Ads

An ancient idea can help to build a creative billboard advertisement if you are creative enough.

Now, we hope these examples of creative outdoor advertising have inspired you to create creative campaigns large and small, and are a useful reminder that human creativity is at the heart of the best outdoor campaigns.

Overall, general techniques used in producing creative billboard advertisement are to make the ads defies the rule of nature, If you scan though billboard advertisement showcased above, then you will notice that all of them are also quite a funny billboard.

Global Advertisers: Innovative Advertising Agency

Do you know anymore tip that helps to build a creative billboard advertisement? Choosing the right medium is the key to success.

Global advertisers are one of the best outdoor media agencies in India which are significantly growing today. From conventional to the most contemporary tools, technologies, and techniques, this outdoor agency has been able to present the creative advertising messages to the audience.

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5 Ideas to Plan a Successful Media buying Strategy

In this ever-jumble marketplace, many advertisers are making a critical mistake. They focus too heavily on a budget when developing their campaigns and completely neglect something far more important: their media plan. For your campaigns to be successful and your messages to make the right impact, much thought should be given to the markets you serve and the channels you choose for delivery.

In the marketplace, there are many types of media. Have you ever wondered how the company chooses any media?

What Is Media Planning?

You are designing advertising for a new product. To perform this task, you need to go through the media planning process. Media planning in advertising is the making of decisions to deliver a message to the target audience.

Media purchasing is the process of buying media share in any form of advertising platform. The medium here can be anything, for example, you can buy a particular advert space on a television or radio channel, outdoor hoarding or billboard, or even on the print media.

Media buying Strategy

There’s nothing fancy or hyper-difficult to grasp about it: it’s the media buying basics that’ll help you launch, run, optimize and become profitable with your campaign as a media buying beginner!

If you want to run a successful media campaign for your brand, then even you must apply the pragmatic theories of media buying. So, let us take a look at the five ideas to accommodate the most impactful media purchasing strategy that you can deploy for promoting your brand.

  1. Creating a proper Marketing Strategy

You need to understand what the appropriate strategy for optimized reach will be. At the beginning of it all, you have to understand and comprehend what type of media channel you are about to use.

Since there are several mediums to exploit—like TV ads, radio ads, hoardings, mobile billboards and online & the internet—your marketing team has to decide which media to invest in or select.

  1. Define your Goal

What is the purpose of your particular campaign? Is it to extend your brand awareness? Have to announce a new product line? Promote a sale? Each of your advertising campaigns must be assigned just one specific goal. You can’t plan media without a goal in mind.

  1. Research

Two most important parameters in media buying are cost-effectiveness and reach. You need to identify your target viewers and use specifically those options in media buying which your viewers use frequently. Proper research of how different businesses are advertising on that platform, looking into different reports and case studies helps weed out platforms with limited help.

  1. Taking the Help of Media Selling Platforms

Seek help from a reputable media selling platforms, those offers multiple benefits.

Taking the help of media selling platforms too can enhance your media buying strategy. Once you know what type of medium to use, and the locations/spots you want to make yourself visible, your team can check out what these advertising platforms are offering.

  1. Selecting a relevant budget

Once you set up your marketing strategy, the next that you must focus upon is the whole budget. Media buying is not easy—even though, with it, you might get some cost-efficient solutions. But, if you have a proper budget in place, then you can easily envisage the optimum plan to promote your brand, service, or product.

When you want to purchase a media form correctly, you must have a certain budget in your mind before you start buying them.

Now you’re ready!

Choosing a best media selling agency you will guarantee a higher level of success for your company, your brand. With the help of Global Advertisers, you can promote your brand, with no hassle and faster turnaround times.

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Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing

Which is the better- Traditional or digital marketing? As per the marketers, both marketing schemes are good. Many small businesses grapple with deciding which kind of marketing to do because their budget will only extend to one or the other, not both. The decisions that must be made are not easy: which method of marketing will give me the most bangs for my buck? And what is the big difference between these two anyway?

All you need to do is know the pros and cons of both and see how it applies to your business. Check the digital marketing vs. traditional marketing statistics, and you will have a good indicator of which mode of marketing you need more.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is the methods of conventional marketing used ever since the concept of advertisements or marketing came into existence. This primarily includes the following modes for brand promotion:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Flyers
  3. Radio
  4. Television
  5. Billboard advertising along roads and highways
  6. Magazine Ads
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the new age marketing method of the global realm. With internet finding its application and benefit in every aspect of life, marketing to has managed to not only build awareness but also give them a global platform to reach a wider consumer base.

Digital marketing includes platforms like:

  1. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  2. Business networking sites like LinkedIn
  3. Promotional Ads via emails
  4. Paid pop-ups
  5. Blogs
  6. Click bait links for viral content

Although all the marketing schemes used in digital marketing appear. Similarly, online marketing is a far more versatile mode of marketing than conventional one.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has its advantages, but there is no doubt that internet marketing has set a revolution ablaze. It has some clear winning benefits over traditional marketing, and some of those are mentioned below.

  1. Low Cost

While newspaper, television and other such media ads cost a lot, advertising through the internet is quite affordable. This, in turn, means the greater fraction of the budget to enhance business.

  1. Real-Time Result

Digital marketing has the advantage over conventional marketing since it can give immediate results, while the latter keeps you waiting for long before giving any results.

With online marketing, you can hold and view everything from some visitors, conversion rate, and busiest period of the day and bounce rate too with ease.

  1. Brand Development

When the question of brand image arises from digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, digital marketing has an added advantage. Due to the shortage of space and low frequency of advertisements as is the case with traditional marketing, it loses at the hands of the online marketing.

Instead of a small column in a newspaper, you can develop your website and showcase your ads or advertise your brand whenever you want with the help of a social media page or your blog, unlike traditional marketing. This supports to build an image of your brand consistently.

  1. Better Engagement

No traditional marketing mode, allows you to interact with your audience and engage them with your brand. With such marketing channels you have to wait to gain response only after which can you take any further step.

However, with digital marketing strategies, you can not only interact with your targeted audience in the real-time but also make prompt and fruitful steps based on their quick feedbacks. You can also engage your consumer in chats and discussions for registering better brand appearance and gain passive advice to enhance your product or service.

  1. Quicker Publicity

Owing to real-time results with digital marketing, you get instant publicity, and even if you do not, you can immediately know which of your ad isn’t working.

Traditional vs. digital marketing is an almost unfair comparison here because the former has no scope to deliver in this regard. Whereas with the latter, there is a chain reaction of shares and comments helping you reach a new audience and earn a new visitor every nanosecond.

Today’s world has transitioned into a very digital environment. And, for businesses, it is imperative to have a website and use the web as a means to interact with their consumer base.

Steps to create Outdoor Poster ads that work

Being original in the advertising is particularly impossible these days. To reach out and make people take notice, you have to do something interesting above all is evokes thought. This is the relatively simple concept but with the thousands of things floating around in your audience’s head at any given minute, how can you stop them?

Posters are suitable for raising awareness quickly, and they are the frequent choice for new product launches. However, they are often used as a secondary medium.

In today’s blog post we take a look at some of the excellent outdoor posters that made us take note and why.

  1. Adopt your surroundings

Something as easy as making use of your surroundings is a good approach to intrigue people. This advertisement is for a camera, and the same “zoom” effect builds an interest immediately. Of course, this is clever and industry-specific advertising – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t combine your surroundings when using an outdoor poster.

This advert proves that you don’t have to stand out, instead – pick a place to blend in and make it your own.

  1. Be Creative

Being creative doesn’t have to mean being original. The above billboard isn’t by any means super original, in many ways. It does what a lot of adverts do; an appearance a product includes color and uses 3D images. But, in typical Apple style – it’s simple, and it’s creative, and it works.

Don’t underestimate this power when creating an outdoor poster advertisement. Clean and creative designs work time and time again, and this advert proves that you can make an impact while using this formula

  1. Speak to your Audience

Knowing who and where your audience is will allow you to create a fantastic opportunity to speak them directly. The above advert does this in an entertaining, creative and efficient way. If you have the power to speak to your audience in this way, then you should avail of this, marketing like this get’s people talking and generates hype.

  1. Relate to your Audience

Relating to the viewers and making them feel something means that you have built a connection.

The above advertisement is clever because it doesn’t just speak to an audience, but it relates to them on the emotional and physical level; it allows the audience to identify with the brand message.

If you apply this technique, you’re on your way to success. A great spot to advertise this way is outside your company, e.g., on an outside poster. This is obviously a big deal cheaper than a billboard, and it allows the audience to decide to visits you immediately.

  1. Create Participation

This type of approach is becoming more and more popular in the advertising world today. Inviting people to come forward and physically participate in your ad is the challenge.

The above example is a very physical example, and this kind of fun and challenging activity would be exceptional for a company whose brand values are fun and creative.

Of course, there are more complex ways to create participation, such as a QR code. This encourages your audience to see your add close up and engage, without the challenge.

Global Advertisers: Best Solution for Poster Advertising

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10 Ideas to Tell Your Brand’s Story Using Creative Design

The design is a method of communicating a visual message to your potential customers. It is the mode of expression which is either implied or stated. A brand story reflects who are you and what you do. A creative design adds more magnificence to your brand’s story, and it will help you to convey the clear, consistent and stated message.

What makes your product different from your contestants? For your customers to form a personal association with your brand, company stories must be creative and genuine, so that you create an experience that resonates with your consumers. It’s not about branding vs. graphic design, but how branding and graphic design work hand-in-hand to bring out the best in your business. So tell your brand story using various creative designs.

  1. Visual Communication Design

It is described as a conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be seen. Basically, it includes signs, typography, creative graphic design, animations, industrial designs, etc. Recent researches in the field are focused on graphically-oriented usability and web design.

In addition, a Graphic designer uses various modes of visual communication in their professional practice. The visual presentation of the website is very important for users to understand the conversation.

  1. Logo Design

Another, the logo is the visual entity signifying an organization. Designing a good logo often require association of marketing team with graphic design studio.

Logo colour is a fundamental element in brand differentiation and recognition. Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory, and skilful applications.

  1. Colour Theory

The study of how colours make people feel and their effects on a design is known as the colour theory. According to psychological aspects, warm colours are more energetic, while cold hues are composed and represent better calmness. In advertising field, readability is the more important factor in any design; your colour should be legible and easy on the eyes.

  1. Motion Graphic Design

It is the subset of graphic design used in video production. Motion graphic designers make use of typography to bring images to motion and often the driving force behind the motion graphic. As a motion designer, we need to have an excellent understanding of colour theory and give a lot of consideration to your colour choice as colours convey different moods and feelings to the readers.

  1. Typography

It is described as a style or appearance of printed matter or simply art of working with text to make a language more legible, appealing and readable when displayed.

It is everywhere we look, in the book we read, on the website we visit, even in everyday life on the street signs, product stickers.

  1. Layout and Composition

It builds the foundation of graphic design. They give you work planning and make it simple to navigate. From the layout margins on the sides to the content in between, it is not just about working with text. The composition also matters in other graphic design, web design and much more.

  1. Images

Images are more than just design. They attract viewer’s attention by telling the story of the brand. Compelling visuals can help you to make a connection with the readers and make a great impression before they even saw a single word.

  1. Fundamentals of Design

Fundamentals of design are the source of every visual medium from fine art to latest web design. Even small things like the fonts that make up most of the composition, basic elements including line, shape, form, texture, and balance; makes your story more simple, clear and striking.

  1. Use Enticing Words and Phrases

This is the most prominent and influential part of your creative design and hence makes the story of your brand more accomplished. Good choice of phrases or words can create a long-lasting impact on the audience, as they will be curious to know more about your company or business.

  1. Good Website Navigation

The navigation system acts as a roadmap to all the various areas and information contained within the website design. If your brand has a simple and clear navigation mode, visitors will stay and have a good experience which eventually leads to good business. The clear and logical navigation speeds up the viewer’s search and hence converting them into consumers.

Creative Graphic designing is not just a marketing tool; it’s a way of creating a clear vision of your brand among consumers.

Dos and Don’ts for Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is more than just a brand function- is a valuable skill. There are many different forms of advertising that brands can be used to reach their target audience. However, not all of the forms of advertising will have the same impact.

Outdoor advertising is one of the most integral mediums of advertising for businesses. From Coca-Cola to Calvin Klien, you will find almost all the ‘BIG’ brands with great taglines vying for outdoor space. But there are some Do’s and Don’ts for effective advertising outdoors, and they are:

The dos: The helpful tactics to help you connect with an audience.
  1. Get to know your target customer     

Many businesses only have a big-picture view of the target market they want to reach. While this is a good starting point, it pays to refine your understanding of prospective customers.

Before jumping into creative design or marketing tactics, consider the following questions: Who is our target audience? What are they interested in? What kinds of problems do they have and how can our company provide solutions? Until your team can answer these questions, campaign planning shouldn’t even progress beyond the initial exploratory phase.

  1. Do have a consistent message

By having a single purpose and consistent voice, you increase brand identification and loyalty. Hold to the vision and mission of your business, and soon, people will recognize your brand across every advertising channel you use.

  1. Keep it eight words or less

This mostly relates to billboard advertising and the word count is disputed amongst professionals. Try to create a good billboard ad, keep the word count between 6 to 8 words. If it’s any more people probably won’t be able to read it when they’re traveling.

  1. Get noticed but don’t make things a huge distraction

Most probably, outdoor advertising whether it be an ad placed on a bridge or a bus passing by are aimed at the crowd who are moving. Specifically, you want to create something that will grab people’s attention but aren’t going to cause major or even minor accidents.

  1. Innovative, creative and humorous

Create ads that are innovative, creative or entertaining. If you’re successful, try to do all three. Outdoor advertising needs to stick with the person after they’ve passed the ad so try to incorporate that into your concept.

This is contradictory to traditional advertising because that usually goes for the shock factor, but it’s a fine balance when using outdoor advertising.

The don’ts: Pitfalls your brand should avoid
  1. Don’t Keep Too Much Content

Normally having a lot of content is a good thing but not for outdoor advertising. If you’re covering your billboard with a phone number, address, email like the content, stop right there. Focus more on your brand identity.

  1. Don’t Try to Be to Clever

This is important. Don’t try to make far-fetched jokes in your outdoor advertisements. This type of ad is for people on the move. If they don’t get your message within five to six seconds, it’s going to be lost in translation. Try to make your ads smart and messages that click instantly for your audience.

  1. Don’t overlook towards the Location

If it’s a billboard, is it in a good spot? Will people zoom past it?

The placement of your ad is essential to the success of your advertising.

Why Choose Global Advertisers?

With over 20 years’ experience, we are a company who pride ourselves on our affordable, tailored advertising solutions. We don’t go after just the big bucks or the huge companies who have an unlimited budget. While we do deal with large agencies that place national advertising campaigns, we are primarily a local advertising company for local businesses, working with your local transport operators.

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7 Techniques to optimize your Magazine Advertisement

Nowadays, businesses pay a lot of money to get their advertisements into premium print media such as magazines. It makes sense, then, that company owners and marketing heads do everything they can to ensure that they are optimizing these advertisements to get the best possible returns.

Magazine advertising builds a clear and colorful image in the mind of the customer. To further entice the reader’s desire for your product. Some magazines even offer advertisers an opportunity to include product samples with their ads. For example, witness the proliferation of “scratch and sniff” perfume ads.

Here are seven hacks to help your team put out the best possible Magazine Advertisement.
  1. Placement

One important thing to remember in any magazine advertising really, but even more so in magazine advertising, is that you need to verify the placement of your advertisement within the publication. If your advert is placed in a section that your target readers are not reading much, then your money gets wasted because the right people would not see your advert despite.

Improper placement may not just be the result of your advertisement being placed on a low-traffic page.

  1. Know your customer

Pick up the magazine and read it before commissioning an advertisement. You can learn a lot about the people that read the magazine this way. You need to make sure that wherever you are advertising, there will be readers who are interested in your product or services.

Due to this, you can save your money and put your money in right place.

  1. Draft a good media kit

Many researchers show that advertisers who request for the media kit from the magazine companies will have the more handle on the publication. The media kit has information about the magazine’s readership, their distribution, and the demographics of where the magazines are purchased.

Although, media kit will also help you ‘know your customer’ as we discussed earlier. A media kit will also help you determine specifics like the days with the highest readership rates so that you can plan your magazine advertising campaign for maximum impact.

  1. Advertise to your market

When you use the media kit and discover the demographics of the readers, you can then design your advert to meet the likes and wants of those readers. The same basic advertisement can be designed from a different angle each time so that it fits the publication in which it will appear.

Many television commercials rely on the same concept.

  1. Look for the best price

As we live in the real world, you will need to keep your costs down. If you want to be to keep the costs down, you will need to find the best deals that magazines offer. You must ask the magazine advertising department for a price sheet. Better yet, ask for deals that are not listed on the price sheet.

Honestly, this should be one of the first tasks you undertake when reaching out to a magazine to advertise with them.

  1. Keep track of your analytics

In the real-world, companies need to keep track of their clients. This is where you get ahead of the competition by paying attention to the analytics. This will help determine if any increased customer interest is based on the magazine ads.

For this reason, you should check your analytics regularly to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. So you can optimize your marketing spend on ads that work.

  1. Colour some graphics

Sometimes it is important to speak with the magazine as well as your designer to decide how well specific colours will work in the publication. After colour, the next thing you should do is decide on the graphics and images that you want your advertisement.

Whatever you do, make sure that the visuals are used with impact. Most important is, do not distract from the main message you are trying to convey in your print ads.

Choose the Right Platform for Magazine Advertising

Till date, Print magazines are a highly effective channel for customer engagement and brand storytelling. Global Advertisers is one of the most popular and growing industry for print media. Global Advertisers, help you to reach the Print Media platform successfully through magazines, newspapers, and periodicals.

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How to integrate Digital Marketing with Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is at the midpoint of a digital revolution. And, digital marketers fast recognize the benefits it delivers as part of an integrated campaign.

With the growth of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), smart cities and automated trading platforms for OOH advertising space, now is the chance for digital marketers to take benefit of everything outdoor media can add to a digital marketing campaign. So, how can you use outdoor ads alongside online adverts to get the most out of your advertising campaign?

Therefore, we take a look at some practical ways businesses. They can integrate their digital marketing with out-of-home advertising.

  1. Combine Short-term impact with a Long-term presence

Generating quality content, building an SEO friendly website and fostering healthy backlink profile takes a month of hard work. Small businesses and start-ups, in particular, may try to compete with bigger brands when it comes to SERP visibility and building consumer trust.

Recent studies show that people are 17% more likely to engage with a brand on their mobile after exposure to OOH advertising. Furthermore, the most effective OOH ads are capable of driving a 38% increase in mobile engagement with brands. The two mediums work beautifully alongside each other to combine short-term impact with long-term presence.

  1. Integrate Social Media with Outdoor Advertising

A good outdoor advert, like Global Advertisers, also introduces the possibility of successful outdoor campaigns being shared on social media. Campaigns that leave the consumer thinking ‘wow, which is clever’. That is likely to be posted and shared on people’s social media channels, further increasing experience and reach.

Using a hashtag as part of your advertisement. It is a great way to open communication on social media. Be sure to choose an interesting, yet unique hashtag to encourage consumers to engage with you on social media.

  1. Use new digital to integrate your campaign and connect with the consumer

Advertisers have been searching for ways to make use of new digital as part of an integrated campaign for a while now. Due to the, QR(Quick Response) Codes, NFC(Near Field Communication) tags, iBeacons, and Bluetooth all allow advertisements to jump off the billboard and onto a customer’s Smartphone.

On the other hand, offering an exclusive discount code or app download, or even offering insights into how users engage with ads. This technology can be used to join the gap between OOH and digital.

  1. Track the success of a campaign digitally

Another advantage is that it offers you the chance to track the success of your outdoor campaign. You can easily capture information about the billboards and posters that have been successful in developing a strategy to track an ad digitally.

For example, create a unique landing page to display on your poster. The number of online visitors that arrive at this landing page. After seeing your outdoor advert will give you a notation of how successful that advert has been. Similarly, they also provide a unique, memorable hashtag.


The important fact is, consumers, spend 70% of their time outside of their homes, and it’s clear to see the potential of combining digital with outdoor media.

More than ever, digital marketers are turning to the outdoor advertising to increase the reach and impact of their online campaigns. Now is the time to get the benefits of OOH’s new potential to interact with the digital world.

How Cinema Advertising help to grow your brand awareness?

In the modern world, advertising comes in many forms. Well, to state that advertising comes in many forms in itself is an understatement, and it’s often impossible to comprehend, especially when things get cluttered.

Advertising is a collection of print, radio, television and other mediums used in connection with each other; but Cinema advertising is one medium of advertising that sets itself unique from all other forms of advertising. It provides a 360-degree marketing environment that is uncluttered and finds the consumer in a comfortable and responsive frame of mind.

Cinema advertising is a great trend to put your message in front of a seated and captive audience. The basic aim of movie theater ads is to reach out to viewers or individuals undistracted. More importantly, movie theater advertising allows you to display your ad big, backlit, in full motion and without any competing ads or visual clutter to get in the way.

Why should you go to the Cinema Advertising?

Experts have been coming up with more dynamic ways to promote a brand to audiences all over the world. The promotion has suddenly turned into an intricate process that involves research and analysis. But perhaps one of the easier ways to advertise is by the power of cinema.

Cinema Advertising is a great way to gain attention, in a way that is so effective. People use cinema advertising to get a wider range of people has one thing in mind, especially with the right advertising strategy.

There are certain advantages to using cinema as a medium for promotion. Below are some of them: 

  1. Visual Impact

Most probably, viewers are too focused on the screen whenever they’re in cinemas. Such would be the perfect opportunity to use ads and placements, especially for books.

People grow curious about the things that they see. As such, visual impact plays an important role in cinema advertising. Many advertisers, hence, take advantage of visual impact in promoting brands.

  1. Younger, More Able Audience

More importantly, 71 percent of these cinemagoers are in the age group of 15-24 years, and we all know that they’re the perfect demographic for most modes of entertainment.

Cinemas primarily make it easier for sellers to reach out to the youth. Young people are the consumers of today and tomorrow, so it’s always a good idea to reach out to them.

  1. Low Ad Avoidance

In cinemas, the audience has no choice but to watch what’s in front of them. Marketers won’t pass up the chance to take this into account and have some placement in cinemas at every opportunity with movie ads. If they’re actively anticipating for the movie, then they’d have to go through every ad shown in front of them.

  1. Deeper Engagement

Since viewers are stuck on the big screen, there’s more opportunity for them to indulge in cinema ads. By showing ads on the screen, it becomes a standard to spark discussions and stimulate conversations that’d last for a long time. This is especially more prominent in digital cinema advertising.

  1. More Advertising Recall

On a smaller screen, viewers won’t mind the ads that interrupt them with information. Through the big screen, however, it’s different in a sense that there’s so much quality in displaying ads on cinema. Also, the message hardly becomes repetitive and jarring to viewers.

Consequently, this medium helps to reach out to a core audience which could be hard to engage with meaningfully, otherwise. Plan your cinema campaign in targeted cinemas and increase the effective reach & ROI in your media plan.