Traditional media is still a key for long-term brand growth


The burst of digital media has changed the brand communication drastically. In this article, we are going to discuss whether it had changed the role of traditional media in the advertising industry.

It is well known that the advertising spends on digital media has risen dramatically. Today, people are moving to digital channels like social media advertising, email campaigns and paid ads. Over the years, digital media has gained much importance. From being considered as one of the media to reach customers, it has become an integrated part of the advertising mix.

Traditional media foster long-term growth

Consumer perceptions about the brand are established over a period of time. The customer purchase decision needs a focused message at multiple levels of the buying process. Digital advertising is one of the and not the only channel to influence the purchase decision. We admit that digital and social media has captured the huge attention through integrated campaigns. However, the basic brand building principles remain the same. There has to be an optimum balance required between brand building and simply marketing and selling.

OOH is a traditional medium that does brand building by communicating your brand’s message and engages customers emotionally. OOH creates mental brand equity which helps to influence future sales. The social media ads can get you short-term sales whereas traditional media builds brand opinions.  Traditional advertising media can get you long-term and continuous profits.

Traditional media and mass marketing

Although the digital era has changed the way we look at advertising, OOH still offers the broadcast reach. It is always a crucial factor for campaign effectiveness. Mass marketing is a must for long-term growth. Brands that have a voice and a wide reach are more effective to drive profit and growth.

OOH – Key player within the traditional media mix

The study confirms that OOH plays a key role in the conventional media mix. OOH can increase the effectiveness of the marketing mix from 15% to 37%. OOH is the right advertising mix that allows a brand to explore various channels to communicate with customers.

OOH’s long-term communication strategy builds brand image in the customer’s mind and fosters an emotional connection with the brand.

OOH help to use the data and understand what your audience wants. You can segment the customer data and create a tailored content that appeals to individuals.

How OOH can increase viewability, reliability and build a brand perception


Businesses are built on customer relationships, brand tone and the perception that the customer has about the brand. Today, customers are sharing their opinion and judgment widely with the medium of word of mouth and social media. Let us see how OOH can increase viewability and build a brand perception.

A study says that 45% of brand perceptions are created out of what the company says and how it says. However, it’s not just what you say, the actual product and customers’ combined interest also plays a significant role in it.

Although people are widely exposed to advertising, not necessary, they always see it. There are ad blockers and ad frauds which lessens the viewability of your ad. Moreover, online ads are competing among themselves and create more clutter. Visit the author’s website to learn more. Wherein OOH is outperforming with continuous innovation and accurate traffic tracking measurement with GPS and Wi-Fi, is delivering the tangible results which marketers seek.

Your customers’ matter and also their opinion.

OOH gives your customer a positive brand perception. Where they do not create a disturbance for your target audience, unlike online ads. Outdoor advertisement works on a number of levels. Here, the objective of outdoor advertisement is not to go viral on digital platforms, primarily it is for building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. People who see outdoor campaigns are more likely to engage with the brand on their mobile.

The young generation is more likely to engage with a brand followed by OOH awareness and exposure.  The effectiveness of online advertisement cannot replace the tangible communication of the brand. Outdoor doesn’t only give you the scale but also help you, as a brand to connect.

In this world of digital advertising, Outdoor advertisement offers the viewability scale, builds reliability and brand awareness for your brand. According to a recent study, even though people are spending more time on social media platforms, all generations are quite more open to an outdoor advertisement than digital ads. OOH is widely known as a brand builder.  It can drive a long-term success to you. While Oot Of Home can drive long-term success, it can also trigger the consumer behaviour and are the highly effective way to drive customers to store.

Given the challenges of advertising on other media, Global Advertisers believes that Brands should pay enough attention to the potential of outdoor media. This could include billboards, in-transit advertisement, airport advertisement and other forms of the outdoor marketing mix.

How creative OOH adds value to your audience


An outdoor advertisement is famous for a good reason. However, many outdoor advertisement professionals suggest that creative OOH ads drive the right response in as much humanly as possible.

We, at global advertisers, create outdoor campaigns that tell stories, pull viewers in, provides entertainment and meaningful insights or something that your audience has never encountered before.

How creative OOH adds value to your audience?

Your audience doesn’t care you are promoting your products and services; they care what you are thinking about them. What the advertisement is offering them! To create quality ad campaigns, one needs to spend time on clarifying creative ideas. Details can be found on the link here. The traditional combination of quality message and an original thought out will help you to do this.

Make it entertaining

Remember, great ads are interesting and entertaining. Let your ad catch the attention of viewers. Humorous ads don’t only grab attention but also spreads word of mouth. It engages your audience. It can make people laugh and give a thought about your brand.

Keep it relevant

You are the best person to know what your audience is interested in. You know who is your target audience and where they reside. Keep your ad campaign relevant to the audience. However, please do not forget to keep the message itself relevant.

It has to be helpful

Billboards which guide and give people helpful information are more likely to encourage people to spend. Give your audience a positive experience through your outdoor advertisement efforts. Keep it warm and welcoming.

Add a trust factor

You have a great product, a catchy tagline, the fun crafting of your campaign. However, nothing is more important than trust. While promoting your product/service, you are meeting your audience in person, here, trust is the factor that holds everything together.

In today’s world where people are fed up of seeing ads everywhere every time, can ads ever be welcomed?

The answer is YES. It is up to you what you could do to keep your audience happy and add value to their life.

Global advertisers is specialised in providing complete solutions including media planning, brand promotions to give your audience an unmatched experience and confirm returns for your business.

5 reasons why OOH outperforms


Where the world is switching to the digital age, we still recommend you to include outdoor advertisement in your marketing mix. OOH advertisements have increased its reach in urban as well as rural areas of the nation. Detailed description of the link. Despite digital marketing and online advertising, outdoor media still holds its value in the market due to the number of reasons.

In this article, we are going to address the top five reasons why OOH continues to outperform.

5) People are spending larger time outside the home

OOH is continuing to outperform as people are spending most of their time outside the home. It is a platform where you can reach the mass audience. OOH is still unaffected by the evolution of the digital media channels.

4) Audience measurement

OOH is becoming innovative on a fast pace so measurement the audience and campaign performance. Due to technologies like GPS and location data the analysis has become more accurate. Unlike other advertising platforms, where you can only measure the viewable impressions, OOH allow you to measure the viewed impressions.

3) An answer to ad blocker

OOH plays a part in customers’ daily lives as it is a naturally accepted medium of advertising. Unlike online ads, it cannot be blocked as it has a physical presence. It is one of the significant advantages of outdoor media over online advertisements that it has none rate of ad blockage comparatively.

People can easily avoid online advertisements by choosing ad-free, paid mediums. Of course, one can block an ad on a mobile phone or desktop but won’t change the route is he/she doesn’t want to see a particular advertisement.

2) Target campaign for the relevant audience

OOH allow you to design more accurate and targeted ad campaigns to reach your niche audience. You can target a particular locality where your target audience resides without putting many efforts on marketing research and implementation.

1) Targeting at the point of sale (a last window of influence)

We have many times discussed the advantages of the outdoor media and its importance over online ads. However, this one remains my personal favourite and uber important.

OOH help you to choose the right location to influence your customers near the actual point of sale. For example, you can place your ad campaign near a shopping Centre to influence your customers when they are actually going shopping.

The outdoor advertisement gives many advantages to marketers over the latest marketing and advertising platforms which is why outdoor advertising is continuously outperforming in this digital age.

Final word

No matter how digital and online advertising is playing a big role in advertising and promotions, OOH continues to outperform. Out of home advertisement remains one of the best media to reach your target audience and influence them at each stage of their buying journey.

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OOH teaches us how to catch attention

creative billboard

Many OOH campaigns give the viewers a fantastic brand experience. This is for the brands who go beyond the visual communication to connect with their customers. Here are few tips to make your outdoor campaign attractive which will grab the attention of your audience with minimum efforts.

  1. Make it interactive

Keep your campaign interactive; this helps to engage your audience/viewers for quite a reasonable time. The purpose of advertising is to capture attention and create a memorable experience for your audience.

  1. Make it stand out from its surrounding

This can be done by using bright colors and memorable visuals in your campaign. Consider adding spotlight in your OOH billboard to glow in the dark.

creative hoarding

  1. Add a tangible product

This makes your campaign look real and grabs immediate attention. We, at Global Advertisers, have created many OOH campaigns which make them look like a tangible product.

  1. Go for high traffic sites

High-traffic sites cost more than quieter spot, but at the same time gives immense benefits. High-traffic sites may sound less attractive as they require more cost. We advise its better to go for high-traffic sites which will give your brand fruitful results.


  1. Keep it simple

An effective advertisement is one which provides accurate information quickly. Give your audience a message in an effortless yet memorable way. Do not fill your campaign with too much glitter. Simplicity is the best way to make it perform.

  1. Place minimum information

Do not overload your OOH advertising campaign with too much information on it. Do not mention each detail of your product and brand. Keep the information minimum. As the viewer is in motion while seeing your ad, he or she cannot remember too much information like your website address, contact number, or features of your product.


Give a short and memorable message through your billboard campaign to help your audience remember it.

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Share your views in the comment section. Let us know what are your views on how OOH can catch attention.

How OOH is driving customers to store

In this digital era, OOH becomes the last window of influence for shoppers. That is just before people shop. It has been proven that customers made a purchase from the physical store after seeing the billboard ad.

OOH advert near urban shopping centres such as malls and supermarkets creates an environment where people get highly influenced. Placing OOH near strategic locations improves the effectiveness of OOH advert. They drive customers directly to the store.

Especially in case of FMCG products, OOH works brilliantly. Even for other products and services, OOH placed at the right place and at the right time is highly effective. Ex. Real estate industry grabs high attention through OOH marketing.

Here, location becomes a prominent factor in outdoor advertisements. People want to see information related to their location.


However, in this digital age, the online shopping is growing rapidly. So what role OOH is playing in this online environment? OOH directly influences the product search. Not only offline but it can fetch you great sales on your online store too!

OOH is a powerful media tool to create a distinct identity of your brand as they come into interaction with your audience in their free time, while they are transiting.

OOH advertisements are a highly effective way to drive traffic in-store traffic. Be more targeted with your location. Collect the relevant data and use your industry information to drive in-store promotions.

To drive direct traffic to your brick n mortar store, give customers something which they don’t/can’t get online. OOH is not only about displaying products or services and driving customers to purchase them. It is about building a distinct identity in the customers’ mind about your brand.

Global advertisers is working closely with developing new possibilities in OOH media planning. Do you have a retail store? Please share your story with us in the comment section below on how you are driving direct traffic to your store.

Entertainment loves outdoor advertising


OOH advertising and entertainment are made for each other. One of the largest business category which outdoor media catering is media and entertainment. This is the main factor behind why entertainment loves outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising medium is one of the fastest growing advertising media. Due to increased infrastructure, more platforms are available for outdoor advertising.

Its ability to display consistent message instils confidence in the minds of viewers. It gives a final push before purchase. OOH has potential to reach a wide audience across the different geographic area.  This helps outdoor advertisements to gain popularity in the entertainment industry.


The outdoor advertisement is an excellent medium, especially for the entertainment industry.

Outdoor media is visually attractive and catches the attention of mass which is perfect for entertainment campaigns.


Outdoor media reaches people when they are commuting. That means they have spare time to take a decision.

Consumers have multiple encounters with outdoor advertising every day.


Where marketers are focusing on online advertising, many of them tend to forget that your audience needs offline touchpoints too.

Digital and interactive billboards are engaging customers like never before. It allows ooh industry to become even more creative. Entertainment industry goes hand in hand with creativity.

OOH gives an excellent opportunity to create an instantly recognisable identity.

Billboards stay much longer in your audience’s mind than plaintexts.


In this technical age, it is imperative to build a sense of trust among the audience. This generation has confirmed that authenticity is the leading factor which attracts them towards a specific brand. OOH advertising offers excellent opportunities to build trust with customers.

Apart from these, there are numerous reasons why the outdoor medium is a favourite advertising channel for the entertainment industry.

Global advertisers is pioneering in an outdoor advertisement for the entertainment sector. We strive to go more and more creative and offer you innovative technology creations.

How OOH is challenging digital advertising


In this digital age where consumers are receiving personalized messages delivered to their smartphones, where you might consider OOH billboards outdated and dinosaurs in the marketing industry.

Companies rely on various form of advertising to continue to uphold and maintain their business. No matter how companies do it, advertising remains the most critical part of your business strategy. Enterprises require decades to build and maintain brand image it deserves.

In this rising digital age, OOH is the only traditional medium which is still growing and growing regarding sales. The reason behind this is, OOH has evolved with the newest and latest technologies. OOH, advertising has a capability to reach the mass audience.

In case of social media, the response is clear, but if your target audience is beyond the reach of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, your ad campaigns and posts may not create the desired impact which you look for!

Social media takes a little longer time to be effective and can quickly disappear from your audience’s timeline once they are pushed by the other posts.

However, billboard offers permanent visibility as compared to social media. They create a continuous presence and guarantees a diverse audience every day with a broad reach.

Social media needs much effort on your part, such as creating and posting creative and engaging content each day. To promote your products and services through social media, you require specific team efforts to accomplish a single campaign.

Where in case of an outdoor advertisement, it requires no effort on your part. You don’t need to spare time writing and designing posts for your brand to reach your target audience.

If done well, outdoor advertisements can be extremely useful depending on your business needs. People spend 70% of their time outdoors, and there are immense advertising opportunities you should not miss out.

Advertising Basics

Simply think about your daily routine and try to count how many times you notice or hear an advertisement, someone notifies you about a product, you drive past a billboard – and then you’ll start to learn the importance of advertising and marketing is to the success of your business. Do you have a great product? Unfortunately, no one’s going to know about it unless you advertise.

Before you get into advertising, you will need to take a look at its history to understand the culture, ethics, terms and other basics of the industry.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. The aim is to expand your business, communicate your message and reach your audience. Details can be found on the link here. The end goal is usually to raise awareness or sales.

Until a customer deals with you directly and buys your products or services, your advertising may form their first impressions of your business. Advertising can undoubtedly attract new customers – but only if it’s done correctly. Otherwise, it can deter potential customers.

“Advertising is an amazingly powerful instrument which can make or break a business.”

This article gives directions on how to identify which advertising tool is best for your type of business, and what advertising can achieve. It also tells you how to manage the advertising process and ensure you get value for money.

How can advertising help your business?

Have you ever wondered, how can advertising promote a business?  In short, it helps your market grow. Let’s drill down to understand exactly how advertising can help a company, depending on your industry. But in reality, what does advertising do?

  1. Extracts the customer’s Brand Awareness

Businesses utilize advertising to create awareness of their products or services. As a result, advertising gives attention to your products or services. The advertising policies communicate the benefits of your items which encourage the customers to patronize your products.

As a result, customers tend to recognize the special importance of products by advertising.

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  1. Raising Sales

Businesses use effective advertising to raise sales. Most company owners and other corporations anticipate a particular return on their investment from the advertising.

  1. Introduce New Products

For software or consumer manufacturing businesses, advertising can help launch products with a sprinkle.

  1. Highlight Product Improvements

If your company has an existing product or service, the advertisement can make the public aware of improvements.  Letting the public know about your new changes can boost sales.

  1. Stand Out from the Competition

For businesses in crowded markets, advertising can set your brand apart.

Which is the best way of Advertising?

If you know that your target market views a particular magazine, you should advertise in that magazine. Similarly, the most suitable advertising option for your business will depend on your target audience. And, what is the most cost-effective way to reach them?

Outdoor advertising is still one of the most relevant marketing mediums to build brand recognition and familiarity in a short span of time. People are noticing your message on the move.

Advertise your Business Outdoors

There are many ways to advertise outside and on-the-go. Outdoor billboards can be signs by the road or hoardings at sports grounds. Transit advertising can be noticed on buses, taxis and railways. Large signboards can get your message across with a notable impact. If the same customers pass your billboard every day as they drive to work, you are possible to be the first business they think of when they want to buy a product.

Target audience with Right Advertising Agency

An advertising agency operates on the concept of synergy. What is this synergy all about? It is the combined effort and the creative genius of many different people who specialize in marketing ideas and concepts to the target audience. The Global Advertisers ad agency can develop a brand and bring it all the way through the various stages of a brand’s lifecycle.

“If done right, advertising makes all the difference and puts you apart and sets you on the very top in your type of market.”

Speak to our specialist advertising consultants today to see if we can help you increase your sales revenue and lower your advertising spend.


Make your Business visible with Effective Signage

Discovering new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the whole sales process. It’s become challenging to market your business to find new customers and increase sales. Marketing your business on a limited budget is entirely possible. You demand to get creative and think out of the box.

In business, you need to stand out. And, one of the responsive and most comfortable ways to do this is with strong outdoor business signage.

How to Find New Buyers and Increase Sales: Understand Your Target Audience

Before you can find new consumers and increase sales, you need to understand who your customer is, what value suggestion you offer to customers.

“Attracting more shoppers is really about listening to their needs, not being a solution looking for a problem.”
  • Buying habits – how what and where customers purchase products and services!

Do people know who you are and what you do? Are you missing out on sales because you’re not effectively using perfect advertising medium? In this blog, we are running to explain the importance of having an outdoor media.

Business signs help different businesses in numerous ways, for one, it emphasizes уоur branding. An attractive, unique, and appealing signage саn boost уоur brand’s ability tо be recognized. Being recognized will create a major edge in a competitive market resulting in an increase of sale.

“Signs have been proven to make sales results. Adding signs or improving design further enhance sales.”

Customized business signs have соmе a long way. It hаѕ bесоmе оnе оf thе mоѕt popular marketing tools. Below аrе ѕоmе of the mоѕt profitable factors a business sign саn givе уоur business.

  1. Visual Advertisement

Thе mоѕt direct fоrm оf visible advertisement thаt уоur company саn hаvе iѕ a business sign. A business sign makes уоur business stand оut frоm уоur competitors. With electronic message centres, LED illumination and the right colours, you can assure your message is seen by everyone.

Another, уоu have an average, 3 seconds tо catch thе attention оf people passing bу уоur рlасе оf business. Bесаuѕе of this short window, уоu will nееd a sign tо grab thеir attention аnd build аn impact оn them.

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  1. It Will Make Yоur Business Stand Out

Thе sign builds thе firѕt impression, it iѕ whаt sells you. Additionally, a business sign dоеѕ nоt оnlу leave аn impression, but it аlѕо helps уоur business stand оut frоm thе rest оf thе competitions.

They can also assist you to build your brand by repeating key messages and stylistic components. In-store advertisements, it helps to provide cohesion to your marketing message and cement your brand’s image in the customer’s mind.

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  1. Boosts Sales

Yоur sign iѕ work like уоur salesperson on the street. It speaks tо passersby and tells them of уоur product оr service. More than аnу оthеr fоrm оf advertising, a business sign hаѕ thе bеѕt return оn investment.

  1. Cost-efficient Marketing

Signage iѕ оnе оf thе mоѕt cost-efficient marketing strategies. Whilе уоu mау hаvе tо make a considerable initial investment, оnсе уоur signage iѕ rеаdу аnd installed аrе nо furthеr costs аnd it will display уоur company 24/7.

Based on the investigation available about consumer habits, it looks clear that many business’s centres should always be on quality when it comes to selling. By fulfilling these four simple strategies, you can maximise your profit rate and create longevity in a competitive marketplace.

Global Advertisers: Outdoor Sign Provider

At Global Advertisers, we’re expert in the outdoor advertisement, served as a premier provider of business signage solutions throughout the many years.

“Experience, common understanding, and our expertise in marketing and business lead us to firmly believe that on-premise signage has an absolute and significant result on sales revenue.”

Want to learn how we can convert your brand into a statement using our eye-catching signage for business? We’re here to talk.