Global Advertisers Encapsulates The Key Highlights Of The Interim Budget 2019

This year’s interim budget was presented by Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal on February 1. An interim budget is one where the government of the day presents an interim budget if it does not have the time to present a full Budget or because national elections may be near.


1.         Within 2 years, Tax assessment will be done electronically
2.         IT returns processing in just 24 hours
3.         Minimum 14% revenue of GST to states by Central Govt.
4.         Customs duty has abolished from 36 Capital Goods
5.         Recommendations to GST council for reducing GST rates for home buyers
6.         Full Tax rebate up to 5 lakh annual income after all deductions.
7.         Standard deduction has increased from 40000 to 50000
8.         Exempt on tax on second self-occupied house
9.         Ceiling Limit of TDS u/s 194A has increased from 10000 to 40000
10.       Ceiling Limit of TDS u/s 194I has increased from 180000 to 240000
11.       Capital tax Benefit u/s 54 has increased from investment in one residential house to two residential houses.
12.       Benefit u/s 80IB has increased to one more year i.e. 2020
13.       Benefit has given to unsold inventory has increased to one year to two years.
Other Areas
14.       State share has increased to 42%
15.       PCA restriction has abolished from 3 major banks
16.       2 lakhs seats will increase for the reservation of 10%
17.       60000 crores for manrega
18.       1.7 Lakh crore to ensure food for all
19.       22nd AIIMS has to be opened in Haryana
20.       Approval has to be given to PM Kisan Yojana
21.       Rs. 6000 per annum has to be given to every farmer having up to 2-hectare land. Applicable from Sept 2018. The amount will be transferred in 3 installments
22.       National kamdhenu ayog for cows. Rs. 750 crores for National Gokul Mission
23.       2% interest subvention for farmers pursuing animal husbandry and also create a separate department for fisheries.
24.       2% interest subvention for farmers affected by natural calamities and additional 3% interest subvention for timely payment.
25.       Tax-free Gratuity limit increase to 20 Lakhs from 10 Lakhs
26.       The bonus will be applicable to workers earning 21000 monthly
27.       The scheme, called Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan, will provide assured monthly pension of Rs. 3,000 with the contribution of Rs. 100 per month for workers in the unorganized sector after 60 years of age.
28.       Our government delivered 6 crores free LPG connections under Ujjawala scheme
29.       2% interest relief for MSME GST registered person
30.       26 weeks of Maternity Leaves to empower the women
31.       More than 3 Lakhs crores for defense
32.       One lakh digital villages in next 5 years
33.       Single window for approval of India filmmakers

Traditional media is still a key for long-term brand growth


The burst of digital media has changed the brand communication drastically. In this article, we are going to discuss whether it had changed the role of traditional media in the advertising industry.

It is well known that the advertising spends on digital media has risen dramatically. Today, people are moving to digital channels like social media advertising, email campaigns and paid ads. Over the years, digital media has gained much importance. From being considered as one of the media to reach customers, it has become an integrated part of the advertising mix.

Traditional media foster long-term growth

Consumer perceptions about the brand are established over a period of time. The customer purchase decision needs a focused message at multiple levels of the buying process. Digital advertising is one of the and not the only channel to influence the purchase decision. We admit that digital and social media has captured the huge attention through integrated campaigns. However, the basic brand building principles remain the same. There has to be an optimum balance required between brand building and simply marketing and selling.

OOH is a traditional medium that does brand building by communicating your brand’s message and engages customers emotionally. OOH creates mental brand equity which helps to influence future sales. The social media ads can get you short-term sales whereas traditional media builds brand opinions.  Traditional advertising media can get you long-term and continuous profits.

Traditional media and mass marketing

Although the digital era has changed the way we look at advertising, OOH still offers the broadcast reach. It is always a crucial factor for campaign effectiveness. Mass marketing is a must for long-term growth. Brands that have a voice and a wide reach are more effective to drive profit and growth.

OOH – Key player within the traditional media mix

The study confirms that OOH plays a key role in the conventional media mix. OOH can increase the effectiveness of the marketing mix from 15% to 37%. OOH is the right advertising mix that allows a brand to explore various channels to communicate with customers.

OOH’s long-term communication strategy builds brand image in the customer’s mind and fosters an emotional connection with the brand.

OOH help to use the data and understand what your audience wants. You can segment the customer data and create a tailored content that appeals to individuals.

OOH teaches us how to catch attention

creative billboard

Many OOH campaigns give the viewers a fantastic brand experience. This is for the brands who go beyond the visual communication to connect with their customers. Here are few tips to make your outdoor campaign attractive which will grab the attention of your audience with minimum efforts.

  1. Make it interactive

Keep your campaign interactive; this helps to engage your audience/viewers for quite a reasonable time. The purpose of advertising is to capture attention and create a memorable experience for your audience.

  1. Make it stand out from its surrounding

This can be done by using bright colors and memorable visuals in your campaign. Consider adding spotlight in your OOH billboard to glow in the dark.

creative hoarding

  1. Add a tangible product

This makes your campaign look real and grabs immediate attention. We, at Global Advertisers, have created many OOH campaigns which make them look like a tangible product.

  1. Go for high traffic sites

High-traffic sites cost more than quieter spot, but at the same time gives immense benefits. High-traffic sites may sound less attractive as they require more cost. We advise its better to go for high-traffic sites which will give your brand fruitful results.


  1. Keep it simple

An effective advertisement is one which provides accurate information quickly. Give your audience a message in an effortless yet memorable way. Do not fill your campaign with too much glitter. Simplicity is the best way to make it perform.

  1. Place minimum information

Do not overload your OOH advertising campaign with too much information on it. Do not mention each detail of your product and brand. Keep the information minimum. As the viewer is in motion while seeing your ad, he or she cannot remember too much information like your website address, contact number, or features of your product.


Give a short and memorable message through your billboard campaign to help your audience remember it.

You may also like to read about How OOH is driving customers to store.

Share your views in the comment section. Let us know what are your views on how OOH can catch attention.

Why should invest in Billboard?

Outdoor advertising marketing experts say hoarding and billboard are becoming an increasingly attractive mode of investment for individuals. The entry charge is not as steep as real estate, and the money can be retrieved in a shorter duration, they said.

We live in the age of information overload, a time where the average person is bombarded with more than 5,000 advertising messages EACH DAY!

So with all this noise, how do you ensure that your customers are receiving your message loud and clear. Well, it’s simple really! You can’t mute them, skip them, block them or minimize them!

Most successful and growing corporations are investing in billboard advertising with less investment on ads in magazines and other types of print form.

Billboards – The Unmissable Medium!
  1. Billboards achieve great cut-through because they are stand-alone. No need for them to fight with the clutter of other advertisements, as is the case with other media.
  2. 86% of people agree that Billboards make brands stand out.
  3. Studies have shown that Billboards not only work alone but also develop the return on investment of other media when you add them to the mix.
  4. Research shows that only 13% of consumers stick to a pre-determined shopping list. 88% of people see outdoor advertising and 72% of those people can be swayed towards a product by having recently viewed outdoor advertising.
  5. Outdoor permits you to target specific audiences and markets, i.e. shoppers, tourists, business travellers, tradesman etc.
  6. Outdoor is 40% more effective for creating awareness than any other media.


Billboards Bring in New Business

There’s no way around it: billboards work to make businesses stand out amongst their competitors. Bring in the new market that you need by designing a creative billboard.

Outdoor print marketing is about stirring sentiment and making sure your particular brand message stays in the mind of the public. This combines them with your brand, builds a relationship, loyalty, trust, and of course, increases sales.

Here are four important reasons that you should take the plunge and invest in a billboard for your business.

  1. Awesome Design Possibilities

Billboards produce enormous space for creativity and graphic design savvy. But the question is that what makes for an impactful and successful billboard?

In that, printing companies and graphic designers are now putting together eye-catching billboard advertising that grabs our attention immediately. There is a multitude of creative billboard trends taking the market by storm.

See below example of creative billboard design that makes use of their space effectively.

  1. Brand Repetition and Brand Recall

High frequency and repetitive marketing is key to brand awareness. In the billboard advertising, you have to get your advertisement in front of people multiple times.

By associating your company with a specific location on the highway or the road, you are making up space in the profitable mind of the customer. When they want to contact a company that offers your service or product, you will be the first business on their mind.

  1. Cost Effective and ROI

Also, billboard advertising is one of the most cost-effective benefits in the marketing industry. Most billboards, flags, outdoor banners (most forms of outdoor print marketing), costs less than any other medium.

A Billboards not only enhance brand awareness exponentially, but they have also been proven to afford a higher return on investment, which drastically increasing market share and sales.

  1. Location is Everything

Finding the right location to place a billboard is very important.  Strategic placement of billboards is key to marketing success. You know where your target market is placed; as well as where they would be travelling on the roads.

Particularly, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about billboard placement. Do your research and pass your brand message on to the relevant people, in the right place and the perfect time!

Work with Us

If you decide to try out billboard ads, get in touch with us at Global Advertisers. We’ll help you to enhance your ability to reach people in new and exciting ways. We also specialize in other forms of outdoor advertising if you decide to take that route. Let’s start!



Common LED Sign Mistakes You Should Avoid

An LED sign for a business can be an effective addition to your business strategy. Whether you’re a pharmacy, retail store or bank, you want to make the most of your investment.

There are various fantastic benefits to using an LED sign for your business. They support to create awareness of your business and get more customers in your door. But, many businesses make the same mistakes that could potentially distract drivers or discourage potential customers. If you truly want to obtain the benefits for your business, then you need to avoid a few commonly made errors. If you can avoid them, then you can go ahead, confident in return on your investment you want.

Common LED sign Advertising Mistakes

Here are some points to help you avoid the common pitfalls associated with LED sign technology. So, you can create the most out of your signs!

Mistake No. 1: No Dedicated Operator

The first mistake most companies make with their LED signs is not appointing a particular operator to update and run it daily. Updating the messaging on your sign is very simple. It can usually be done in just a couple of minutes. But you have to take the time to change the message, so designate someone on your team who can keep tabs on it.

Mistake No. 2: Sign Not In A Visible Location

Another common mistake LED sign owners to make is not placing the sign in a highly visible location. The complete idea of using LED signage is to attract attention so you can present your company’s message. When the sign is in a spot that doesn’t reach the end user, then you aren’t going to see the return on investment that you want.

When you fix your sign, make sure to place it in a very visible spot to reach the largest audience possible.

Ask yourself these questions as you decide on the placement:

-Is there anything obstructing drivers’ view of the sign?

-Will the sign be easily read from the road?

-Does the sign help drivers determine where your business is located?

Mistake No. 3: Incorrect Timing

When it comes to LED signs advertising, timing is important. The technology associated with these signs allows you to dynamically display your message with scrolling, flashing, and other features.

But if you don’t coordinate your efforts with the arrival or passing of the target audience, then you’re missing out on potential customers. Make sure you adjust the timing for your messages with the right time to reach the people you want to reach.

Mistake No. 4: Unclear Messaging

If you’re not using the correct words or themes to convey your message clearly and directly, then it’s a lost business opportunity. LED signs make attracting attention to your industry fun and a little flashy, but if you overdo it with color or excessive effects, then it is difficult for people passing by to see and understand.

When you create a particular message for your LED sign, make sure to use the right colors to catch people’s attention but still convey the message in a clear and easy to read manner. Keep it short and easy to understand!

With these tips, you can easily increase the effectiveness of your LED signage and make sure it reaches out to your target customer in a clear and concise way. If you carry out these tips, then you’re one step closer to not only attracting the business and new customers you want but also getting the most out of your investment in an LED sign.

Work with experts and Avoid Mistakes

Global advertisers are one of the best outdoor advertising media. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, including companies just like yours. We can work with you to build a custom LED sign that gets results. No matter your budget or goals, we’ll help you create a sign that stands out.

Our experience can serve as the foundation for your most effective marketing campaign ever. Call us today!

Outdoor LED Video Wall: Modern day Technology to Advertise

As a modern outdoor, what is the most cost-effective and efficient way to convey all of the information an outdoor has to offer? The best answer for many seems to be to use modern outdoor LED digital displays.

First of all, LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle.

Create a Lasting Impression with LED Video Wall

Therefore, increase the sales, grab the attention of walkers and get them inside your store with LED video wall. Most of all, large image advertising screens are the fantastic way for a business to display relevant information to your customer.

All over the world immense out of home advertising is carried out through the medium of hoardings located along the roadside in big & small cities. The newest & most effective trend in hoarding advertisement is done via the medium of LED advertising boards or outdoor LED advertising display.

As well as, your information is presented in full colour on a bright screen other than a plain, increasing visibility immediately. You also get the unique benefit of having multiple signs in one!

Major Benefits Of Using LED Advertising Screens For Your Business

As well as, advertising can also done in many forms through daily newspapers and television. But, to create an impression of your business on your customers, LED advertising screens are the best solution.

LED Video Wall displays can easily reach customers from far distances. Full color LED video wall display is fit to your every need. In addition, they are capable of displaying multiple colors, animations, video, graphics, and messages with dynamic crystal clarity.

From video clips to vivid animation they are capable of delivering outstanding, ongoing advertising for your business now and in the future.

With a full range of color led displays and software, you can target the people who are most reasonable to frequent your business – the people who drive by your business every day!

  1. Display animation, video graphics, custom images and messages
  2. Pixel composition: 1R1G1B (Full Color)
  3. They are having up to 140° Horizontal viewing angle
  4. Modular construction can scale up to any size
  5. High contrast ratio results in clear, bright and rich images
  6. Easy-to-operate and completely networkable

If you practice the LED advertising screen, you can easily update the content with flexibility. You can modify the programs only works on a PC or mobile intelligent terminals such as a smartphone, Pad. Although, you can even remotely control and wireless anywhere.

Furthermore, LED Screens are a very versatile and effective way. It is useful to display content, advertising, video and live feeds in various sizes and  used for various applications including:

  1. Exhibitions
  2. Conferences
  3. Product launches
  4. Experiential & brands
  5. Award shows
  6. Charity & Gala Events
  7. Concerts & Festivals
  8. Sporting Events
  9. Broadcast & Film
  10. Private Events

As you can see, digital LED displays offer multiple benefits over traditional outdoor signs in meeting your main goal, informing your neighbourhood of your services in a method that is cost-effective for the outdoor.

Eventually, LED displays are cropping up over the country, vividly spreading information and bringing people together.

In conclusion, outdoor video wall will help you get your message across loud and clear in this modern advertising world.


Experience the Power of Pole kiosk Ads

Nowadays, the advertiser is enthusiastically making use of pole kiosks.To reach to their audience while they are out of home(OOH), whether it be the roads, an exhibition. As an outdoor media, it is getting popular with unmatched affordability that supports consecutive display of the message.

Pole Kiosks:

It is the most efficient and responsive way of advertising and branding. Pole Kiosk Advertising contains putting up small and compact advertising billboards on electric poles, back to back in a row on major city roads.

Why use Pole Kiosk Ads?

Street pole kiosk ads are a great way to reach people where they work, play and live. It is media platform that is almost everywhere in  India.

Over the years, financial and telecom brands such as Vodafone (as Orange and Hutch, too) and Idea Cellular have continuously used these kiosks as reminders for the brands.

Recently launched in Mumbai, Aircel, too, has painted the streets red with its red and blue logo, being present on lighting pole kiosks across the city.

How to advertise using Pole Kiosks & how helps in Branding?

Remember, when great creative is used, it gets people to notice. Pole Kiosks having capacity to advertise your brand and getting them to take action in the real world.

Pole kiosks are very much effective for advertising of local products and services. It is the first choice of many advertisers because of its good impact on advertisers as well as economic feasibility.

Many marketers stated that –        

“Nowadays each brand is customizing kiosks. They are using as interestingly as storytelling media. If it is done maintaining consistency regarding size, quality, look and feel and upkeep, then start to think kiosks are a beautiful medium to build a brand effectively.”

Innovative Pole Kiosks: Right Advertising Strategy!

Likewise, other outdoor media, Street-Pole-ads are also being seen by a larger and larger audience. Especially, as people spend longer time commuting and away from their homes.

Although, innovative pole ads are one of the innovative modes of OOH Advertising. They placed everywhere in the streets and roadsides. These poles allow advertisers to target precise geographical locations and provide massive appeal to customers of that particular geographical location.

Global Advertisers: One-stop Shop for Street Pole Advertising

A professional OOH outdoor advertising agency always takes care in choosing correct place for Pole kiosks with maximum visibility of the services/product. It reduces the advertising cost and takes care of any wear and tear.

Choose pole kiosk advertising and branding at Global Advertisers advertisement! Global Advertisers is an outdoor advertising agency that specializes in out-of-home media.

We are known as the single source for local, regional and national outdoor. We will invent the perfect advertising pole hoardings while you need to great brand awareness.

At Last,

Now, we hope that these tips have helped you determine if a pole sign would be an ideal investment for you. Of course, if you have any queries would like to learn more about pole signs, we would be happy to help.



It is the time of advertisement and to be more excellent outdoor advertising! No business can stay longer in the competition without the proper ad. Although, outdoor digital displays are used for promotions of the businesses as they offer attention-grabbing displays. Various studies show outdoor digital signage to perform notably better than other types of advertising (including online) regarding engagement.

Well, we cannot ignore the fact that the outdoor LED screens instantly stops the passerby because of their amazing colours and attractive features.

Digital outdoor advertising driving global outdoor ad market, study says

Of the 70 percent of Americans who remember seeing a digital ad in the past month, 47 percent specifically remember the ad.

As well as, a study conducted in Sweden found that drivers spend significantly more time looking at digital billboards than traditional billboards.

Around, 55 percent of people who see an ad on digital signage can recall the specific message displayed.

Outdoor digital screens can be used for:

A unique way to share information with your target audience in an eye-catching and memorable way.

  1. Get more traffic to your site

Display advertisement makes it possible to reach out to a huge target audience. This increased traffic which helps to establish brand awareness and recognition. Therefore, it increases both online and offline sales.


Also, display ads have much greater cost-effectiveness compared to traditional offline media such as TV, radio, and newspaper.

  1. Increase your brand awareness

If you’re interested in increasing your brand awareness, display advertisement may be the most cost-effective solution. They are continuously showing images to viewers while they are surfing the web.

  1. Get more Conversions

Although the average click-through rate of display ads are relatively low, display ads make up for this with the huge amount of impressions that are possible online. With so much time spent online, online display advertisement presents a great opportunity to reach a huge number of new potential customers.

  1. Target the Right people

It is difficult for marketing to get right people. Display advertising audience targeting will help you reach the relevant audience.

By providing relevant content to your target audience, you can increase sales, brand recognition, and traffic to your website. All this makes display advertising a great investment opportunity.

LED: Highly Targeted Digital displays

Outdoor LED displays are amazing ways to increase your brand recognition by reaching more and more people. It is an engaging medium which increases the company’s ROI and brand visibility. Well, there is no other form of advertising which is more effective than the outdoor advertising. Use outdoor LED screen to reach more and more people and hence expand your business.

If a person repeatedly sees the same sign or billboard on the way to work, it will start sticking. This channel ensures that brand awareness will increase over time. Make your company outshine from other businesses by increasing the brand awareness with the use of outdoor LED displays.

Reach More customers with best outdoor media

Are you searching for more details on outdoor digital advertising for your business? At Global Advertisers, we’ll assist you to build and execute a marketing plan that will drive more people to your business.

Digital advertising is an important part of our lives, whether we are marketers, advertisers or regular Internet users. We’ve learned together how everything started, when and where the first digital marketing banner was launched.



Why should be Billboard included in your Marketing Campaign?

Outdoor advertising is the perfect medium for reaching a larger audience on a daily basis. With more people spending less time at home, traditional media like radio, magazines, TV and newspaper’s audience reach is declining. Outdoor advertising like billboard provides incredible branding power that can be taken from the street right through to retail point-of-purchase.

Why not think out of the box? With the help of billboard advertising do something innovative.

Are Billboard Ads Effective?

Outdoor advertising offers specific policies that other channels cannot provide and, with the best strategy, may produce a greater return on investment than other media like paid online ads and radio ads. The effectiveness of a billboard marketing policy depends on following three key factors:

  1. Location

In billboard advertising, location is the real king. Selecting the right location for your billboard requires determining your target market, recognizing your key demographics, and directing on regions with the highest saturation of your target demographics.

  1. Message

Billboards work best with highly visible and short messages. Remember billboard ads target drivers, cyclists, and walkers, so you have just a few seconds to get your message across. You want your advertisement to get noticed, but you don’t want the ad to be distracting.

  1. Conversion

Like any other marketing drive, your billboard should have a call to action. You may experiment with unique landing page URLs for different locations as long as the URL is short and easy to remember. Keep in mind that billboards are best at raising brand awareness and supporting your marketing campaign. You shouldn’t rely on billboards to drive traffic to a website or make the phone ring.

Benefits of Billboard Advertising

If you want to have a growing business, billboard advertising is right for you.

  1. 24/7 coverage

Billboard advertising is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to the technology, LED-backlit billboards, you can reach your consumers even when the sun goes down.

Outdoor advertising runs for you around the clock and is continually broadcasting your message. If you want advertising that continues to work hard and never sleeps, you need a billboard. Think of the range of customers you can reach when your advertising is on both day and night.

  1. Impact

Big, bold, simple designs that advertise your brand well will be eye-catching and memorable.

  1. Cost Effective

To be able to touch more people while spending less money is every company’s goal, and outdoor advertising permits you to do just that. If you are looking to promote your brand in the most cost-effective way, you need to think the huge return you will get from outdoor advertising.

  1. Design

A memorable design is what gets your viewers to engage with your brand and walk in your door.

Make your message 100% visible with Global Advertisers

Here at Global Advertisers, we are passionate about billboards. We believe Out of Home (OOH) advertising is the best medium to get your brand noticed – and we’ve got some stats to prove it. Our moving billboards will deliver your message all across the entire country.

OOH Moving to Digital and Mobile to engage customers on the go

In the last few years we’ve seen more digital OOH screens come to market, and we can only assume this number to continue growing. A clear sign that DOOH will continue to increase in popularity across the world. The attention it’s getting from some of the largest tech and digital companies in advertising.

Out-of-Home advertising is just about the only traditional media channel that is still growing. This is largely down to the digital transformation of billboards happening globally. Digital is currently a top buzzword in OOH, not only regarding integration of digital and OOH, but also when evaluating about the digitalization of the medium itself.

Engagement with your customer is the key to a successful advertising campaign. And when it comes to interacting with consumers, Digital Out of Home packs a bigger punch than more traditional forms of advertising. It supports for greater flexibility, creativity and opportunity to open a dialogue with consumers.

Utilizing Digital Out of Home to motivate consumer participation

Advertisers are increasingly turning to Digital Out of Home (DOOH) to encourage consumers to interact with their brands. It’s a medium that, by its very nature, creates a multitude of possibilities when it comes to consumer participation.

With its ability to incorporate new technology and offer relevant information to consumers. Alongside, its opportunities for creativity and online integration, DOOH takes the biscuit when it comes to audience participation.

Mobile on the move

Digital advertising (DOOH), which includes mobile, is yet again expected to grow by double-digits (16%) and is set to become the number one media in the next few years. Mobile advertising is also on the rise because advertisers are trying to reach hundreds of millions of smartphone users.

People spend hours a day on their devices, but the question remains: do they want to see advertisements on their phones while they are trying to communicate, search the web, or play a game?

However, when advertisers link OOH with mobile advertising, they do achieve results. In many campaigns, OOH ads prompt people to use their mobile devices to find more information, get a coupon, enter a contest, or make a purchase.

The walls can talk, via smartphones

Mobile and beacon technologies are modifying OOH media, enabling advertisers to engage consumers on the go with timely, appropriate and even personalized ads, messages and offers. Billboards and beacons combine to generate a truly interactive physical environment. And while online advertising is being regarded as disrupting the browsing experience, billboards position themselves as being informative.

With the integration of beacons, OOH goes beyond the physical environment and can connect with their audience via their smartphones. Beacons allow marketers to create geo-targeted profiles of their audience.  So they can match their campaign to the most relevant audience and location.

The integration of billboards, smartphones, and beacons creates some virtual tour guide. It helps that these screens are present in major consumer hubs from airports to shopping malls.

OOH complements other media channels

For too long outdoor advertising stagnated because it suffered from a lack of transparency and flexibility. The arrival of digital billboards and online data makes it easier to measure the return-on-ads-spend of OOH campaigns.

People are spending more time out-of-home, but they are always connected. This means digital billboards can offer two levels of engagement. One is communicating a message and another one is influencing immediate action. This can be anything from visiting a website, snapping and sharing for a contest, or even tracking a QR code to receive a digital voucher.

Contact us if you want to know how OOH can become a key part of your marketing mix and help you achieve your business objectives.