Traditional media is still a key for long-term brand growth

The burst of digital media has changed the brand communication drastically. In this article, we are going to discuss whether it had changed the role of traditional media in the advertising industry.

It is well known that the advertising spends on digital media has risen dramatically. Today, people are moving to digital channels like social media advertising, email campaigns and paid ads. Over the years, digital media has gained much importance. From being considered as one of the media to reach customers, it has become an integrated part of the advertising mix.

Traditional media foster long-term growth

Consumer perceptions about the brand are established over a period of time. The customer purchase decision needs a focused message at multiple levels of the buying process. Digital advertising is one of the and not the only channel to influence the purchase decision. We admit that digital and social media has captured the huge attention through integrated campaigns. However, the basic brand building principles remain the same. There has to be an optimum balance required between brand building and simply marketing and selling.

OOH is a traditional medium that does brand building by communicating your brand’s message and engages customers emotionally. OOH creates mental brand equity which helps to influence future sales. The social media ads can get you short-term sales whereas traditional media builds brand opinions.  Traditional advertising media can get you long-term and continuous profits.

Traditional media and mass marketing

Although the digital era has changed the way we look at advertising, OOH still offers the broadcast reach. It is always a crucial factor for campaign effectiveness. Mass marketing is a must for long-term growth. Brands that have a voice and a wide reach are more effective to drive profit and growth.

OOH – Key player within the traditional media mix

The study confirms that OOH plays a key role in the conventional media mix. OOH can increase the effectiveness of the marketing mix from 15% to 37%. OOH is the right advertising mix that allows a brand to explore various channels to communicate with customers.

OOH’s long-term communication strategy builds brand image in the customer’s mind and fosters an emotional connection with the brand.

OOH help to use the data and understand what your audience wants. You can segment the customer data and create a tailored content that appeals to individuals.

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