How OOH can increase viewability, reliability and build a brand perception

Businesses are built on customer relationships, brand tone and the perception that the customer has about the brand. Today, customers are sharing their opinion and judgment widely with the medium of word of mouth and social media. Let us see how OOH can increase viewability and build a brand perception.

A study says that 45% of brand perceptions are created out of what the company says and how it says. However, it’s not just what you say, the actual product and customers’ combined interest also plays a significant role in it.

Although people are widely exposed to advertising, not necessary, they always see it. There are ad blockers and ad frauds which lessens the viewability of your ad. Moreover, online ads are competing among themselves and create more clutter. Visit the author’s website to learn more. Wherein OOH is outperforming with continuous innovation and accurate traffic tracking measurement with GPS and Wi-Fi, is delivering the tangible results which marketers seek.

Your customers’ matter and also their opinion.

OOH gives your customer a positive brand perception. Where they do not create a disturbance for your target audience, unlike online ads. Outdoor advertisement works on a number of levels. Here, the objective of outdoor advertisement is not to go viral on digital platforms, primarily it is for building brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. People who see outdoor campaigns are more likely to engage with the brand on their mobile.

The young generation is more likely to engage with a brand followed by OOH awareness and exposure.  The effectiveness of online advertisement cannot replace the tangible communication of the brand. Outdoor doesn’t only give you the scale but also help you, as a brand to connect.

In this world of digital advertising, Outdoor advertisement offers the viewability scale, builds reliability and brand awareness for your brand. According to a recent study, even though people are spending more time on social media platforms, all generations are quite more open to an outdoor advertisement than digital ads. OOH is widely known as a brand builder.  It can drive a long-term success to you. While Oot Of Home can drive long-term success, it can also trigger the consumer behaviour and are the highly effective way to drive customers to store.

Given the challenges of advertising on other media, Global Advertisers believes that Brands should pay enough attention to the potential of outdoor media. This could include billboards, in-transit advertisement, airport advertisement and other forms of the outdoor marketing mix.

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