5 reasons why OOH outperforms


Where the world is switching to the digital age, we still recommend you to include outdoor advertisement in your marketing mix. OOH advertisements have increased its reach in urban as well as rural areas of the nation. Detailed description of the link. Despite digital marketing and online advertising, outdoor media still holds its value in the market due to the number of reasons.

In this article, we are going to address the top five reasons why OOH continues to outperform.

5) People are spending larger time outside the home

OOH is continuing to outperform as people are spending most of their time outside the home. It is a platform where you can reach the mass audience. OOH is still unaffected by the evolution of the digital media channels.

4) Audience measurement

OOH is becoming innovative on a fast pace so measurement the audience and campaign performance. Due to technologies like GPS and location data the analysis has become more accurate. Unlike other advertising platforms, where you can only measure the viewable impressions, OOH allow you to measure the viewed impressions.

3) An answer to ad blocker

OOH plays a part in customers’ daily lives as it is a naturally accepted medium of advertising. Unlike online ads, it cannot be blocked as it has a physical presence. It is one of the significant advantages of outdoor media over online advertisements that it has none rate of ad blockage comparatively.

People can easily avoid online advertisements by choosing ad-free, paid mediums. Of course, one can block an ad on a mobile phone or desktop but won’t change the route is he/she doesn’t want to see a particular advertisement.

2) Target campaign for the relevant audience

OOH allow you to design more accurate and targeted ad campaigns to reach your niche audience. You can target a particular locality where your target audience resides without putting many efforts on marketing research and implementation.

1) Targeting at the point of sale (a last window of influence)

We have many times discussed the advantages of the outdoor media and its importance over online ads. However, this one remains my personal favourite and uber important.

OOH help you to choose the right location to influence your customers near the actual point of sale. For example, you can place your ad campaign near a shopping Centre to influence your customers when they are actually going shopping.

The outdoor advertisement gives many advantages to marketers over the latest marketing and advertising platforms which is why outdoor advertising is continuously outperforming in this digital age.

Final word

No matter how digital and online advertising is playing a big role in advertising and promotions, OOH continues to outperform. Out of home advertisement remains one of the best media to reach your target audience and influence them at each stage of their buying journey.

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