OOH teaches us how to catch attention

Many OOH campaigns give the viewers a fantastic brand experience. This is for the brands who go beyond the visual communication to connect with their customers. Here are few tips to make your outdoor campaign attractive which will grab the attention of your audience with minimum efforts.

  1. Make it interactive

Keep your campaign interactive; this helps to engage your audience/viewers for quite a reasonable time. The purpose of advertising is to capture attention and create a memorable experience for your audience.

  1. Make it stand out from its surrounding

This can be done by using bright colors and memorable visuals in your campaign. Consider adding spotlight in your OOH billboard to glow in the dark.

creative hoarding

  1. Add a tangible product

This makes your campaign look real and grabs immediate attention. We, at Global Advertisers, have created many OOH campaigns which make them look like a tangible product.

  1. Go for high traffic sites

High-traffic sites cost more than quieter spot, but at the same time gives immense benefits. High-traffic sites may sound less attractive as they require more cost. We advise its better to go for high-traffic sites which will give your brand fruitful results.


  1. Keep it simple

An effective advertisement is one which provides accurate information quickly. Give your audience a message in an effortless yet memorable way. Do not fill your campaign with too much glitter. Simplicity is the best way to make it perform.

  1. Place minimum information

Do not overload your OOH advertising campaign with too much information on it. Do not mention each detail of your product and brand. Keep the information minimum. As the viewer is in motion while seeing your ad, he or she cannot remember too much information like your website address, contact number, or features of your product.


Give a short and memorable message through your billboard campaign to help your audience remember it.

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