How OOH is driving customers to store

In this digital era, OOH becomes the last window of influence for shoppers. That is just before people shop. It has been proven that customers made a purchase from the physical store after seeing the billboard ad.

OOH advert near urban shopping centres such as malls and supermarkets creates an environment where people get highly influenced. Placing OOH near strategic locations improves the effectiveness of OOH advert. They drive customers directly to the store.

Especially in case of FMCG products, OOH works brilliantly. Even for other products and services, OOH placed at the right place and at the right time is highly effective. Ex. Real estate industry grabs high attention through OOH marketing.

Here, location becomes a prominent factor in outdoor advertisements. People want to see information related to their location.


However, in this digital age, the online shopping is growing rapidly. So what role OOH is playing in this online environment? OOH directly influences the product search. Not only offline but it can fetch you great sales on your online store too!

OOH is a powerful media tool to create a distinct identity of your brand as they come into interaction with your audience in their free time, while they are transiting.

OOH advertisements are a highly effective way to drive traffic in-store traffic. Be more targeted with your location. Collect the relevant data and use your industry information to drive in-store promotions.

To drive direct traffic to your brick n mortar store, give customers something which they don’t/can’t get online. OOH is not only about displaying products or services and driving customers to purchase them. It is about building a distinct identity in the customers’ mind about your brand.

Global advertisers is working closely with developing new possibilities in OOH media planning. Do you have a retail store? Please share your story with us in the comment section below on how you are driving direct traffic to your store.

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