Entertainment loves outdoor advertising


OOH advertising and entertainment are made for each other. One of the largest business category which outdoor media catering is media and entertainment. This is the main factor behind why entertainment loves outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising medium is one of the fastest growing advertising media. Due to increased infrastructure, more platforms are available for outdoor advertising.

Its ability to display consistent message instils confidence in the minds of viewers. It gives a final push before purchase. OOH has potential to reach a wide audience across the different geographic area.  This helps outdoor advertisements to gain popularity in the entertainment industry.


The outdoor advertisement is an excellent medium, especially for the entertainment industry.

Outdoor media is visually attractive and catches the attention of mass which is perfect for entertainment campaigns.


Outdoor media reaches people when they are commuting. That means they have spare time to take a decision.

Consumers have multiple encounters with outdoor advertising every day.


Where marketers are focusing on online advertising, many of them tend to forget that your audience needs offline touchpoints too.

Digital and interactive billboards are engaging customers like never before. It allows ooh industry to become even more creative. Entertainment industry goes hand in hand with creativity.

OOH gives an excellent opportunity to create an instantly recognisable identity.

Billboards stay much longer in your audience’s mind than plaintexts.


In this technical age, it is imperative to build a sense of trust among the audience. This generation has confirmed that authenticity is the leading factor which attracts them towards a specific brand. OOH advertising offers excellent opportunities to build trust with customers.

Apart from these, there are numerous reasons why the outdoor medium is a favourite advertising channel for the entertainment industry.

Global advertisers is pioneering in an outdoor advertisement for the entertainment sector. We strive to go more and more creative and offer you innovative technology creations.

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