Brands are Spending more on Digital out-of-home

Today, we live in a visually cluttered, and noisy world where dozens of media channels vie for our attention. For media partners and buyers, and the brands whose messages they put out, that means an ever-increasing array of competing places to try to tell us and sell us. Each of those channels, therefore, has to justify itself or die. In fact, the future of outdoor advertising is digital.

Digital out of home technology can now put large screens size of a cinema in areas where billboards used to be, and replace all of the signage on public transport. As well as, the local shopping Centre replaced with moving, dynamic screens that look 1000x more compelling than a poster.

Four Ways Digital enhances OOH

Digital OOH does not face the same difficulties as other advertising mediums. Like, there is no ad-blocking, and with digital abilities, mobile targeting, and enhanced traffic data, outdoor is now more essential to the media mix than ever.

The creative opportunity for advertisers is huge, and the creative executions on outdoor screens are getting better all the time.

Influencing the audience in proximity to your outlet is the best way to attract business. Here are four of many reasons why optimized digital outdoor advertising spaces are ideal for driving traffic to physical stores.

  1. Flexible Bookings

With digital, an outdoor media asset is no longer locked to a single brand on a long-term contract. With the ability to switch between multiple creatives, big brand stores or small businesses can all bid for the slots they want.

  1. Targets Consumers on the Path-to-Purchase

Social media may get you more engagement and newspaper advertisements will reach a wider audience, but for small businesses increasing store visitors is key.

By using outdoor screens near their outlets to display promotions, retailers stand a better chance of influencing purchasers.

  1. Optimized for Highest Impact

Coffee-shop chain? Target the morning rush with promotions. Conference or event? As well as, it Informs people about how to get to your location when it’s close to your event day.

Digital allows brands to narrow their audience for effective campaigns.

  1. Reports and Actions

Who viewed your ad? How many store visits did the ad incite? How long did people view the ads?

All these questions and more are answered by automated reports that keep business owners directly informed about their campaign.

Insights from these, it can even help the advertiser make small changes in time or length of the ad to improve results.

At Last

Now, the future is digital, and we are living in it. Through the ages different tools and mediums have been used to convey important, relevant information in a public arena; but, DOOH can the target messaging and make it super relevant is just a smarter way of doing this.

So, still, if you haven’t studied how your own OOH marketing creative could be improved in real-time, now’s the time to get your thinking cap on.

In conclusion, digital outdoor offers the opportunity to share the right message or the right content at the right time with the right people. As a result, it can deliver a huge uplift in engagement.


It is the time of advertisement and to be more excellent outdoor advertising! No business can stay longer in the competition without the proper ad. Although, outdoor digital displays are used for promotions of the businesses as they offer attention-grabbing displays. Various studies show outdoor digital signage to perform notably better than other types of advertising (including online) regarding engagement.

Well, we cannot ignore the fact that the outdoor LED screens instantly stops the passerby because of their amazing colours and attractive features.

Digital outdoor advertising driving global outdoor ad market, study says

Of the 70 percent of Americans who remember seeing a digital ad in the past month, 47 percent specifically remember the ad.

As well as, a study conducted in Sweden found that drivers spend significantly more time looking at digital billboards than traditional billboards.

Around, 55 percent of people who see an ad on digital signage can recall the specific message displayed.

Outdoor digital screens can be used for:

A unique way to share information with your target audience in an eye-catching and memorable way.

  1. Get more traffic to your site

Display advertisement makes it possible to reach out to a huge target audience. This increased traffic which helps to establish brand awareness and recognition. Therefore, it increases both online and offline sales.


Also, display ads have much greater cost-effectiveness compared to traditional offline media such as TV, radio, and newspaper.

  1. Increase your brand awareness

If you’re interested in increasing your brand awareness, display advertisement may be the most cost-effective solution. They are continuously showing images to viewers while they are surfing the web.

  1. Get more Conversions

Although the average click-through rate of display ads are relatively low, display ads make up for this with the huge amount of impressions that are possible online. With so much time spent online, online display advertisement presents a great opportunity to reach a huge number of new potential customers.

  1. Target the Right people

It is difficult for marketing to get right people. Display advertising audience targeting will help you reach the relevant audience.

By providing relevant content to your target audience, you can increase sales, brand recognition, and traffic to your website. All this makes display advertising a great investment opportunity.

LED: Highly Targeted Digital displays

Outdoor LED displays are amazing ways to increase your brand recognition by reaching more and more people. It is an engaging medium which increases the company’s ROI and brand visibility. Well, there is no other form of advertising which is more effective than the outdoor advertising. Use outdoor LED screen to reach more and more people and hence expand your business.

If a person repeatedly sees the same sign or billboard on the way to work, it will start sticking. This channel ensures that brand awareness will increase over time. Make your company outshine from other businesses by increasing the brand awareness with the use of outdoor LED displays.

Reach More customers with best outdoor media

Are you searching for more details on outdoor digital advertising for your business? At Global Advertisers, we’ll assist you to build and execute a marketing plan that will drive more people to your business.

Digital advertising is an important part of our lives, whether we are marketers, advertisers or regular Internet users. We’ve learned together how everything started, when and where the first digital marketing banner was launched.



Stand Out the crowd with Building Wraps

When it comes to billboard-style advertising, building wraps have become a popular way of covering a colourful graphic with a right message on the side of a tall building. Today, more than ever, size matters. Building wraps are the biggest and most impressive print format.

Building wraps provide a medium that is unmissable, making such type of outdoor advertising very powerful regarding promoting brand awareness and effectively conveying your brand message.

This is mega marketing at its best   

Advertising by way of Building Wraps have become a big market, and it speaks for itself all over the countryside, especially in larger metropolitan cities.

For an impactful out-of-home campaign, you cannot go wrong with building wraps. Now, advertise your brand by using a building into a massive canvas with vivid graphics. Displaying your message on the side of a building is the largest, most visible way to get your brand noticed.

Who uses the Building Wraps?

Building wraps are used for all types of retail stores. They are often located near the store’s location to provide a visual reminder for the customers. It makes easy to visit the shop and make a purchase. Wraps for items such as clothing, perfume, and accessories are commonly seen in shopping centres and malls as part of advertising efforts to improve customer retention.

Although, a clear call to action and an enticing picture of the building’s interior will attract the consumer to call and reserve an appointment immediately.

Benefits of Building Wrap
  1. Large Audience

The large size of the wraps indicates their vast outreach. Since these wraps are placed on buildings, they are usually seen by many people. These people consist of every age group, gender, and nationality, and this gives an opportunity for advertisers to achieve maximum advantage from these banners.

Although some advertisements will appeal to only a specific type of targeted demographic, they will still have a prominent chance to attract more attention than any other forms of advertising.

  1. Customer Responsiveness

Building wraps can move people to become buyers right on the spot. For example, an ad located on the side of a mall’s building featuring a product available inside the same mall will have a much greater impact than an ad placed elsewhere. Likewise, a banner about a car placed near a highway will also obtain more response from people.

An ad with eye-catching graphics and a perfect call to action is essential to generate the desired response. The ad’s design quality helps validate the message a company wants to convey to its potential and current customers.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness

Since wraps are usually on buildings for a long period — in some cases for more than 20 years — they are a constant reminder for people passing by daily. The ad becomes a part of their daily life, and even though they might become conventional to it, its message is powerful and clear.

As more people view the ad, brand awareness will automatically increase and grow in its effectiveness.

Take your Message to New Heights

Global Advertiser’s large format printing uses high-quality imaging and stunning designs to successfully create a building wrap that cuts through a highly cluttered advertising landscape. We can display your brand on any size building that will be sure to catch the public’s eye.

So if you are interested in printing Building Wraps or you have a grand format printer and are possibly looking to start, Global Advertisers is your trusted source! Contact us for more information. We are here to help. Contact us at