Stand Out the crowd with Building Wraps

When it comes to billboard-style advertising, building wraps have become a popular way of covering a colourful graphic with a right message on the side of a tall building. Today, more than ever, size matters. Building wraps are the biggest and most impressive print format.

Building wraps provide a medium that is unmissable, making such type of outdoor advertising very powerful regarding promoting brand awareness and effectively conveying your brand message.

This is mega marketing at its best   

Advertising by way of Building Wraps have become a big market, and it speaks for itself all over the countryside, especially in larger metropolitan cities.

For an impactful out-of-home campaign, you cannot go wrong with building wraps. Now, advertise your brand by using a building into a massive canvas with vivid graphics. Displaying your message on the side of a building is the largest, most visible way to get your brand noticed.

Who uses the Building Wraps?

Building wraps are used for all types of retail stores. They are often located near the store’s location to provide a visual reminder for the customers. It makes easy to visit the shop and make a purchase. Wraps for items such as clothing, perfume, and accessories are commonly seen in shopping centres and malls as part of advertising efforts to improve customer retention.

Although, a clear call to action and an enticing picture of the building’s interior will attract the consumer to call and reserve an appointment immediately.

Benefits of Building Wrap
  1. Large Audience

The large size of the wraps indicates their vast outreach. Since these wraps are placed on buildings, they are usually seen by many people. These people consist of every age group, gender, and nationality, and this gives an opportunity for advertisers to achieve maximum advantage from these banners.

Although some advertisements will appeal to only a specific type of targeted demographic, they will still have a prominent chance to attract more attention than any other forms of advertising.

  1. Customer Responsiveness

Building wraps can move people to become buyers right on the spot. For example, an ad located on the side of a mall’s building featuring a product available inside the same mall will have a much greater impact than an ad placed elsewhere. Likewise, a banner about a car placed near a highway will also obtain more response from people.

An ad with eye-catching graphics and a perfect call to action is essential to generate the desired response. The ad’s design quality helps validate the message a company wants to convey to its potential and current customers.

  1. Increased Brand Awareness

Since wraps are usually on buildings for a long period — in some cases for more than 20 years — they are a constant reminder for people passing by daily. The ad becomes a part of their daily life, and even though they might become conventional to it, its message is powerful and clear.

As more people view the ad, brand awareness will automatically increase and grow in its effectiveness.

Take your Message to New Heights

Global Advertiser’s large format printing uses high-quality imaging and stunning designs to successfully create a building wrap that cuts through a highly cluttered advertising landscape. We can display your brand on any size building that will be sure to catch the public’s eye.

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