Outdoor advertising creates high-impact on consumers. It is a cost-effective medium but offers optimum returns on your investment. This is a conventional medium which is enhanced with changing times.

New trends in billboard advertising create endless possibilities to market the product creatively and uniquely. However, many advertisers make some common mistakes while designing outdoor media which create a negative impact. This ultimately affects your sales objectives. So, it is essential to avoid the common outdoor advertising mistakes.

To get an optimum return on investment in your outdoor advertising campaign first, you have to give attention to some basic mistakes you should avoid while planning your campaign. Global advertisers suggest taking a look at five common errors not to be missed ever.

  1. Advertising without researching

Do you know who your end user is? If your answer is ‘no’ to that question, stop your advertising campaign and start researching right now. Advertising is great, but it’s not going to do you any good if you’re targeting the wrong audience. In that case, it’s just a waste of time and money.

While you even think about putting a single advertisement, make sure you know who you want to sell to. Is your product for women ages 40-60? Or maybe your target audience in men 18-34? You need to have the answer to this question before advertising. It’s going to determine what your ad looks like, as well as where you place it.

  1. Located in the wrong place

If people are unable to see your display, such shortage of visibility can kill your advertisement. Even if, outdoor advertisements are appealing, but less visibility degrades result. So, if you want to touch up to the crowds, you need to choose a proper place for your advertisement. So, it’s easily noticeable for all drivers.

  1. Not to engage your audience deeply

Your outdoor advertising campaign is incomplete if it cannot motivate your consumers to take action to satisfy your purpose. So, your advertisement has to be so captivating that it creates a desire to your audience to purchase your product or definitely to be present at your event.

  1. Inappropriate colour scheme

Believe it or not, colour can greatly affect shoppers’ attitudes and emotional responses. Before choosing a colour scheme for your advertisements, do a little research and find out what different colours can do.

To learn more about colour selection for outdoor designs, refer our blog. It will give you the idea of how colour combinations will enhance the readability of your outdoor advertising,

  1. Using only one medium

The best way to reach a wide range of potential shoppers is to use a variety of mediums. The print is great. Digital is awesome. Outdoor offers something larger than life. But if you’re only using one medium, you’re not reaching as many eyes as you could be. Make sure your campaign includes a variety of mediums; don’t get stuck in just one.

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You should always try to seek out expert guidance where you can, especially if it’s free. That’s why we run the Global advertisers blog, to provide content that looks under cover of effective OOH advertising and delivers the insights that can help strengthen your campaigns.

So if you would like Global advertisers outdoor to plan and execute a successful campaign and avoid some of the outdoor advertising mistakes listed above, please get in touch with us today.




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