Is Billboard Advertising right for you? Consider these facts

Think that moment when you were driving down the highway enjoying the scenery when you came upon a stylish, brightly coloured billboard. Now, imagine the billboard you saw described your company. Think about how many viewers have already seen that billboard and think about how many will see it after you.

Outdoor advertising is a marketing medium that reaches consumers while they are out of their homes or “on the go” in public places. Outdoor Advertising is considered a mass marketing medium. So it’s best utilized for broad messages, branding and new campaign launches.

Billboards are a better choice

It is no puzzle that outdoor advertising is one of the most powerful marketing ways, but why? One reason billboards are so attractive is that they are guaranteed to be seen. Within OOH, billboard advertising is the most popular medium. Billboards can be placed on key highways, busy intersections, or in specific commercial locations. They offer tremendous visibility as they reach drivers and passersby. Billboards are the second most powerful form of advertising that reaches over 93% of people.

So how do you do it right? Here are some important facts to follow when creating a billboard:

  1. Visibility of the billboard

First and foremost, the visibility of the billboard should be a top priority in your decision making. If your billboard has limited visibility, it’s going to have a big impact on whether or not it generates any leads or sales.

There are a few points you should analyze when evaluating the visibility of your billboard:

Ensure the billboard is front-facing.

Make sure the billboard is placed at a readable height.

Choose an area with no visible interference.

  1. Traffic count of billboard location

Obviously the higher the traffic count of a particular road the greater the amount of opportunities to see your advert there is. All our billboard locations are situated on major arterial roads with a high traffic count, within tourism hotspots and in highly populated areas.

  1. Consider your audience demographics

Understanding your viewer is a key part of marketing. Not everyone is an ideal customer for your business. So it’s super important that you’re shouting the right message to the right people.

For example, let’s say you drive an online fashion store for youngsters. Placing a billboard near a college or university is going to be much effective than one in a rural site town or village which tends to consist of aged people.

  1. Proximity

If your business is reliant on regional customers, then it wouldn’t make sense having a billboard which is located 70 miles away.

Choosing a local ad placement would be the most logical decision in this situation, many high-street companies take full advantage of near-by billboards to grab the attention of residents, visitors, workers and tourists. McDonald’s take full advantage of this opportunity.

  1. Rush Hour Traffic

Your company will benefit from billboard advertising during rush hour traffic. The trick is to find the right traffic plans where bumper to bumper keeps your readers in place long satisfying to appreciate your banner before slowly running on to make way for the next wave of potential customers.

Global Advertisers: Reaching your target market

In conclusion, billboards are a great way to share your product, services and brand with the world. When in need of a highly effective approach to bringing in new customers while boosting brand loyalty, billboard advertising is the best direction to go.

Likewise, Global advertisers, an outdoor advertising media provide billboard advertising services according to the requirements of the clients. Our basic aim is to provide finesse billboard services in planning and executing the outdoor media campaign.

There are plenty more advice and information throughout our blog to get you up to speed on all things outdoor advertising.

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