Dazzling Outdoor Advertisements That Will Stop You in Your Tracks

As a customer, you will see outdoor advertising almost every day. Although these days, it becomes harder and harder to grab the attention of the average customer. In an innovative world with Facebooking, Emailing, Tweeting, Sharing, Following and all things online. But, a few traditional advertising techniques are still alive and well.

Remember that eye-catching design or the catchy phrase on that billboard the last time you travelled? That’s right: billboards are still stealing attention and raking in sales for businesses.

Give Them a Reason to Stop

The biggest thing that will get attention from passers-by has a reason to stop. What are you offering that’s different from anybody else? Do you have a limited time offer? A late-notice is opening for an appointment? Play on your customers wants and needs to get them in.

Remarkable, unique ads are a somewhat rare find. They masterfully combine legibility, memorability, an eye-catching power.

Everybody loves offers and new things, so use that as a start!

When one does catch your attention, however, one thing is true: there are some severe creative lessons to be learned there. Here are some dazzling outdoor advertisements that will stop you in your tracks. Ready?

  1. The Economist

Takeaway: The best advertising techniques actively involve their audiences. In this case, by passers are an essential part of the message.

  1. Formula Tooth care

Takeaway: To reinforce a claim (like “builds strong teeth”), rethink the format and make it part of the message.

  1. Oldtimer Restaurant

Takeaway: Intervene location where watchers are not expecting to be reached. Disrupt the scenery with an announcement where the audience gets, quite literally, immersed in.

  1. Panasonic

Takeaway: Go beyond the format’s dimensions and let quotidian elements (like electric poles and wires in this case) interact with the ad.

  1. Oreo Eclipse for Oreo       

Takeaway: Let your brand’s advertising interact with current events. If an eclipse is garnering some major public attention, join the buzz and give your audience something else to talk about. This is true for natural phenomena as well as city-wide activities, holidays and other major events.

  1. Disneyland for Alaska Airlines

Takeaway: The most productive forms of outdoor advertising take a compelling message (like Alaska Airlines can take you to Disney) and amplify it in an unexpected format (like covering up an entire plane).

  1. McMuffin by Cossette for McDonald’s

Takeaway: Placing a new line of products or services that you are not well known for (like breakfast for McDonald’s) can take some serious creative effort.

To facilitate consumer learning, try to demonstrate these changes with a disruptive lesson that sticks in your audience’s minds. It’s hard to forget that McDonald’s serves breakfast when that McMuffin rose with the sun on the highway.

  1. Pond’s

Takeaway: Sometimes the best way to activate a need (“I need a facial scrub”) is to use some empathy and let viewers identify themselves with your design.

I hope you’ve got these outdoor advertising examples to be inspiring. Whether or not you do any outdoor advertising, you can easily pick up some good tricks for your work.

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