OOH can help to drive your Educational Marketing

The outdoor advertisement is also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising. It is a broad term that represents any advertising that reaches the consumer when he is outside of the home.

Global out-of-home (OOH) market continues to remain most stable forms of advertising.It has continued to grow steadily despite the vast transformations brought about by digitization across the advertising market.

The Outdoor Advertising industry in India is rising significantly today. From conventional to the most contemporary tools, Indian outdoor advertising businesses have been able to present the advertising messages to the audience on the move and in transit.

Types of Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

Reasonably the biggest goal of any young agency creative is to see their work posted on the roads of the country they work in. And, one of the most popular methods to achieve that is using outdoor advertising. As a result, outdoor is a staple of the media advertisement. It reaches thousands of people, by foot, or car, and is usually very fast and effective.

The most general types of outdoor advertising include:
  1. Billboard advertising
  2. Point of sale displays
  3. Street furniture (bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths etc.)
  4. Transit advertising and wraps (taxis, buses, subways, trains etc.)
  5. Mobile billboards

Out of Home can help drive your Educational Marketing.

  1. Target and Reachability –

OOH can deliver your message directly to your target audience in a geographic and demographic manner. We have always been able to pick billboards, transit shelters or bus systems in the cities and towns. These are close to universities or cities where Higher Education clients were looking to recruit.

To strengthen our location selections, even more, we now can recommend geographically focused units that are highest in targeted impressions to the audience you are looking to reach.

Not only can we place Out of Home (OOH) in areas close to the School or University, but we can also select units where future or current students, their parents, or alumnae live and play.

  1. Mobile Connection –

There is a proven strong connection between OOH and online activity. Almost, 24% of customers who viewed any billboard or other out of home media. In the last month used an online search engine to view the information about the advertiser, and 17% of those customers visited an advertiser’s website directly.

The link to mobile is even stronger with 35% of customers in the past year using their mobiles or tablets to do an online search about the advertiser after viewing the OOH advertisement. This performs a solid case for Higher Education Brands. It is used OOH to drive immediate web activity, bouncing more actions on campus and inevitably leading to increased enrollment numbers.

  1. Events –

Despite increasing in digital activity, most effective marketing strategies for universities are nevertheless events‐based and involve direct interaction with potential students.Through custom designed and super executed experiential campaigns, we can speak directly to potential students and their parents.

For Higher Education Brands, OOH provides the strength to use targeted messaging to reach specific sectors of their audience. And, they get instant access to additional information in the palm of their hands.

In conclusion, we can say that- “Advertising does not just spread the information. It enters in the public mind with desires and belief.”

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