Outdoor Advertising Trends in 2018

In-home advertising includes anything seen on your TV, flyers in your newspaper, or even what you view online. Alternatively, OOH advertising includes what you are exposed to via transit, billboards, or storefronts.

2017 has seen some huge developments in the Out-of-Home world, and it looks like that trend will continue through 2018. The digital transformation of outdoor advertising is enabling brands to run more personalized marketing campaigns to customers in the offline world.

Digital out-of-home advertisement has grown as a proportion of all OOH spending, reflecting the new possibilities for brands to make an impact. As new measurement methods and integration with digital channels come online, they will proceed to add to the value proposition for OOH, making it an even stronger component of a robust media plan.

Top trends in out-of-home advertising for 2018
  1. OOH aligning with digital marketing strategies

Marketers are becoming frequently aware of how the worlds of Out of Home and digital media overlap. Connecting the two as part of an integrated strategy can strengthen both.

That increased presence also comes with a much larger diversity of media options, from posters to billboards to transit to bus shelters. Also,investigation of digital media can help inform OOH planning. Out of Home can help focus digital efforts, and bring more focused audiences into the advertiser’s digital ecosystem.

Due to, integration of digital marketing strategies with Out of Home can multiply impressions to a pure plan. By way of the Smartphone, individual behavior and demographics are being mined and combined to deliver stronger metrics to the advertiser.

  1. Merging OOH and mobile

This convergence between Mobile and OOH makes another big part of OOH trends for 2018. OOH, ads are capable of running more online activity per ad spends than any other offline medium.

In addition, OOH has already been productive at generating significant social media activity. Mobile technology, like Near Field Communication (NFC), QR readers, and indeed Augmented Reality features, are making the connections between OOH and mobile even stronger.

  1. Online data will drive creative strategy

The creative changed by the time of day, amount of people in the outlets, and traffic around the billboards.

A lot of this data like footfall, traffic, social trends, weather, and more are already accessible to advertisers. It will be more impressive to see how the data collected creates more innovative and relatable consumer experiences.

With everything that’s moving in OOH, it’s important to recognize that this is still an industry of people helping people to make links between brands and their audiences. All these trends make it that much easier.

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