Four Mind-blowing Tips for Outdoor Advertising you should Never miss

When it comes to outdoor advertising, there are some solutions to choose from, all of which offer their distinct effect: walls, billboards, street furniture, mobile billboards, digital, outdoor projections, street frames, and many more.

Currently, outdoor advertising is a huge market and has great potential to boost your advertising efforts. There are various spots to choose from, depending on your budget and market. And with the right know-how, it can be an extremely cost-effective advertising choice.

The Impact of Outdoor advertisements

The impact of any form of outdoor advertising is massive, but it is also quite challenging, considering that you only have a few seconds to relay a short, meaningful message into the consciousness of a driver, passenger, or pedestrian who may have no interest in your message. But if your advertisement has enough creativity to get past this obstacle, you can be sure that it will have a considerable effect.

In this post, we have collated some outdoor advertising tips to increase the chances of converting your outdoor spend into sales.

Also, here are some tips to help in the design of outdoor ads:

  1. Stick to the three-second rule

As mentioned before, the viewing audience for outdoor ads is primarily made up of mobile people going on with their day to day activities, which can restrict the viewing time of your message. When designing your message, you must emphasize clarity and focus so the ad intrigues and entertains efficiently. If the creativity is strong, other factors like location, duration of the campaign, and media weight will make it extremely successful.

  1. Stick to the 3-7-10 rule

If you get stuck in your design, the 3-7-10 rule can be a good starting point:

3 elements – text, image, logo.

7 words – or less. The message should be succinct and to the point.

10 percent – minimum area occupied by the logo, so it is easily identifiable.

  1. Choose the instantly recognizable image

Using images of people or products are useful but adding irrelevant or funny images will not get you positive results. The more effective advertisements use an image that can be identified in an instant, such as a singular image, a product shot, or a close up of an item.

This is very important for any outdoor advertising medium because they will most likely be viewed in transit.

  1. Make the message readable

Your message must be easily legible at the ideal viewing point depending on the type of medium. Make sure the following elements are taken care of:

  1. Adequate spacing between letters and words (proper kerning and tracking)
  2. Use a proper combination of capital and lowercase letters to improve readability
  3. Use the appropriate colour and balanced typeface
  4. Ensure 24/7 readability (this may mean lighting your advertisement at night)

Get Ready to Start Your Advertising

Lastly, you should make your outdoor advertisement engaging. You will be competing with not only those in your category but also against everything else that draws the attention and consciousness of your prospects.

If you create a memorable experience through innovation, your billboard will have a strong impact. For more information on how to better create outdoor ads, contact our team today!

Understand The Evaluation Of Outdoor Advertising In India Now

When you drive a car or travel around town, hundreds and thousands of ads catch your eyes. Some are so much influential and effective that they get registered in your memory whereas some don’t. We can safely think that the present market scenario of the conventional advertising industry is growing and secure.

Let’s understand more and look at the country’s actual market situation so that we can completely understand the industry for the benefit of future ad marketers.

The current situation of the conventional advertising market

Categorically, there are four major conventional advertisement mediums in the global market. It is the same in India too. The options are as follows:

  1. Print Media—where newspaper and magazine adverts are given
  2. Radio and Television Media—or also known as the commercial spots or ads channel.
  3. Outdoor Media—where the advertisements are placed in generally populated areas on billboards, hoardings, pole kiosks, shopping malls, etc.
  4. Transit Media—another out of home advert medium where pictorial ads are fixed over taxis, buses, on bus seats, and on other vehicles

The demand in India for using these spaces for marketing purposes is enormous, as they hold power to serve 1.25 billion people in the country.

Outdoor advertising is when you market the products and services or your brand. It is a specialized area and to achieve significant benefits you need to hire one of the best outdoor advertising agencies like Global Advertisers.

Since outdoor advertise strikes to your eyes for a short time, it is very important that the advertisement is catchy and bright. Also, it has to be informative and engaging enough.

It started with wall paintings-

Outdoor advertising has traversed a long way in the past few decades. Gone are the days when wall painting was the only choice available to the outdoor advertising companies.

The quality of painting was very primitive. However, these advertisements used to get a big response because it was the only visual medium available.

You can still see the use of wall painting in the rural and urban areas but with a great improvement in the content quality and presentation. The secret of the enormous success of wall painting is its cost-effectiveness and reach.

Technology transformed it in the past few decades-

As the printing technology took a giant leap in the past four decades, the face of outdoor advertising has changed completely. With the development of the printing technology, it is possible to print huge signboards and billboards. Thus, it eliminated the need to paint it manually.

It opened unlimited creative possibilities to outdoor advertising agencies in Mumbai and made the things pretty interesting. The cost was higher initially, but at the time it has become quite affordable.

Digital outdoor advertising is today’s trend-

Yes, with the further technological development outdoor advertising in India goes digital. Today we can see digital billboards that display products, services, and brands in interactive and engaging ways.

Digital billboards are easy to use, dynamic, and cost-effective. The content can change as and whenever require and it is possible to add audio-visual effects also.

The future of outdoor advertising seems to be very exciting. Not only for the advertising agencies but the clients as well!

Get yourself seen! How to get noticed with Outdoor Signage

Signs are everywhere. Whether it’s in your building, in the city or on a billboard, well located and well-designed outdoor signage will always get your business noticed. Marketing studies show that over 50% of new customers chose the business because of its sign.

Good outdoor signage not only announces your business to large numbers of people, but it’s an essential part of your overall marketing.  With this in mind, it’s vital to get your signage right.

The sky’s the limit while you take your advertising to the great outdoors.
Put it where people will see it

It won’t matter how big or bright your signage is if no one sees it. Before designing a sign even occurs, it’s important to look at your location from the same angle your customer would.

The famous thing about outdoor signage is that it runs for you 24/7. When your market is closed, your sign will still be promoting your business, so think carefully about where it’s located so that the maximum number of people will see it.

Choose the Right Outdoor Signage for your needs

You can choose from many different outdoor advertising types. At Global advertisers, we grant our customers a huge range of products including all sorts of outdoor signage:

Vinyl PVC Banners

They are very cost effective, can be used anywhere and are easy to transport. They’re tough and waterproof and come in a vast range of sizes, making them perfect for advertising your event or business.

96, 48 and six-sheet Posters

Research shows that three-quarters of drivers read billboard messages. It doesn’t cost as much as you think and is a proven method to get your message seen by large amounts of people.

Backlit Signs

You can use translucent film placed between two sheets of Plexiglass. The printed film is lighted from behind, and our large format UV digital printing presses produce crystal clear graphics that look stunning.

See-through Window Graphics

It can be used anywhere from vehicles or retail windows to bus shelters and phone boxes. They’re self-adhesive and waterproof, making them a popular choice for outdoor signage.

Make it readable- Keep it simple

People may only notice your sign for a little time, especially if they’re driving, so make it easy to read. Get your message across clearly and instantly with clear, easy-to-read text and graphics, and add a phone number or web address.

Whether your sign is on a vinyl banner, billboard advertising or window, most people will only mark it for a few seconds, so make those seconds count. There are some great examples of successful outdoor signage on our website, so have a look if you need ideas.

Now, Time to Get noticed yourself

Ready to start marketing yourself? Hit the tradeshows with eye-catching and professional displays that will give your brand that wow-factor. With Global advertisers, your marketing tools won’t be costing you money; they’ll be making you money.

Also, we carry a wide range of outdoor products. If you’re looking for something that will last, check on prices or simply get ideas or advice, contact our team.

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LED Display: Modern Way of Advertisement

In the modern world, finding the right advertising screen among all the different options available isn’t easy. It’s too much difficult to decide one of them if you don’t know anything about how it is going to be used. Outdoor advertising has come of age concerning innovations and has helped businesses to market themselves, creatively and efficiently. Outdoor LED Displays have modified the look and feel of outdoor marketing.

Although, outdoor LED Displays directly communicate with the audience and attract the potential customers. LED Displays are aptly vocal and stand out, purely because of their luminous power & adaptability to the changing atmosphere.

Find the Right Advertising Screen

So before, you give up before you have even started, consider the following features.


LED Displays are much cheaper, especially when compared to their print-media counterparts. They save a considerable amount of time concerning designing and printing posters.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of LED advertising is its attention-grabbing capabilities, perfect for any event from festivals to fairs to college events. Because of bright, dynamic display, passersby are much more likely to stop and take in your message.


LED displays have revolutionized outdoor marketing and have given exposure to creative outcomes, which were not at all possible while utilizing conventional forms of advertising alone.


The great thing about the LED screen is that it can be managed remotely with just a simple wi-fi connection. You can control any number of hoardings with just a few clicks of your mouse.


That is the power of digital display advertising/digital displays. People usually glance over at the displays for a few seconds maybe, and in those precious moments, they become the potential customers.

The screens can be updated instantaneously and targeted to desired demographic audiences. Therefore, use the LED display advertising to build your brand, to reinforce your current ad campaign to the general public or a targeted audience.

The advantages of digital screens:
  1. Digital displays are directed at viewers in particular location.
  2. As these networks are offered at specific locations, targeting can drill down by geographic area, demographics, shopping intent, and based on how viewers are spending time.
  3. In digital billboard advertising, the format of the messages can be changed quickly, providing closer targeting based on many variables.
  4. Digital place-based advertising networks can extend to any location imaginable, such as sporting events or horse racetracks.

Take Advantage of LED Advertising Today!

When used correctly, LED display ads can be advantageous to almost every type of business. All you need is the right mix of creativity and value to catch the attention of your customers.

If you’re looking for LED advertising services, contact the team at Global advertisers today. We’re the premier provider of LED screen rental products and services in the country. Find out how we can help your business– get in touch.


Why You Need a Billboard for Marketing?

Let’s face it. We are living in a digital age. The use of innovative technology for advertising and marketing has been on the rise for years. It means billboard advertising is now a lot more powerful and effective in producing a message across. Billboard advertising is an active means of catching customer attention in a small amount of time, especially when a time where their attention can be hyper-focused on your notice without other marketing disturbances.

Furthermore, TV and radio have a wider mileage, but you can easily turn them off if you don’t want to watch or listen. Meanwhile, billboards are there in hyper-sized form — and whether you like it or not, when you pass by, you will see it.

Here are five advantages of having a billboard made for your brand.

  1. Billboards leave the powerful and lasting impression.

Because of their large size, billboards are hard to miss, and this is where your advantage lies. With a good design and lasting image or text, people will retain your message for much longer.

  1. You have a guaranteed audience.

Work and school duties will have the same people passing by the same street every single day. This implies you have a steady market who will ultimately have your brand engrained in their memories. This system creates a sense of trust and familiarity — and will eventually have customers looking for you.

  1. Billboard design is constantly evolving.

Nowadays, it’s not just about printing large format graphics on vinyl. We already see digital and interactive billboards getting attached. More marketers are also working hand-in-hand with social media to boost customer engagement.

  1. Billboards are free to your target market.

What is the best part of the billboard? They don’t have to purchase anything to see it. They don’t need to purchase a newspaper to see your print advertisement or buy a cinema ticket to watch your message on the large screen.

  1. All the big brands are doing it.

Nike, McDonald’s, Pepsi are putting up billboards everywhere, and this has obviously worked for them. It’s high time you invest in your business, too.

Why you need a Billboard?

It doesn’t get much greater than billboards. Whether it’s the side of a building or the side of the road, billboard advertising can be a powerful tactic depending on how they are used. We’ve noticed the top 8 reasons that you need a billboard need to boost your business.

  1. High Frequency

Customers spend 70% of their time outside their home, so reach them where they are.

  1. Impact

Big, bold, simple designs that advertise your brand well will be eye-catching and memorable.

  1. A Roadway Storefront

It’s like having multiple storefronts wherever you’re advertising.

  1. Cost Effective

OOH is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, providing you best results.

  1. Get On The Map

The people who do business with you, they have to know you exist, to achieve that in a great way.

  1. Constant Exposure

Billboards are one of the only outdoor media that can’t be turned off or tuned out.

  1. Flexibility

There are innumerable options on where, when and how you advertise with outdoor.

  1. Design

A memorable design is what gets your viewers to engage with your brand and walk in your door.

Need help?

We hope you’re as inspired by these creative billboard examples as we are! And we’d love to help you design an outdoor ad that’s as amazing as these.

If you are looking for the best outdoor media company, then Global advertisers are one of the best. Our billboard design specialists can make it easy for you. We have a cost-effective design package available to help you get the most out of your advertising investment. Interested? View our blog details.




Build Brand Awareness using Right Media strategy

What’s your business’s biggest problem? It’s not money. It’s not your pricing. And it’s not the economy. The answer is almost always brand awareness. When we talk about shoes, probably think of Adidas, Reebok or Nike, wherever you are. This is one of the best examples of brand awareness.

Getting new users is one of the main aims of marketers. Now, get the brand’s name in front of the target audience through social media, outdoor advertising, and other marketing techniques. Therefore, marketers would say, “build brand awareness.” Without it, you have no form of knowing if your efforts are working.

Reach is Essential for Any Media Policy

It holds the number of unique individuals who were displayed in an advertisement. TV media buying, radio, print, outdoor, and digital all have different methods for tracking reach.

So, how exactly does one quantify brand recognition success? Below, we’ll walk through some effective methods to measure it and give you helpful tips.

Billboard Advertising Starts the Communication and Builds Brand Awareness

Billboard advertising is an absolute way to get people talking about your brand and create immediate awareness of the products you offer. Viewing a billboard once has little impact. But imagine the same massive audience seeing the same billboard day after day for weeks, months or years. Your brand and your message will ultimately start to stick in people’s minds.

With Billboard Advertising, People Will Notice Your Message

The great thing about billboards is that they are a unique form of interruption marketing and cannot be avoided. They enforce your observers to stop what they’re doing and take action. As well as, because they’re an attention-grabbing part of the scenery in busy areas. They usually stand out to people long enough to perceive your message across, consistently, every time.

Also, most effective billboards quickly communicate your brand’s message; people can’t help but see your message and take it in. With time, your billboard message resonates, your brand is noticed as an authority, and your phone starts ringing.

Strategically well Located and Highly Targeted Billboards

When it comes to advertising, we have many choices to choosing where and how to display your message. Different advertising places provide different levels of visibility, and we have complete freedom in deciding where and how your brand is exposed to your audience. Consider the following billboard examples.

  1. BMW

When Audi designed a billboard poking fun at BMW by putting the image of a beautiful call and the words “Your move, BMW” on it, BMW replied with a nearby picture of one of its cars and a plain text that stated, “Checkmate.”

  1. Silberman’s Fitness Center

When it comes to grasping the attention of your target audience, it is important to study outside the box or at least on one side of things. A fabulous example of a simple but powerful arrangement to the traditional billboard can be seen on Silberman’s Fitness Center billboard. The billboard simply says “Time for Silberman’s Fitness Center” with a phone number.

  1. Koleston Naturals’

You likely already know designers must include negative space in ads, but did you know you can creatively use even that negative place? One example of this can be viewed in Koleston Naturals’ billboard. The focus is on the hair, but what is different about this billboard is the picture of a woman exchanges at the time of day.

  1. Orphea

Orphea recognized this when it created its giant insect trap billboard. It took a regular billboard and added an image of a can of insect spray. Then it used transparent glue in particular areas to turn the billboard into an insect trap. It strategically set the glue in the shape of a spray from the can. So, as the insects got stuck in the glue, it appeared as though the can was spraying bugs dead.

Enhance Your business with Global Advertisers

At Global Advertisers, we have a broad and diverse inventory of locations to choose from to showcase your brand to the ideal audience.

Billboard advertising has been and will continue to be a very effective channel in a company’s marketing arsenal. Give a call today and let’s figure out the best outdoor advertising solution for your brand awareness.



Why should be Billboard included in your Marketing Campaign?

Outdoor advertising is the perfect medium for reaching a larger audience on a daily basis. With more people spending less time at home, traditional media like radio, magazines, TV and newspaper’s audience reach is declining. Outdoor advertising like billboard provides incredible branding power that can be taken from the street right through to retail point-of-purchase.

Why not think out of the box? With the help of billboard advertising do something innovative.

Are Billboard Ads Effective?

Outdoor advertising offers specific policies that other channels cannot provide and, with the best strategy, may produce a greater return on investment than other media like paid online ads and radio ads. The effectiveness of a billboard marketing policy depends on following three key factors:

  1. Location

In billboard advertising, location is the real king. Selecting the right location for your billboard requires determining your target market, recognizing your key demographics, and directing on regions with the highest saturation of your target demographics.

  1. Message

Billboards work best with highly visible and short messages. Remember billboard ads target drivers, cyclists, and walkers, so you have just a few seconds to get your message across. You want your advertisement to get noticed, but you don’t want the ad to be distracting.

  1. Conversion

Like any other marketing drive, your billboard should have a call to action. You may experiment with unique landing page URLs for different locations as long as the URL is short and easy to remember. Keep in mind that billboards are best at raising brand awareness and supporting your marketing campaign. You shouldn’t rely on billboards to drive traffic to a website or make the phone ring.

Benefits of Billboard Advertising

If you want to have a growing business, billboard advertising is right for you.

  1. 24/7 coverage

Billboard advertising is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to the technology, LED-backlit billboards, you can reach your consumers even when the sun goes down.

Outdoor advertising runs for you around the clock and is continually broadcasting your message. If you want advertising that continues to work hard and never sleeps, you need a billboard. Think of the range of customers you can reach when your advertising is on both day and night.

  1. Impact

Big, bold, simple designs that advertise your brand well will be eye-catching and memorable.

  1. Cost Effective

To be able to touch more people while spending less money is every company’s goal, and outdoor advertising permits you to do just that. If you are looking to promote your brand in the most cost-effective way, you need to think the huge return you will get from outdoor advertising.

  1. Design

A memorable design is what gets your viewers to engage with your brand and walk in your door.

Make your message 100% visible with Global Advertisers

Here at Global Advertisers, we are passionate about billboards. We believe Out of Home (OOH) advertising is the best medium to get your brand noticed – and we’ve got some stats to prove it. Our moving billboards will deliver your message all across the entire country.

Integrating Traditional and Digital Marketing for Better results

Marketing is certainly the root of the success of your business and in case you are dealing with a business that often requires an updated marketing strategy. Whenever it comes to promoting some business, product or any piece of art, the very first thing that comes to the mind is the advertising strategies. The advertisement techniques followed up by a company or a production house in any field put a great impact on the name and fame of the company.

You see integrated advertising is a combination of many media resources like tv, radio, print, search, social, mobile, etc. As a result, these tools to create a more memorable and complete experience for the user requires an integrated approach. An integrated advertising agency helps advertisers navigate the ever-changing seas to establish connections with their consumers, develop brand recognition like never before and ultimately drive sales! Yeah!

Why Traditional and Digital Marketing both are important?

Nearly, 51% of the world population is on the internet today. With 6000 tweets per second, there is no doubt on a theory that there are lesser eyeballs on billboards today, compared to the year 2000. Some marketers believe that traditional marketing techniques are soon to be dying, and there are some counterarguments too. But, there’s the significant importance of both the marketing methods.

How they work together?

Let’s take some examples.

  1. Google Map

Google used the traditional billboards in main cities of India to promote Google Maps. Despite having over a billion users over the world, Google has used billboard advertising at a specific location.

The motive of Google jumping into the traditional marketing is not customer acquisition.

  1. Use QR Code

As we discussed, billboards kind of force you to look at it, and make a brand impression. But, combining a billboard or a poster with a QR code is an innovative way to direct your viewers to your website. Calvin Klein took this idea very thoughtfully and made a billboard of a big QR code.

Brands have been using QR code in innovative ways for these purposes:

a. Customer acquisition (Most of the brands put a QR code on the poster to get customers)

b. Public relations (Just like Calvin Klein Ad!)

c. Customer support (Mention various QR codes for various problems and a customer can directly find the answer)

d. Customer Survey

3. Smart Billboards

Many large companies like Yahoo, Samsung Gear, and British Airways have used this new innovative method where billboard can sense the people around it and respond according to it.

Apart from small techniques like these, billboards have much more evolved. Lexus – A well-known car manufacturer, used a smart billboard where it will detect your car brand and try to convince with a sly advertise!

The billboard will recognize the exact time, date, and your car model, and it will send you a personalized message on your mobile device. Amazing.

Integrated Outdoor Advertising Agency

Many marketers predicted the death of traditional marketing methods, but the truth is – they are still required! They somehow lost their popularity because of growing digital market. And the way traditional marketing is evolving.

With so many new media options popping up every day, maximizing your investment has never been more critical or seemingly difficult. That’s where an integrated advertising agency, like Global advertisers comes in. If you had like to read more about how we can help your company, please visit our site.


Advertising or Marketing: Which Method is the best?

If you’re confused about advertising versus marketing, you’re not alone. While both methods reach targeted customers to promote products or services, they are very different. If you know the distinction between the two and do your market research, you will be able to put your company on the path to success.

In this article, we’ll explore the difference between marketing and advertising, and explain how companies like yours can use one or both ways to create brand awareness and attract new customers.

Which Method is best for your company?

If you’re managing a business, you probably rely on a mixture of marketing and advertising to attract, inform, and convert new consumers. However, you may be wondering if advertising or marketing is more effective for getting these customers.

Should you do less advertising and save money, now that online marketing is so advanced? Or is online marketing as effective as traditional advertising?

We’ll also explain the modern viewpoint that advertising isn’t necessary in the world of web marketing. Let’s start by studying the difference between advertising and marketing.

How Are Marketing and Advertising Different?

Advertisements and commercials all sound a lot like marketing. Effectively marketing your business is one way to grow your brand and your business.

It’s true that advertising and marketing are doing the same thing. They are informing a customer about your brand with the end goal of making a sale. There is a difference: advertising is one piece of the marketing process. Whereas, marketing defines a lot of different activities that work together to form one cohesive plan.

Traditional Advertising Methods and Their Effectiveness

Traditional “advertising,” as it’s now defined, refers to any paid method in which a customer is notified about a brand and its products or services. The word “advertising” is typically used to indicate to pre-Internet methods. Likewise,  billboards, print advertisements, TV and radio commercials, direct mail, and flyers or handouts.

Market your business with traditional media

Advertising your business in traditional media can play a big part in your overall marketing strategy. It involves marketing tools such as:

  1. paid print advertisements
  2. commercials on TV and radio
  3. articles in media outlets, such as magazines, newspapers or billboards.

The cost and audience you can reach through advertising on traditional media can vary widely, so it’s necessary to make sure you choose the best fit for your business.

Market your business online

With the internet and social media platforms at our fingertips, going online can be a fantastic way to market your business. To get started on marketing your goods or services online, you could:

  1. Create a website or blog for your business – having a website or blog is a great way to keep your customers up to date on your business, product and services. A good website or blog will provide your customers with interesting and relevant information that keeps them coming back for more.
  2. Use social media – using social media platforms for your business can help you to engage with your customers in a relaxed and friendly way. Linking to your business website in social media can also be a great way to increase visits and generate interest.

With this insightful information, you’ll be able to realize that both strategies are working for your business. To help you further, also read our post on how to perfectly advertise a new product.

Go Outdoors: How billboards beat out social ads.

Selecting the best advertising mediums for your organization can be challenging. There are so many choices available today, such as billboard, print, radio, television commercials, and the Internet.

How do you pick the best advertising mix for your business?

Traditional media has created an expression for thousands of businesses for decades. With the Internet, you can take benefit of social media, content marketing, and search engine marketing.

It’s no secret in the out of the home industry that billboards and other forms of outdoor media are powerful message drivers. But what is not well known is how much more effective they are than other forms of new-age advertising.

Billboard: An Effective way to Promote a Brand Offline

Billboards allow businesses to connect with your prospective customers instantly. They communicate through photographic data and brand messages which catch the attention of commuters and create awareness about the brand.

  1. Improve Brand Awareness

It reaches more than 90 percent of the population. Not everyone is online—and in particular online, at the social media sites you’ve selected for your campaign—but within a community, the chances are that almost everyone will see a local billboard or another outdoor campaign in the course of their daily activity.

This is not only cost-effective but also spreads your brand messages in a specific area in less time.

Out-of-home advertising is most effective offline medium to run online activity.

  1. Best creativity make it memorable

Creative designs and advertising concepts create a great influence on target audience which makes your businesses memorable. So, when people go shopping, they buy the same product.

  1. Easily Noticeable

Billboards are usually placed along highways and crowded areas of the cities. This will assure you that people will see your advertising. Unlike other commercial mediums, you cannot change the channel and turn the page on a billboard. Billboard signs are located at strategic positions which make it difficult to avoid them. Hence, people will notice billboards whether they like or not.

  1. Most Trusted Form

More than half of respondents say they believe traditional advertising platforms such as billboard, newspaper, magazine, TV, and radio. However, all new media platforms mentioned in the survey, including search, online video, social media, mobile display and online banners, received a less than 50% trust rating.

  1. Best way to execute the outdoor campaign

It takes a less time to design and placing billboard signs. So, if you have limited time to run the outdoor campaign, billboard advertising is the best way to promote a brand instantly.

People see billboards advertisement for a few seconds, so it is important to keep your messages short and to the point.

Global advertisers: The right solution for your business

How do you get sure that your billboard receives a positive response from your end users? So feel free to contact us. At Global advertisers,  we are offering billboard advertising facility and experience a leap in your business revenue.

Along with, we are offering bus advertising, railway advertising, radio advertising. We are an agency build to create modern marketing solution that moves our customers into the future with the help of technology and creative design.

There are plenty more advice and information throughout our blog to get you up to speed on all things outdoor advertising.