INFLIGHT ADVERTISING: Reach Premium Set of audience directly at the point

A question that arises many times is how do premium brands advertise in a focused manner? Is there a specific platform for them? Everyone does television commercials, radio and print advertising. Every brand nowadays is hitting the right node with digital as well. But how do brands that wish to target the upper segment approach them concretely in an efficient manner?

An increasingly active medium tremendously emerging nowadays is ‘INFLIGHT ADVERTISING.’ It gives the brand a unique opportunity to connect with its target customers. With highest efficiency rate, in-flight advertising provides at the lowest cost of sale the maximum impact. Sample surveys show that approximately 77% of passengers remember the brand after exiting the aircraft. In-Flight media creates rare and ideal opportunity for business to communicate and engage with target customers.

Let’s closely look at some of its benefits-

While they’re reaching Their Destination, Reach out to them

In-flight advertising is one of the best channels to advertise to people because flight travellers are a captive audience and cannot just get up and walk away. In-flight advertising has benefits that many other media vehicles do not: a captive audience.

Plus, being on the aeroplane is stuck and boring for many people, and they are often hungry for information and surely in a receptive of mind. That is the timely moments for your ads to come.

Travel with Your Customers All Day Long

In-flight advertising reaches out to millions of eyeballs in a short span of time because of its ability to reach globally. With the help of effective media platform, you can advertise your brand. It opens room for innovation for any brand to represent itself uniquely and impressively.

Choose Your Way to Greet Your Customers

Advertisers can choose the format, platform suitable for their business and purposes and be creative with the campaign ideas when it comes to in-flight advertising. The various ways in which in-flight branding promotes advertising of brands are-

  1. Bulk Head Branding

Facing forward and bored? That is when your target audience must see you! Bulkhead wall graphics are prominently visible to all passengers. Therefore, they are providing great targeting opportunity for luxury and premium brands.

  1. Seat Back Branding

Your ad displayed straight in front of their seats with a guaranteed view of at least 40 minutes to 8 hours. Now, being up-close and visible to all passengers sitting in the row, seat-back branding ensures high impact advertising with the maximum brand recall.

  1. Meal Tray Branding

The entire interior of the tray table can be used to bring your brand and message to life. Tray table branding is highly visible to every passenger in an uncluttered, captive environment, who opens the tray table either to eat or to work.

  1. Over-Head Bins Branding

Make sure your product is also added to their baggage the next time they open the overhead bins. These overhead bins present a one of a kind large format media to brand upon.

  1. In-Flight Catalogue/Magazine

The editorial content on board is widely read and recalled. More than 80% of the passengers would surely grab the magazine placed in their front pockets and flutter through the pages.

Moreover, readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine than a newspaper, so there’s more chance they will run across your advertisement.

Final Word

Now, start your advertising campaign with flight advertising. Advertisers can choose the format and platform suitable for their business and be creative with campaign ideas.