Innovative Outdoor Advertising

Over time, the age of ‘paper and paste’ has made way for the period of consumer engagement; campaigns that merge technology, innovation, creativity, and interactivity to capture and engage with consumers.

Outdoor advertising has been an effective medium for marketers for quite some time. However, due to technological advancements and social changes the advertising industry is one that is always shifting and evolving. Like all other mediums, outdoor advertising has had to change and evolve along with the industry as a whole. As marketers battle for the attention of an increasingly distracted audience, we are seeing them turn to some rather unconventional forms of outdoor advertising.

Integrate with the Surrounding Environment

One unconventional tactic advertisers have been using in regards to outdoor advertising is an idea of integrating the surrounding environment with their message or ad.

For the last five years, digital advertising is the main frontier of this Outdoor innovation. Emerging technologies and capabilities have brought brands to life in increasingly responsive and creative ways, while the combination of mobile and digital technologies into outdoor has allowed consumers to immerse themselves in brands fully.

The creative opportunities of big-impact installations have also continued to grow, allowing greater opportunities for brands to capture the imagination of their target audience.

Innovative and Attention Grabbing Billboards

Billboard Ads are the oldest advertising medium knowing to a man having evidence and creative, essential character not available with other kinds of media advertising.

Here are some creative and innovative billboards Ads.

  1. Kolestron’s Naturals billboard

This billboard execution was strategically located on a trip. This billboard had a perfect view of the skyline and sea behind it. The woman’s hair is die-cut on the billboard to capture the variations of Kolestron’s Naturals’ colours through the different phase of the day and night.

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Billboard Ads

Do you explain how tasty your chocolate is? You don’t need to, just put Big chocolate to make all passengers feel hungry.

  1. Formula Toothpaste

Strong Teeth. Build strong teeth with Formula Toothpaste. It’s creative Billboard.

  1. Coca-Cola with straw Billboard

It’s a brilliant and innovative idea. In this advertising, a ladder is to make this billboard advertising extremely beautiful and attractive also.

  1. McDonald Billboard Ads

An ancient idea can help to build a creative billboard advertisement if you are creative enough.

Now, we hope these examples of creative outdoor advertising have inspired you to create creative campaigns large and small, and are a useful reminder that human creativity is at the heart of the best outdoor campaigns.

Overall, general techniques used in producing creative billboard advertisement are to make the ads defies the rule of nature, If you scan though billboard advertisement showcased above, then you will notice that all of them are also quite a funny billboard.

Global Advertisers: Innovative Advertising Agency

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