10 Ideas to Tell Your Brand’s Story Using Creative Design

The design is a method of communicating a visual message to your potential customers. It is the mode of expression which is either implied or stated. A brand story reflects who are you and what you do. A creative design adds more magnificence to your brand’s story, and it will help you to convey the clear, consistent and stated message.

What makes your product different from your contestants? For your customers to form a personal association with your brand, company stories must be creative and genuine, so that you create an experience that resonates with your consumers. It’s not about branding vs. graphic design, but how branding and graphic design work hand-in-hand to bring out the best in your business. So tell your brand story using various creative designs.

  1. Visual Communication Design

It is described as a conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be seen. Basically, it includes signs, typography, creative graphic design, animations, industrial designs, etc. Recent researches in the field are focused on graphically-oriented usability and web design.

In addition, a Graphic designer uses various modes of visual communication in their professional practice. The visual presentation of the website is very important for users to understand the conversation.

  1. Logo Design

Another, the logo is the visual entity signifying an organization. Designing a good logo often require association of marketing team with graphic design studio.

Logo colour is a fundamental element in brand differentiation and recognition. Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory, and skilful applications.

  1. Colour Theory

The study of how colours make people feel and their effects on a design is known as the colour theory. According to psychological aspects, warm colours are more energetic, while cold hues are composed and represent better calmness. In advertising field, readability is the more important factor in any design; your colour should be legible and easy on the eyes.

  1. Motion Graphic Design

It is the subset of graphic design used in video production. Motion graphic designers make use of typography to bring images to motion and often the driving force behind the motion graphic. As a motion designer, we need to have an excellent understanding of colour theory and give a lot of consideration to your colour choice as colours convey different moods and feelings to the readers.

  1. Typography

It is described as a style or appearance of printed matter or simply art of working with text to make a language more legible, appealing and readable when displayed.

It is everywhere we look, in the book we read, on the website we visit, even in everyday life on the street signs, product stickers.

  1. Layout and Composition

It builds the foundation of graphic design. They give you work planning and make it simple to navigate. From the layout margins on the sides to the content in between, it is not just about working with text. The composition also matters in other graphic design, web design and much more.

  1. Images

Images are more than just design. They attract viewer’s attention by telling the story of the brand. Compelling visuals can help you to make a connection with the readers and make a great impression before they even saw a single word.

  1. Fundamentals of Design

Fundamentals of design are the source of every visual medium from fine art to latest web design. Even small things like the fonts that make up most of the composition, basic elements including line, shape, form, texture, and balance; makes your story more simple, clear and striking.

  1. Use Enticing Words and Phrases

This is the most prominent and influential part of your creative design and hence makes the story of your brand more accomplished. Good choice of phrases or words can create a long-lasting impact on the audience, as they will be curious to know more about your company or business.

  1. Good Website Navigation

The navigation system acts as a roadmap to all the various areas and information contained within the website design. If your brand has a simple and clear navigation mode, visitors will stay and have a good experience which eventually leads to good business. The clear and logical navigation speeds up the viewer’s search and hence converting them into consumers.

Creative Graphic designing is not just a marketing tool; it’s a way of creating a clear vision of your brand among consumers.

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