How to integrate Digital Marketing with Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is at the midpoint of a digital revolution. And, digital marketers fast recognize the benefits it delivers as part of an integrated campaign.

With the growth of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), smart cities and automated trading platforms for OOH advertising space, now is the chance for digital marketers to take benefit of everything outdoor media can add to a digital marketing campaign. So, how can you use outdoor ads alongside online adverts to get the most out of your advertising campaign?

Therefore, we take a look at some practical ways businesses. They can integrate their digital marketing with out-of-home advertising.

  1. Combine Short-term impact with a Long-term presence

Generating quality content, building an SEO friendly website and fostering healthy backlink profile takes a month of hard work. Small businesses and start-ups, in particular, may try to compete with bigger brands when it comes to SERP visibility and building consumer trust.

Recent studies show that people are 17% more likely to engage with a brand on their mobile after exposure to OOH advertising. Furthermore, the most effective OOH ads are capable of driving a 38% increase in mobile engagement with brands. The two mediums work beautifully alongside each other to combine short-term impact with long-term presence.

  1. Integrate Social Media with Outdoor Advertising

A good outdoor advert, like Global Advertisers, also introduces the possibility of successful outdoor campaigns being shared on social media. Campaigns that leave the consumer thinking ‘wow, which is clever’. That is likely to be posted and shared on people’s social media channels, further increasing experience and reach.

Using a hashtag as part of your advertisement. It is a great way to open communication on social media. Be sure to choose an interesting, yet unique hashtag to encourage consumers to engage with you on social media.

  1. Use new digital to integrate your campaign and connect with the consumer

Advertisers have been searching for ways to make use of new digital as part of an integrated campaign for a while now. Due to the, QR(Quick Response) Codes, NFC(Near Field Communication) tags, iBeacons, and Bluetooth all allow advertisements to jump off the billboard and onto a customer’s Smartphone.

On the other hand, offering an exclusive discount code or app download, or even offering insights into how users engage with ads. This technology can be used to join the gap between OOH and digital.

  1. Track the success of a campaign digitally

Another advantage is that it offers you the chance to track the success of your outdoor campaign. You can easily capture information about the billboards and posters that have been successful in developing a strategy to track an ad digitally.

For example, create a unique landing page to display on your poster. The number of online visitors that arrive at this landing page. After seeing your outdoor advert will give you a notation of how successful that advert has been. Similarly, they also provide a unique, memorable hashtag.


The important fact is, consumers, spend 70% of their time outside of their homes, and it’s clear to see the potential of combining digital with outdoor media.

More than ever, digital marketers are turning to the outdoor advertising to increase the reach and impact of their online campaigns. Now is the time to get the benefits of OOH’s new potential to interact with the digital world.

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