OOH does more than just raise awareness

Why utilize out-of-home (OOH) for an advertising campaign? The answer is simple: active consumers. In short, out-of-home advertising reaches people on the go. People are often spending limited time at home, and as a result are less exposed to the traditional media of TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Out-of-home advertising is ideal for generating instant awareness and elevating the perception and credibility of a brand. This medium’s strong carry-over effects ensure that brand awareness levels strengthen over time. But, according to the marketers, out-of-home does more than just raise awareness by reaching the eyes of people.

OOH is High Impact   

OOH achieves great cut-through because it stands alone. It’s not competing with other media advertisements, as is the case with other advertising media. While other mediums are fragmenting and fighting for customer’s attention, OOH keeps broadcasting and gaining audiences.

Outdoor has applications at various stages of the purchase funnel and can execute on several elements of a marketing strategy.

By using outdoor media, advertisers can:

  1. Creating interest via experiences

Out-of-home advertising creates interest from audiences through experiences. The interest is generated when the audience can relate to the billboard ad. Creating an experience for the viewer of the advertisement generates interest and makes the ad memorable.

  1. Providing product education

OOH, advertising may also provide knowledge about a product. It is a unique way of advertising because it engages the viewer right at that moment. A quick tutorial about the product gives the audience a reason to pay attention and think about the product.

Create a campaign that teaches something to your audience, so that they take away something from your product that entices them to make a purchase.

  1. Brand repositioning

Outdoor not only gives scale, but it also helps us connect with audiences, and it’s a chance for our partners to see we’re doing something unconventional.

Use this brand new scale, the outdoors, to connect with your potential buyers. By giving them another reason to engage with your advertisement (experience, education), you can increase your impressions.

  1. Communicating brand purpose

The role of communications should be to amplify and publicize this higher purpose, to as wide an audience as possible, to benefit the brand. The objective of outdoor is not to go viral on social; it’s to build awareness and increase engagement, enticing people back to work it.

So if you can do something to capture people’s imagination and get them to pause, that’s the most effective connection, you can have.

  1. Unveiling new identity

With combining technology and innovation, outdoor media shows how a revamped brand like Airtel can take an all-new look at outdoor branding.

OOH, advertising is more than just a visual, and a way to raise awareness. Create more interest in your product by advertising on a moving billboard today.

Global Advertisers: As an expert advertising agency

We will run with you to formulate a strong brand strategy that gives you personality, tells a story and communicates your core message to your target audience. Corporate branding is essential to ensure that your brand stands out from the competition, and we will help you achieve this.

In a world of digital advertising, social media and high-profile TV slots, outdoor advertising offers the scale and theatricality to drive not just mass awareness but also a consideration and intent to purchase.