Print design delivers more experience than digital for luxury brands

The fast, widespread impact of the internet and social media has left many in the marketing world. They are reflecting the answer to the print vs. digital debate.

For luxury brands, print design is always going to be one of the most brilliantly effective mediums to deliver exceptional brand cues. There are exclusive benefits to print media that companies should not overlook.

Print design Vs. Digital

One of the biggest differentiation between print and digital advertising is how people view them. Carrying something physical in your hand such as a piece of paper, a folding magazine, a book is a much different experience than viewing something on a screen.

There is some crossover, such as digital magazines that are laid out in the same way as their printed counterparts, but generally, the physical versus digital experience is a pretty clear dividing line between print and web design.

Print design is the best medium for Luxury branding

Luxury branding requires a substantial, emotional connection with consumers that everyday brands are incapable of. Just like the majority of the perfume, car and fashion house advertising out there. 

The following reasons luxury brands are still investing in print design.

  1. Your Design Engages Users’ Sense

Similarly, related to the physical or digital nature of a design is how users experience it. Both print and digital designs share a visual quality in common. The design needs to make a good impression no matter what the final product.

To this visual component, print design adds a tactile experience that might include texture, shape, or printing effects. The web design experience adds the possibility of audio/video elements and other interactive options. 

  1. Print design offers a personal touch

When compared to digital, print design delivers in ways that the latter simply can’t. Digital isn’t going anywhere, we all know that. From a branding point of view, it presents a necessary consumer touch point. But when it comes to conveying the subtle qualities of taste and authority, the print is simply miles ahead.

  1. Digital does not offer exclusivity or quality quite like print

Brands are still invested in print because of the glossy look and feel of the publication. When dealing with print, brands know exactly who their target marketers are. It’s an easy investment, and still effective as customers enjoy physically looking at magazines.

  1. Effortless platform

A print advertising will appear in a publication that a customer has to pay for, a customer with money who’s willing to invest a bit of it in a luxury magazine. These are the consumers that pay off for luxury brands. That’s why the print design has been called an effortless platform.

Global Advertisers for luxury and aspiration brands

Let’s stop considering that every brand wants to be on every channel. The premise of good marketing is to be in the right spot at the right time with the proper message. For high-end brands that are viewing to engage their users, and the quality print is the right place.

We, at Global Advertisers, help you to reach the educated minds through proper planning so that together we can exploit the Print Media platform successfully. For that, Magazines, Newspapers or Periodicals can be used.