Understanding OOH to DOOH

Choosing the right OOH medium can be tricky. Especially with the entire latest buzz on digital out-of-home advertising. Let me clear things up a bit. Out-of-Home advertising is a marketing medium that reaches the customer while they are out of homes. They are best utilized for branding and supporting the campaign.

On the other hand, the digital out-of-home advertising industry is comprised of electronic messages that are displayed on various digital mediums. Billboards are static posters that remain in one place. They may be placed at a busy intersection, above highways, on a building, etc.

Comparison between OOH and DOOH

Typically, static billboards are constructed out of waterproof vinyl. Whereas digital signboards are the same, but they are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities. They look like large televisions.

The following are points of comparison:

  1. Industries

To start, the static billboard industry is a mature market. In fact, it is the traditional form of advertising. On the other hand, LED billboards are still relatively new and in a developing market.

  1. Prices

Static billboards have more standardized pricing and routine installation. They are low-tech and low-cost. On the contrary, pricing for digital billboards still varies tremendously from supplier to supplier.

  1. Competition

When you are advertising on a paper billboard, you aren’t competing with another’s space. However, with digital billboards, your advertisements are displayed on 6-8 second slides. That means you will need to enter a partnership with other advertisers. It also means you will be potentially competing for having a “better” advertisement. You also may be concerned about whether or not your ad will be screened while potential viewers walk or drives.

  1. Changes

A significant benefit of digital marketing is that you can change your ad whenever you please with little hassle and little cost. This is especially useful for seasonal campaigns or short-time offerings. To do this on a static billboard, you would have to pay for installation and printing.

Everything is going digital, why not outdoor advertising?

Digital OOH, simply put, is the convergence of art and science. The age of technology has transformed the way people perceive things. Any information is available with a click, and there are millions of online applications to simplify life. Advertising too has to move towards digitalization. It has opened up a pool of opportunities for the dealers.

LED -lit billboards are cost-effective. They cut the cost of printing at the same time are extremely engaging. If put up at the busiest locations in the city, it is sure to attract a lot of traffic. Digital media is interactive and creates a direct relationship with the customer.

Global Advertisers: Moving from OOH to DOOH

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