Top 10 outdoor Advertising Facts

In the past few years, there was not much innovation and growth in the outdoor advertising sector, but now this section is in the middle of exciting transformation and innovation integrating new technologies and leveraging data in unique ways.

Due to the improvement in technology, the industry can understand the shopping nature of people. They are visiting the retail areas and types of mobile apps they are installing. All these have given a fair idea about the behavioural nature of the people supporting the OOH enterprise. The result is, they are targeting the right kind of consumer at the right place and time.

Why Outdoor Advertising?

Relatively, outdoor advertising works particularly well for branding, creating awareness and influence, and generating momentum particularly through digital and social media.

Here are top 10 facts about outdoor advertising.

  1. A right location where your brand name and customers meet

Outdoor advertising is the primary root of identification for more than eight out of ten people, and it prompts more than one out of two people to visit a store.

  1. Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost per thousand

The truth is that OOH has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Although, outdoor advertising costs 80% less than Television and newspaper, and 50% less than radio advertising.

  1. A medium that enhances customer perception

Approximately, 53% of consumers consider outdoor advertising to be a real asset to the store’s information offer.

  1. Outdoor advertising motivates consumer action

Information on how to reach your point of sale, special offers, opening hours and special event days is greatly appreciated in nine out of ten cases.

  1. Choice of location

Give yourself some second storefront strategic locations along the major roads, at the heart of everyday living and transit areas, near to the shopping centres, etc. So, why not near your competitors?

  1. Outdoor advertising causes customer’s foot traffic

Over 1 in 4 people have immediately visited the store, business or restaurant specifically because they saw a billboard or other out-of-home advertisement.

  1. Create a buzz

Additionally, surprise your customers by livening up everyday living and mobility environments and by putting on a show.

  1. Guaranteed visibility

The size of advertisements and strategic location mean that outdoor advertising is a medium you can’t ignore.

  1. Real persuasive power

Approximately, 72% of consumers who have seen an outdoor advertisement in the previous 30 minutes consider looking for more information on the products advertised. Around 59% say that this increases the probability of them making a purchase.

  1. 24/7 accessible

As well as, your brand name is nearby, accessible and visible. Because a campaign stays on display seven days a week, you benefit from repetitive exposure in your area.

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