Mall Advertising as OOH Media

One of the most frequently visited places in many urban youngsters and families today is a shopping mall. What can be better placed to hang out with your friends and family than the mall?Present excellent branding opportunities, ones that are very exclusive. Usual daily footfalls in popular shopping malls typically range up to a few thousand, even leaping to the value of lacs on weekends at a big centre. Therefore, shopping mall advertising offers excellent visibility and opens up fantastic marketing avenues by a set of varying methods together known as mall activation.

 The form of Direct Marketing

People visiting the malls are already in the mood to buy. Today’s generation is very conscious about what they wear, where they wish to eat, what accessories they want to own, etc. Everybody wants to be trendy.

So, if you are driving a new product or want to get customer feedback before actually launching a product, shopping mall promotion ideas definitely would give you a major impetus.

Advertising in shopping malls allow opportunities for focused, localized marketing. Display stands and banners are great examples to capture attention, as long as their position is conspicuous. Direct customer interactions are invaluable for lead generation.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Mall advertising can build new brands, remind shoppers about existing brands and specials or even act as an entertainment platform. It also can drive conversion, consideration and can encourage trial of brands and their products.

We need to understand what makes a shopper tick, what they respond to, what influences their decisions and what they’re in the market for. Through understanding the consumer journey, what influences shoppers’ buying decisions and how to assist them through the use of mall media to make the right purchase decision.

Here are a few shopping mall promotion approaches that would help see your sales head northwards-

  1. Wall displays and Mall Kiosks

Found in high traffic areas throughout shopping malls, wall displays, and mall kiosks are excellent ways to reach your consumers as they make their way store to store. Kiosks displays are the last opportunity to get the attention of shoppers immediately before the purchase.

Both are great for promotional campaigns and building brand awareness.

  1. Stairs, Elevators, and Escalators

A certain route to get from one level of the shopping center to another is by way of stairs, elevators, and escalators. These advertising displays often provide the best impact due to their size.

  1. Mall Banners

For a lasting appearance in shopping centres, many advertisers turn to the banner. Due to the cost of generation, mall banner advertisements are typically purchased for longer terms.

Therefore, advertising banners are the best branding strategy.

  1. Mall door and Window Clings

We all enter malls, in the same way, one door at a time. Door clings are the best way to reach your customer before they get bombarded with multiple messages.

These ads can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like.

Mall Advertising with Global Advertisers

Ultimately, Global advertisers help clients build their brands in the retail environment whilst serving the needs of shoppers, retailers, mall brands and property owners through our research, understanding of the mall environment, shopper psychology and targeted advertising.

The role of mall media is fundamental for brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.