Advertising Slogans, how effective are they?

If a logo is the symbolic representation of a brand, a slogan or tagline is actually what brings it to life. In short, it is a key expression or set of words that communicate the essence of a brand, and one that is designed to stick in the minds of consumers.

Therefore, advertising slogans are the ideal way to define the different aspects of businesses in front of its potential customers. This way an ad slogan is a very effectual aspect of business marketing.

Similarly, what makes the most enduring slogans so successful? Let’s start with a few basics.

Key features of winning a Slogan

Here we will elaborate the point that having a slogan is helpful in your brand promotion and also tell you about the tips to create an effective ad slogan.

  1. A Slogan should be Memorable

The most enduring brand slogans are often short, catchy and easy to remember. So having a catchy and memorable slogan would help in creating your brand recognition in the market.

Example: Apple’s “Think different.”

  1. Create a Lasting Impression

Slogans create a first impression. Therefore, they should be well-worded to stress the brand’s value.  A great slogan makes a company or product’s benefits clear to the audience.

Example: Audi’s “Vorsprung Durch Technik” (“Advancement through Technology”)

  1. Identifies a uniqueness

Having a different ad slogan makes your product, service or product different from others. It creates a unique identity of your brand which lasts in people’s mind. They can identify your brand with the slogan.

Example: L’OREAL PARIS’s “Because you’re worth it.”

  1. Building Positive Relation

Slogans have always been cherished as the bridge to fill the gap between a business and its associated clients for a healthy relationship.

Personalizing brands with advertising slogans helps the people to remember the businesses that in turns eventually made them develop a positive attitude towards the brand.

Example: Nike’s “Just Do It.”

  1. Simple and Clear

It’s been suggested that three words are the magic formula for an effective slogan.

Surely, it might sound a bit crass, but its confident and straight-to-the-point message tell consumers all they need to know about its freshness.

Example: Subway’s “eat fresh.”

Slogans improve the chances of brand retention and desire. This is a unique marketing tool that sums up what the company is all about, what the product can do, or the service can deliver.

A brand name cannot deliver a message all on its own. Therefore, slogans have an essential role in communicating the essence of a brand.
 Now, it’s your turn

Now, you’ve seen how to makes these slogans so effective. Learn more about how to choose the right colors for your brand here.

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