Creative Bus Stop Advertising

Bus stop advertisement may not be a common advertising campaign method as compared to the other methods such as billboards, posts, brochures and even TV ads, but it has a surprisingly powerful impact on the audience especially when it is creative and attractive.

Consequently, the visitors to the bus stop are usually people who are waiting for the bus to come. Therefore, it is a marvelous idea to take advantage of this time by presenting to them the product or the idea by use of a creative way which lets them interact with it.

Bus stop advertising is an extremely effective way to ensure your ad gains unique exposure to the walker and vehicular traffic in busy urban areas.

Bus Media advertising effectiveness

Due to the prominent visibility and low public bus advertisements costs to advertise on buses, statistics show that posting ads on bus displays on the outside and inside of city bus lines or on bus roof advertising displays produces great impressions on the public.

Creative Bus Stop ideas

The bus stop advertisement ideas have different forms that range from the simple poster placements to the change in the bus stop itself. Also, some creative ideas allow interaction with the advertisement such as setting on it or changing it. The nature of this type of ads makes it very successful to achieve its target and deliver the message strongly to the audience.

In the following showcase, you will find practical and creative examples of the bus stop advertisement ideas and learn about the different types of these ads.

Also, you will learn how each campaign handles the bus stops to visualize their ideas.

  1. Adidas

In this bus stop advertisement, Adidas turned the shelter into a large sports locker with t-shirts hanged on it.

  1. IKEA

IKEA is promoting their product using this amazing idea.

  1. Heinz

In this creative advertisement, Heinz filled the bus stop shelter with tomatoes to promote their famous ketchup product. The campaign aims at driving the audience to link between the product and the pure tomatoes ingredients.

  1. Football World Cup

This is an amazing usage of the broken glass to promote the World Cup.

  1. McDonald’s

This bus stop advertisement promotes McDonald’s calorie burger. The creative idea turns the bus shelter to reflect the advertising message that the clients want to deliver the new burgers.

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The bus is perfect for this method of thinking, as the public is exposed to your message and throughout a campaign. Use our vast knowledge of bus media advertising and see the results for yourself.