Reach your audience with effective airport advertising

Nowadays, Airport Advertising has become a common practice of promotion in various Indian cities. Airport advertising campaigns are one of the active media to reach out to a larger section of the target group. Also, with its classic look, an Airport ad display provides rich impression about the brand on customers’ mind.

Although, an airport advertising display is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year which means a brand message is reachable to customers for a longer period. Airport Advertising targets niche customers who have easy spending capacity for the advertised brand or service. Advertisers are being pushed to creative extremes, partially because it’s just so hard to get consumers’ attention these days.

 About Airport Advertising

With the arrival of new technologies in every passing year, Airport advertising has become a familiar trend for promoters to reach their affluent target market. furthermore, Airports are the only area where you can find prosperous and upper-average- class people, who are financially sound and are open to fresh ideas. Probably, Indian Airports report more than 91.2 million passengers every year.

Ideally, airports are the best site to advertise, as it offers various innovations to catch the eyeballs of the busy audience.

 Benefits of Airport Advertising
1) Specific target group

Mostly, an audience in the airports belongs to a rich background. With great disposable income and their tendency to spend makes the situation more favourable for the advertiser.

2) Huge footfall

An Airport receives huge footfalls throughout the day, which means you get the opportunity to reach out to some people per day.

3) Captive audience

The airport audiences are captive so that you can engage them in your advertising message. Through this, it is not an easy job, as you have to come up with something unique and new to grab the attention of the target audience.

4) Long dwell time

On average, an airport passenger spends more than 50 minutes in an airport, which is quite enough to get your message into the mind of the people.

5) High retention

Long waiting time and repeated views help your target group to remember your campaign drive.

6) Multiple advertising options

The airport provides excellent innovation techniques like digital screens, video walls, wall mounted, banners, etc., which are hard to miss even when the travellers are in a rush.

7) Targeting international travellers

No other advertising medium could provide you with this opportunity to focus the international market. If you do it properly, you may end up having international consumers too.

8) Brand awareness

Also, Airport advertising is highly innovative and reputed technique to highlight your brand among the elite class. It helps your brand gain visibility and recognition.

Why Airport Advertising at Global Advertisers?

As a result, today most of the top-notch brand owners prefer to launch an airport advertising campaign for their brands. An Airport Advertising Agency, therefore, plays a major role while providing branding solutions through the various mediums of airport advertising.

Global Advertisers provide exclusive promotion solutions for various brands and businesses at the airport sites. In addition, airport campaigns reach the exclusive and highly desirable audience of business and leisure travellers. Long dwell times by passengers waiting in terminals and baggage claim areas offer extended exposure to advertising. Also, tight security restrictions help create a very “Captive Audience” of sophisticated consumers.

In addition, we encourage you to monitor and evaluate the result of your campaign. So start booking your ad campaign with us today.