Types of Transit Advertising

Do you want to catch a ride? How can advertisement go along with it? Let us first understand what exactly is OOH advertising and how does it help in brand marketing? Any corporation or brand is incomplete without a marketing strategy, and for marketing, you need to advertise it widely and wisely. Although digital shapes today’s business but outdoor advertisements has its major role to play.

What is Transit Advertising?

Firstly, it is a part of OOH. Secondly, it is advertising placed in, on, or around modes of public transportation.  It is out of home advertising which reaches an audience when they are outside their homes. They can be buses, subways, taxis, metros, railways or train stations. Our Government usually prefers this form of advertising because it is a great way to reach a distinct audience.

Transit advertising offers marketers a unique way to reach an audience on the go. If you wish to advertise your brand to millions of people, transit media is just the perfect choice.

Types of Transit Advertising                    

We often come across billboard ads, hoardings, transit media (advertisements displayed on taxis, buses, cars, subways, and trains), signages, etc. which helps companies, government to reach out a large number of people.

We can design different types of transit advertising at Out of Home Creative such as transit shelters, bus panels, and bus wraps.

Let’s go a little deep into transit media with some forms and examples.

  1. Bus Advertising

Now, why have these huge agencies chosen Bus Advertising to sell their brand? The reason, it helps to connect with people easily. It helps to cater the message to all age groups. Advertising on buses has always helped brands to reach out globally. Global Advertisers is one of the best forms of marketing a brand.

Below seen is the image of Indian e-commerce giant, Snapdeal which is using buses as their medium to advertise their brand. This type of bus advertising where signs are used on the sides of transit vehicles is King and Queen Signs.

Bus Handles and seats

Not just the bus panels or bus backs, some brands are using the grab handles of buses to promote their brand. Interesting, Right? The popular cab company, Ola used grab handles in a bus to advertise their taxi service. Motto being to use an Ola auto instead of standing in a crowded bus.

Not just the grab handles, buses have also lent their back seats to advertisers. See how a popular radio channel has used each seat’s back as a medium to deliver their message. A person sitting in the bus seat will surely have a glimpse of that particular advertisement.

  1. Railway Advertising

Railways advertising almost similar to bus advertising thus has the edge over the latter.

In daily life, most people are traveling through railways, and in India, it is the best way to commute around the country. Railway advertising is not just necessarily include wrappings ads on the train but also putting vantage points, installing LEDs across stations and gantries (while changing platforms).

  1. Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising can deliver eye-level impression both day and night and can add frequency to your message as they move throughout jammed city streets.

The Engineers Choice “Ultra Cement” chose taxis to promote their brand.

  1. Transit Shelter

In urban areas, transit shelter ads are placed on heavily traveled streets with lots of potential readers on the footpaths and in cars. The frequency of bus stops in various city areas allows an advertiser to set a message frequently along heavily traveled roadways.

For areas where don’t have billboards as an advertising option, transit shelter advertising will often be an excellent alternative.

Make big impression with moving billboards

A lot of creative agencies are today showing their power with highly talented designing features. Global Advertisers can sell your brand in a right manner, and that is it has to be unique and something which majority of the population can relate to.

Your advertising message can grace our vehicles and turn space into extraordinary opportunities for your company. Think of them as “moving billboards.” There’s no more effective way to make a big impression with your advertising!