Top 10 outdoor Advertising Facts

In the past few years, there was not much innovation and growth in the outdoor advertising sector, but now this section is in the middle of exciting transformation and innovation integrating new technologies and leveraging data in unique ways.

Due to the improvement in technology, the industry can understand the shopping nature of people. They are visiting the retail areas and types of mobile apps they are installing. All these have given a fair idea about the behavioural nature of the people supporting the OOH enterprise. The result is, they are targeting the right kind of consumer at the right place and time.

Why Outdoor Advertising?

Relatively, outdoor advertising works particularly well for branding, creating awareness and influence, and generating momentum particularly through digital and social media.

Here are top 10 facts about outdoor advertising.

  1. A right location where your brand name and customers meet

Outdoor advertising is the primary root of identification for more than eight out of ten people, and it prompts more than one out of two people to visit a store.

  1. Outdoor advertising has the lowest cost per thousand

The truth is that OOH has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of advertising. Although, outdoor advertising costs 80% less than Television and newspaper, and 50% less than radio advertising.

  1. A medium that enhances customer perception

Approximately, 53% of consumers consider outdoor advertising to be a real asset to the store’s information offer.

  1. Outdoor advertising motivates consumer action

Information on how to reach your point of sale, special offers, opening hours and special event days is greatly appreciated in nine out of ten cases.

  1. Choice of location

Give yourself some second storefront strategic locations along the major roads, at the heart of everyday living and transit areas, near to the shopping centres, etc. So, why not near your competitors?

  1. Outdoor advertising causes customer’s foot traffic

Over 1 in 4 people have immediately visited the store, business or restaurant specifically because they saw a billboard or other out-of-home advertisement.

  1. Create a buzz

Additionally, surprise your customers by livening up everyday living and mobility environments and by putting on a show.

  1. Guaranteed visibility

The size of advertisements and strategic location mean that outdoor advertising is a medium you can’t ignore.

  1. Real persuasive power

Approximately, 72% of consumers who have seen an outdoor advertisement in the previous 30 minutes consider looking for more information on the products advertised. Around 59% say that this increases the probability of them making a purchase.

  1. 24/7 accessible

As well as, your brand name is nearby, accessible and visible. Because a campaign stays on display seven days a week, you benefit from repetitive exposure in your area.

 Why choose Global Advertisers

We provide out of home advertising planning & buying for your specific market and ad space types virtually worldwide. We specialize in out of home advertising.

The most effective advertising message is we offer the possibility of tailoring your visual to the advertising location, to your target audience, or to current initiatives.

If you would like to learn more about outdoor advertising and the benefits it can offer your business as part of your marketing and media plan, contact the Global Advertisers Team.

Mall Advertising as OOH Media

One of the most frequently visited places in many urban youngsters and families today is a shopping mall. What can be better placed to hang out with your friends and family than the mall?Present excellent branding opportunities, ones that are very exclusive. Usual daily footfalls in popular shopping malls typically range up to a few thousand, even leaping to the value of lacs on weekends at a big centre. Therefore, shopping mall advertising offers excellent visibility and opens up fantastic marketing avenues by a set of varying methods together known as mall activation.

 The form of Direct Marketing

People visiting the malls are already in the mood to buy. Today’s generation is very conscious about what they wear, where they wish to eat, what accessories they want to own, etc. Everybody wants to be trendy.

So, if you are driving a new product or want to get customer feedback before actually launching a product, shopping mall promotion ideas definitely would give you a major impetus.

Advertising in shopping malls allow opportunities for focused, localized marketing. Display stands and banners are great examples to capture attention, as long as their position is conspicuous. Direct customer interactions are invaluable for lead generation.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Mall advertising can build new brands, remind shoppers about existing brands and specials or even act as an entertainment platform. It also can drive conversion, consideration and can encourage trial of brands and their products.

We need to understand what makes a shopper tick, what they respond to, what influences their decisions and what they’re in the market for. Through understanding the consumer journey, what influences shoppers’ buying decisions and how to assist them through the use of mall media to make the right purchase decision.

Here are a few shopping mall promotion approaches that would help see your sales head northwards-

  1. Wall displays and Mall Kiosks

Found in high traffic areas throughout shopping malls, wall displays, and mall kiosks are excellent ways to reach your consumers as they make their way store to store. Kiosks displays are the last opportunity to get the attention of shoppers immediately before the purchase.

Both are great for promotional campaigns and building brand awareness.

  1. Stairs, Elevators, and Escalators

A certain route to get from one level of the shopping center to another is by way of stairs, elevators, and escalators. These advertising displays often provide the best impact due to their size.

  1. Mall Banners

For a lasting appearance in shopping centres, many advertisers turn to the banner. Due to the cost of generation, mall banner advertisements are typically purchased for longer terms.

Therefore, advertising banners are the best branding strategy.

  1. Mall door and Window Clings

We all enter malls, in the same way, one door at a time. Door clings are the best way to reach your customer before they get bombarded with multiple messages.

These ads can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like.

Mall Advertising with Global Advertisers

Ultimately, Global advertisers help clients build their brands in the retail environment whilst serving the needs of shoppers, retailers, mall brands and property owners through our research, understanding of the mall environment, shopper psychology and targeted advertising.

The role of mall media is fundamental for brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Why Choose Global Advertisers for Your Advertising Needs

Since we live in the communicated world, attention has become one of the most precious resources. Outdoor media is about living in the present and offering a larger than life experience to the commuters. It reaches out to the people on the roll with its creatively crated advertisements. Other media like Newspapers, Magazines and Television are comparatively less exposed to the customers due to the fast-paced lifestyle patterns.

Choosing Advertising Media

The most important thing in marketing, it is choosing the best advertising media. Our choices of advertising media depend on your goals, your target market, and your budget.

You and your team must spend a lot of money and effort trying to get the attention of your customers to tell them about your business. You want them to pay attention to your story.

No attention = No impact

Before you choose an advertising agency, take an in-depth look at your advertising requirements, as well as abilities, reputation, and fees for the agencies, you’re interested in.

The ad agency you choose might produce everything from print advertising to e-mail campaigns. In short, outdoor media agency should play a crucial role in determining how potential clients view your company.

Global Advertisers: Right Advertising Agency

The Global advertisers are one of the best outdoor advertising agency in India which is significantly rising today. From conventional to the most contemporary tools, technologies, and techniques, this outdoor agency has been able to present the advertising messages to the audience.

And, why choose Global Advertisers?

Before beginning the search, a small company needs to think critically about what role this advertising agency would play in your business objectives.

  1. It is engaging

Global Advertisers, outdoor media agency stands alone with no editorial content. Thus with the right message and right creativity, it engages masses with its dominant visibility in the market. Unlike other media, it also achieves sustained awareness by its continuous exposure 24*7.

  1. It builds brand awareness

This media is ideal for generating brand awareness and achieving brand credibility by its larger than life appeal. With time, it strengthens brand image with its cut through impact.

  1. It is irreplaceable

Like other media, which are slowly losing their impact due to the digital era, whereas Global advertisers are gaining more significance. It can neither be put down nor turned off. Here the advertiser is given control over the ad space, and he chooses the visible impact of the same.

  1. It is ideal media multiplier

When used in an integrated campaign, with other types of media agency, it acts as the catalyst to brand’s ROI. It effectively reaches the customers at the point of purchase and maintains the brand visibility.

  1. It targets niche audiences

Additionally, Global OOH media depends a lot on the environment and lifestyle while targeting a niche market group. The location and type of the ad campaign help to focus on a particular niche market.

  1. Many years of experience plus industry-leading expertise

They have years of practice and a vast knowledge of all media formats, which means they give you simply informed guidance on the best way to reach your customers and audiences.

Surely, this has kick-started your ideas on how to advertise a local event using OOH (Out-Of-Home). There are plenty more advice and information throughout our blog to get you up to speed on all things outdoor advertising.

Our basic aim is to provide finesse services in planning and executing the outdoor media campaign. Visit our website for a closer insight:

Benefits of Bus Stop Advertising

In India, buses are the suitable and affordable travelling medium. Through that, plenty of people transforming regularly and consistently all over the city, district or a state.

When we are trying to get the most out of our promotional budgets, we love to find a medium that delivers effective, low-cost advertising. But most probably, we prefer to work with the latest and greatest advertisement technology. Furthermore, many people overlook it today. Especially relevant, the bus stop advert offers a great compromise between these two desirable values.

Is Bus Stop Ads Still Working?

Well placed bus stop adverts will be able to attract attention from moving traffic. Bus stop advertising is an extremely effective way to ensure your ad gains unique exposure to the walker and vehicular traffic in busy urban areas.

Because watchers will usually have plenty of time to examine these ads in depth.  it’s the perfect tool for delivering a detailed information.

Advertising at bus stops is a great way to target a local audience. As a bonus, bus stop ads are easy to customize for different regions to make them more relevant.

Profits of Bus Stop Advertising

Bus stop advertising has the main advantage that it’s one of the most flexible and adaptable forms of OOH advertising.

  1. Reaching your Audience:

Customers don’t have time to read a particular publication, magazine in at the certain time to receive your message. At that point, bus Advertising brings your message to the busiest and most desirable areas where billboards are not used.  You can’t zap it, ignore it or turn it off.

  1. Timing:

Consumers see bus advertising at best possible time – when they are not at work, home or school. Transit ads reach people when they’re almost ready to respond or make a purchase, such as when they’re travelling or shopping.

  1. Value:

Typically, transit advertising costs less than television, radio, hoardings, and newspapers. The cost-effectiveness of your bus bench advertising campaign will be right at the top of the column labelled pros.

  1. Constant Exposure:

Your advertisement will be seen 12+ hours a day, and you’ll reach a captive audience of motorists and pedestrians in passing, at stops, or paused in traffic.

  1. Get Noticed:

With their bold text and larger-than-life graphics, transit ads are naturally appropriate to support your product.

Establish your presence with Global Advertisers

Global Advertisers is a one of the best outdoor media company. We have years of experience in providing powerful, tailored and cost-effective media advertising solutions that always fit into your budget.

They are specialized in outstanding, result-oriented and impressive bus media advertising. They will help you in advertising your product without spending much. And, provide marketing and communication solutions in urban as well as rural areas.

The bus is perfect for this method of thinking, as the public is exposed to your message and throughout a campaign. Use our vast knowledge of bus media advertising and see the results for yourself.

Learn more about Digital Billboard

In the digital age, outdoor advertising has gone a step further. Large digital billboards are popping up in hot markets and are proving to be quite the success. If you are a marketer and need to know new forms of communication that will give you advantages for your business. The digital billboard is an effective branding tool. This medium of communication allows the brands to make their information and content available in particular places. More than that, it also offering new interactive experiences to the customer.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of traditional billboard advertising is that the medium only allows for a static message. Additionally, static messages don’t allow for changes to your product or service offering. This encourages billboard advertisers to stick with one single message for long periods of time.

Embrace the future with Digital Signage

The term “digital signage” is a system that provides the management and distribution of digital content.  Such as audio, videos, images, news, etc. in a network of large or small by televisions, digital billboards, multimedia kiosks, interactive tables, and many more.

Innovating and gaining public recognition has become a priority. The evolution of digital billboards has made communication more effective and dynamic. The brands have identified its importance. Since then, it has grown as one of the most advertising tools for the transmission of information. both for outdoor as well as indoor, like cities, gardens, etc. As for indoor spaces: malls, airports, etc.

Digital billboard advertising provides plenty of advantages over the traditional advertising.

But, what are the benefits that digital billboards can provide?
  1. Customer Experience

The experience has become crucial to the success of any company. Companies and brands increasingly rely on the digital approach to provide new experiences to customers.

Providing information dynamically makes this process a captivating experience. Digital billboards are interactive and deliver unique visual experiences.

  1. Increasing Visibility

Due to increasing number of new brands and products being born, it is forming customer’s attention. Many brands and companies need to adapt to a new, more demanding and digital customer.

Digital billboards because of the strong interactivity they provide and because they are different and technological structures, increase the visibility of brands and create awareness among consumers through the customer experience.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Another powerful benefit is a competitive advantage. A good experience gives a point of differentiation compared to other brands and companies. Creativity is the keyword. Digital billboards allow creativity to be used effectively and unlike conventional ones. This makes any business stand out in the marketplace.

Digital signage means not only creating new interactive experiences but also engaging your audience in a more cost-effective way to communicate.

  1. Branding and Campaign Advertising

Digital billboards are unquestionably an essential tool when it comes to brand recognition and brand building. They enable brands to make appropriate information available in one place, interactively.

Programmatic advertising is a digital trend, which allows for a precise reach of a campaign or advertising.

  1. Easy to change

One of the drawbacks of traditional billboards is that any necessary advertisement changes have to be reprinted and reinstalled on the billboard. With digital, changes can be made in a matter of seconds. The file would just need to be updated, and then new advertisement would be in place.

Are digital billboards available for you?

Until now, booking digital outdoor advertising has been a complicated process. Global Advertisers is changing this with a few simple clicks. For more information visit our website.

Outdoor Signage with Attractive Banners

Normally, we see outdoor signage every single day. They’re an essential part of life. Drive down the street, and you’ll be faced with road signs indicating which speed to drive at or directions to the nearest town.

In the workplace, you’ll see health and safety signs littered here and there. Pop to town for markets or groceries. You’ll notice that shop signage is plentiful, detailing opening hours plus displays of discounts and deals.

What is the purpose of signage?

Outdoor Signage solutions and building wraps are an alternative and successful way to advertise a brand. Now, it becomes easy to recognize a place or brand using signs.

Typically, signage tends to serve a few common purposes. Mostly, to promote, identify, provide information, and give directions or to raise safety awareness.

Here are some examples which represent how to display outdoor signage.

  1. Advertising and Marketing

Mostly, companies or organizations are often using signs for advertising and marketing. While advertising billboard may initially manifest themselves.

  1. Attract Customers

Often, shop signage (both indoor and outdoor) can attract business to a company. As well as, they will help to attract the customers. In addition, window displays can be successful to encourage customers.

  1. Brand Recognition

Simply, signage is frequently designed to help individuals recognize a place or brand. For situation, signs help us to identify which restroom to use. Regarding brands, over the years, Coca-Cola and Starbucks have become instantly recognizable signs.

  1. Give Direction

While, directional signage is essential for vast locations such as shopping malls, hospitals, and companies. With these signs, visitors or customers are helps to avoid a circumstance that could reflect badly on the business.

Directional signage can also be useful for large-scale outdoor events such as festivals where there are multiple buildings or entrances.

  1. Health and Safety Signage

As well as, some signs provide information and warnings about hazards or threats which are essential to safety.

Health and safety related signages are one of the best types of advertising health and safety information. They can be located in areas such as workplaces, schools, and offices.

  1. Appearance

Lastly, not all signage necessarily serves a definite purpose. Sometime, a sign may be used simply to enhance the overall appearance of space or its surroundings.

Signage solutions for all type businesses rely on Global Advertisers

As a value-added graphics communications provider, our team at Global advertisers will help as your business consultant. As well as, we offer expertise on the best use of graphics to promote your brand, image and marketing messages.

Look to us for complete solutions including digital imaging for outdoor signage, exhibit and vehicle graphics. Also, we are providing magnetic signs, banners, window graphics, other visual communications.

Advertising Slogans, how effective are they?

If a logo is the symbolic representation of a brand, a slogan or tagline is actually what brings it to life. In short, it is a key expression or set of words that communicate the essence of a brand, and one that is designed to stick in the minds of consumers.

Therefore, advertising slogans are the ideal way to define the different aspects of businesses in front of its potential customers. This way an ad slogan is a very effectual aspect of business marketing.

Similarly, what makes the most enduring slogans so successful? Let’s start with a few basics.

Key features of winning a Slogan

Here we will elaborate the point that having a slogan is helpful in your brand promotion and also tell you about the tips to create an effective ad slogan.

  1. A Slogan should be Memorable

The most enduring brand slogans are often short, catchy and easy to remember. So having a catchy and memorable slogan would help in creating your brand recognition in the market.

Example: Apple’s “Think different.”

  1. Create a Lasting Impression

Slogans create a first impression. Therefore, they should be well-worded to stress the brand’s value.  A great slogan makes a company or product’s benefits clear to the audience.

Example: Audi’s “Vorsprung Durch Technik” (“Advancement through Technology”)

  1. Identifies a uniqueness

Having a different ad slogan makes your product, service or product different from others. It creates a unique identity of your brand which lasts in people’s mind. They can identify your brand with the slogan.

Example: L’OREAL PARIS’s “Because you’re worth it.”

  1. Building Positive Relation

Slogans have always been cherished as the bridge to fill the gap between a business and its associated clients for a healthy relationship.

Personalizing brands with advertising slogans helps the people to remember the businesses that in turns eventually made them develop a positive attitude towards the brand.

Example: Nike’s “Just Do It.”

  1. Simple and Clear

It’s been suggested that three words are the magic formula for an effective slogan.

Surely, it might sound a bit crass, but its confident and straight-to-the-point message tell consumers all they need to know about its freshness.

Example: Subway’s “eat fresh.”

Slogans improve the chances of brand retention and desire. This is a unique marketing tool that sums up what the company is all about, what the product can do, or the service can deliver.

A brand name cannot deliver a message all on its own. Therefore, slogans have an essential role in communicating the essence of a brand.
 Now, it’s your turn

Now, you’ve seen how to makes these slogans so effective. Learn more about how to choose the right colors for your brand here.

If you want to put these visual communication principles into work, Global Advertisers, advertising media assist you to create professional-looking visual content for your marketing and social media campaigns–even if you don’t have advanced design skills.


How to create successful Signage Advertising

Whether your marketing business is well-established or just getting started, signs and graphics are valuable assets that should not be ignored. A well-constructed, eye-catching sign can help your business stand out from competitors and bring in new business.

A signage advertising strategy should be integrated into every savvy marketing business plan. Below, we take a look at why your business should have a strategic signage plan? What to include in the plan and the details of making your signage as memorable and effective as possible?

Why does your business need signs?

Usually says that “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is not an adage you should consider when designing a business signage plan. Frequently, a sign is the first contact anyone will have with your business and should give a lasting impression—one that is positive.

For more information about Signage advertising

Here are a few more reasons, these are following,
  1. Signs are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising.
  2. A sign introduces you to those passing by, who might not know your business.
  3. Signs work 24/7 to advertise for your organization.
  4. Wayfinding signage will help people locate your business among the competition.
  5. Signs displaying your logo and create brand awareness.

But, the important point is that how to create successful signage advertising? Probably, when it’s time to create new signage for your market, there are many things to determine.

Tips for creating successful Signage

Here are seven tips to be considered while you are designing signage advertising.

  1. Proper Planning

Whether you have one location or more, you need to take time to think how your signage will run to define your brand and image. Signs can become the centrepiece of your marketing, particularly interior signs and graphics that can provide a point of purchase or service information.

Therefore, take time to plan, and be creative. Get professionals involved, and become familiar with the wide array of options.

  1. Location

The most successful marketing strategies work when we select a proper area. The type of exterior signage you select also has to work with your location and physical facility.

  1. Simple, yet Eye-catching

The goal is not simply to mark the location of the business, but also to grab the attention of proposed customers and make them want to come in.

  1. Contrasting Colors

The use of colours plays huge importance to your design and text. They allow pasts of your sign to ‘jump out.’ Use this to your advantage. Also, if possible, keep an eye out for the colours of the general background of your environment and keep that in mind as you design.

  1. Choosing the correct Font

Particularly in signage, the size and clarity of the font are incredibly important. Just put the larger the letter, the easier it is to read. This is essentially important if you are creating signs that will be presented at a significant distance such as roadside signage.

A well-placed font outline or drop shadow can also be successful in easing readability and creating impact.

  1. Use the Window Graphics to add interest

Printing technology makes it possible to create window graphics that communicate in words and pictures about your products and your services.

It will add real punch to the look of your business, attract the customer to come in and look around.

  1. Work with professionals

Finding the right sign company to turn it into something tangible. It is the final step to creating the best signage possible.

The most important factor, whether the company can provide a quality sign that will meet your unique communication needs at a reasonable rate you can afford.

Let’s make that Signs

We have at Global Advertisers are experts at coming up with the right mix of interior and exterior signage that will add punch to your marketing and keep customers coming back.

Contact us today and put our expertise in printing and sign design to work.