Truck side Advertising- display a full-blown billboard on wheels

Truck side billboards have been around almost as long as transit itself. But while other versions of advertising have lost their traction over time. Truck side advertising has become both more efficient and more effective in recent years. Due to the creativity and effectiveness, they are able to reach your target audiences.

Like billboards, branded trucks provide a large visual space for your message, while at the same time, providing the reach and targetability of transit advertising.

Advantages to using truck side advertising in your next campaign.

  1. Audience Reach

Probably, truck wraps are billboards on wheels, targeted to the specific regions or neighbourhoods that are most applicable to your campaign. Transit advertising gives you the opportunity to target a very select segment of the population. It is possible to target by specific ethnic backgrounds, demographic characteristics, and so on.

They work so well because they appear in many areas of your customers’ daily lives. Likewise, on the commute to work, where they shop, where they travel providing large format, high-impact coverage all day, every day.

  1. Cost

A truck wrap can be obtained for a very reasonable cost per impression.

Transit advertising performs with the lowest average cost per impression of any other media. It beats to the traditional media by reaching consumers within the less time.

  1. Exposure

Unlike radio, TV, or Internet advertising, your audience can’t turn off, tune out, or click away from transit advertising. Your message is in their sightline where they live, work and travel on a daily basis.

Transit advertising appears in urban and suburban areas where many people gather, pass by on their way to and from work or home, or visit for shopping or dining out. Therefore, the potential customers can viewed advertising message all day.

  1. Impact

Truck ads deliver immediate brand recognition, what you have to offer, and where consumers can find you. That larger-than-life impression leads to exceptional recall when customers seek your product or service.

With extensive market coverage and full-colour designs, truck wraps deliver images that are eye-catching and memorable.

Given a variety of platforms, transit advertising can create striking images that are brought to life with 3D life-like images.

  1. Frequency

Repetition is the key to any successful advertising campaign. Transit advertising provides a constant reminder, keeping your brand, service, or product fresh in your target audience’s mind.

There are more vehicles on the road today than ever before, so transit advertising delivers a message that packs a punch. The larger-than-life, bold ads reach consumers that drive as well as consumers that ride the bus, adding to the audience with every mile on the road.

Global Advertisers provide truck side advertising options for your business marketing, complemented by a national fleet of first-class trucks and operators spread around the nation. It is the best cost-effective form of outdoor advertising for all types of businesses, from the corporate sector to the small business owner.

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