Outdoor advertising tactics, strategies and methods

As a consumer, we will see outdoor advertising almost every day, although these days, it is difficult to grab the attention of the average customer. Outdoor advertising is considered a mass-market mechanism, just like broadcast, radio, TV, and cinema advertising. For this purpose, it is better utilized for large messages, branding and support campaigns.

As well as, adding outdoor media to your advertising plan is a great way for marketing purpose. Then you already know that advertisements are an attractive way to boost your profits, build your brand, and stretch your advertising budget further. But do you know how to form an effective strategy? Here we are giving some outdoor tactics which are working.

6 Outdoor Advertising Strategies that Work
  1. Target Your Ideal Customer

Do you know that who is your target audience? How old are they? Are they male or female? If you can’t answer these questions, you risk running an insufficiently targeted campaign.

But reaching your ideal customers goes beyond simply knowing their basic demographics. Also, you need to understand their psychographics, in other words, their personality traits like values, behaviors, and opinions.

  1. Show Up Where Your Customers Are

Outdoor advertising is like real estate. It’s all about Location. That’s why, you should choose a billboard site that’s highly visible and unobstructed, as close to the road as possible and positioned at viewable angles.

So strategically choose a location that’s frequently traveled by your target audience and can be easily seen by them.

  1. Brand, Brand, & Brand Some More

Build recognition and loyalty by consistently communicating your brand across all of your advertising mediums. Therefore, consistent branding is the most important strategy in outdoor advertising that works.

  1. Time Your Advertising for Maximum Impact

One of the most efficient advertising strategies is to time your advertisement well. For example, if you’re an accountant, running an outdoor ad during tax season would be to your advantage. In retail? Saving your biggest advertising spend for the holiday shopping season would be a smart move.

  1. Measure the Effectiveness of Your Advertising

How do you determine whether your outdoor advertising is working or not? It’s easier than you might think. Here are four basic ideas to get you started.

I. Create a unique landing page.

II. Set up a dedicated email account.

III. Use a specific discount code.

IV. Ask your consumers how they heard about you.

Different industries make use of outdoor advertising in their different way. There are many methods, which are included in outdoor advertising actions, that don’t require large budgets.

The following outdoor advertising methods are most common:

  1. Billboard Advertising

Nowadays, billboards are everywhere, and even though we remember just a handful, they can still have a powerful branding impact. They are usually located along highways and high traffic areas.

  1. Vehicle Advertising

It is one of the more useful advertising tools. This is because the vehicle wraps are designed to promote your brands and company on your car or fleet of cars which is continually moving, gaining the target audience. Examples: Bus advertising, Taxi advertising, Truck advertising etc.

  1. Posters

Posters are a great idea to take advantages of the thousands of passengers that go through the bus, subway.

Posters can be created separately or in a group along subway station walls or bus shelters to build a more detailed and significant brand narrative.

  1. Point of sale displays

Point of sale displays (POS display) is a specialized form of sales promotion. They are designed to draw the customers’ attention to products, which may be new products, or on special offer. They are also used to advertise special events, e.g. seasonal or holiday-time sales.

  1. Street furniture advertising

Similarly, street furniture advertising is out-of-home (OOH) advertising that is affixed to street furniture using various displays.

Examples: Transit shelters, newsstands, shopping mall panels, kiosks etc.

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