Airport Advertising: best way to reaching travelers in a captive environment

The airport is the best place for advertising. It is frequently observed as full of travelers with very little time to read your message amongst the visual clutter, rush, and navigation. So why place advertising in such an environment?

Consider most business travelers spend an average of time in the airport on a given trip. To advertisers, that’s a captive viewer with a significant amount of “dwell time.” The passengers spent time for waiting, passing through security or sitting in an airport terminal waiting to take off. And this positions airport advertising uniquely as a prime medium for high-impact, eye-catching displays targeted to the right audience.

A High-Flying, Captive Audience

Airports bring the right audience to ads like no other venue. Frequent business travelers are often business decision-makers and influential leaders who have purchasing power in their organizations. Business frequent flyers are not just limited to domestic travelers: You’ll find international business travelers, too.

Consider these statistics
  1. More than 50 percent of frequent flyers and frequent business flyers used social media at the airport.
  2. 35 percent of frequent business flyers visited a website or used an app to learn more about a product they saw advertised at an airport.
  3. 13 percent of those buying the advertised product or service outside of the airport.
Different Types of Airport Advertising

There are many kinds of airport advertising. From billboard type banners to digital advertisements on the airport’s Wi-Fi, each airport terminal has many options when it comes to advertising.

Here are some examples of simple airport advertising platforms

  1. Backlit displays:

These types of displays are large posters that are sparked up so that they pop out to those walking by.

  1. Wraps and Clings:

Wraps and clings can be used to almost any surface including columns, floors, walls, ceilings, and more.

  1. Banners:

Banners work like roadside billboards. They normally take up large amounts of space to demand attention.

  1. Digital (TVs/Tablet/etc.):

Digital advertisements can catch people’s eyes with moving graphics or interactive experiences. 

  1. Wi-Fi:

Many airports now offer free Wi-Fi facility, thanks to advertising. Businesses can place their advertisements on Wi-Fi landing pages.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the travelers’ journey and airport process is essential to delivering an effective strategy for brands wanting to capitalize on this premium platform. It allows advertisers the opportunity to provide the right message to travelers at the right time, in the right place within the airport process and throughout the different stages of the airport journey.

Advertisers are increasingly demanding media solutions that have demonstrable value to their businesses. It is the airport operator’s responsibility to ensure that a value-based offering is in place.

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Airport advertising presents a productive advertising channel for hotels of any size. They offer a hyper-local strategy and meet their target market where they are.

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