Tips for good OOH design

Sometimes a picture design is enough to express an emotion or idea. It can say more than a thousand words. Designing outdoor advertising is visual storytelling. When created successfully, Out-Of-Home (OOH) and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ads can transform the visual landscape of the city.

An effective advertisement grabs the viewer’s attention and makes a lasting impression. Through the use of humour or drama, outdoor designs can influence consumer decisions and sell products. However, designing for the outdoor medium is a challenging communication task that requires the expression of a concept with clarity and austere focus.

Designs that Stand Out

Change the visual landscape of the environment. Make headlines. Utilize the latest technologies. Exceptional OOH advertising design can do all that and more. When outdoor advertising is well planned and designed, it will entertain and attract consumers with arresting impact.

Outdoor designs depicting positive product or social benefits achieve better recall responses among viewers than designs with inaccurate or misleading product information.

When designing for out-of-home advertising, remember these simple design tips for effective outdoor advertising.

  1. Keep it simple

A simple, single-minded message has a great street presence. Ideally, your design should focus on one compelling idea which consists of 3 main elements.

  1. Carefully chosen graphic and photo
  2. A brief and unique message that highlights your product, service or company
  3. Product or company name, logo and contact information

These three major elements are enough to attract your customer’s attention.

  1. Involve the viewer

Out-of-home creative brings the street of life. To use of humorous, intriguing and aesthetic images are effective in capturing the customer’s attention.

I. Humour – Street entertainment!

The use of humour in OOH is one of the most effective ways to increase campaign recall levels. Subtle or direct, humour can generate a smile or cause your audience to laugh out loud.

II. Intrigue – Street smarts!

A puzzle, mystery, a teaser: the message may not be immediately apparent. The use of intrigue engages the viewer in solving the message.

III.  Aesthetic – Street art!

An invitation to daydream or fantasize: strong visuals appeal to the viewer’s senses. Aesthetic creative is often pleasurable to look at and to study the details.

  1. Proper Distance

Another important factor is distance. The impact that an outdoor unit will produce is relative to the distance from where it is viewed. Because the audience is often in motion, the viewing time of an Out-of-Home product is sometimes limited to just a few seconds.

  1. Selection of Colour

As well as, it is essential that outdoor advertising designs are easy to read. Choose colours with high contrast in both hue and value. Contrasting colours are viewed well from great distances while colours with low contrast will blend and obscure a message.

In fact, research demonstrates that high colour contrast can improve outdoor advertising recall by 38 percent.

  1. Font Style

The font selected for out-of-home advertising designs must be comfortable to read from variable distances. Sufficient spacing between letters, words and lines will enhance visibility. The relevant size of letter characters is also an important consideration. Words composed of both upper and lower characters are easier to read than words constructed solely of capital letters.



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