What is billboard advertising and why should use it?

It usually is said that you see over 1000 advertisements per day, and but remember only 7. These days, with the arrival of digital advertising, that first number is reasonably higher. But if you drive a car daily, a large portion of the ads you will see billboard ads.

Billboard advertisements come in many different shapes and sizes and occupy those huge boards either side of the motorway. You will also see them in city centers, and to be honest, wherever a billboard manufacturer can place them to earn money.

What is Billboard?

The name billboard is determined by the term “billing board,” and is a great outdoor advertising space. It is designed to attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians. Located in high traffic areas (both automotive and foot traffic). Billboards are expected to be simple, striking, and creative.

Billboard Facts
  1. The most significant size of billboard usable in any campaign is known as the “bulletin,” but billboard sizes can deviate significantly depending on location. However, the regular size of an advertising billboard is 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.
  2. In the past, billboards were built using parts of paper posted together to create one image. Nowadays, digital printing on vinyl type material which allows the whole image to be printed on one sheet and can be constructed very quickly and easily.
  3. The typical period for a billboard buy is 12 weeks. For this purpose, it is important that billboards have content that is somewhat evergreen. Billboard advertisements are the ideal place for long-term messaging, but anything more reactive should go somewhere else.
  4. Digital billboards allow productive executions that can be personalized, or swapped out with other creative advertisements. Sometimes, clients can choose to timeshare their posters with other companies, with the creative swapping out every few minutes.
  5. Billboards are a significant part of the OOH marketing mix, which stands for Out Of Home marketing.
Billboard Usage

Billboard advertising can be comparatively economically inexpensive depending on the location and size. However, this expense must be scaled against the kind of information you want to get across. As a basic rule of thumb, billboards are a very quick read and hence should not contain a lot of information.

If your campaign is one of recognition and branding, then billboard advertising is an excellent option. If you want to give a lot of information about your product or brand, then billboards should be neglect. The purpose is to increase awareness and hopefully make memorable your company’s existence in their minds.

Billboards the Go Beyond

There are normal billboards, and there are 3D billboards that go above and beyond to attract the attention of the viewer.

Although there height and width is a restriction for billboards, and distraction rules, advertisers can push the limits and create boards that are newsworthy.

In the past, businesses would use your common techniques to advertise on billboards, in newspaper publications, hand out fliers, etc. But nowadays billboard is not the only option for outdoor advertising. Non-traditional outdoor has evolved into many forms that allow advertisers to hit potential customers even when they are not driving down the road.

Therefore, billboards are an excellent way to reach a mass audience in a short period, but just like any other form of marketing.

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