Outdoor Advertising Design in Motion: Bus and Transit Shelter Examples

Are you looking to reach foot-traveller and vehicular traffic? Transit Shelter displays are found as bus shelter ads. It may be just the right media for your next ad campaign. We can design different types of outdoor advertising at Out of Home such as transit shelters, bus panels, and bus wraps.

  1. Bus Advertising:

Bus advertising gives great street-level reads to a commuting audience and throughout metropolitan areas. As well as, a variety of bus displays are available including side panels, tail wraps and displays, and interior bus panels.

Furthermore, interior bus advertising enables your messages are view to their daily destinations. Advertisements can view for over an hour at a time which depends on the length of a traveller’s ride.

With enough coverage and careful planning, buses are useful to reach a general market audience very effectively.

  1. Transit Shelter:

In urban areas, transit shelter ads are placed on heavily travelled streets with lots of potential readers on the footpaths and in cars. The frequency of bus stops in various city areas allows an advertiser to set a message frequently along heavily travelled roadways.

In more suburban areas, as bus roads branch out towards and past the city limits, bus shelter advertisements are often one of the few choices that advertisers have for getting their message next to the road and in front of a commuting audience.

For areas that do not have billboards as an advertising option, transit shelter advertising is one of the excellent alternative. Also, consider gas station ads as an alternative to billboard advertising in these types of areas. Transit shelter advertising uses large interior and exterior display areas that are illuminated at night for excellent visibility. Sizes will vary, but a typical ad display will be approximately 4′ wide by 6′ high.

  1. Taxi Advertising:

Taxi advertising can deliver eye-level impression both day and night and can add frequency to your message as they move throughout jammed city streets.

Providing great reads to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, taxi tops can make a powerful addition to any media mix, and complement other street-level media.

In addition to tops, taxis can also growing number of taxis feature interior video screens that can provide further media space.

Many taxis are concentrated in urban areas. They tend to follow population movement patterns throughout the day as they pass through the busy areas.

  1. Commuter Rail Advertising:

One of the popular and effective ways to target a passenger audience in urban areas, commuter rail & subway advertising provide a broad variety of displays to touch your audience.

With media available in both stations and on the trains themselves. Now, promoters can intersect with consumers at multiple touch points during the regular commute.

Commuter rail advertisements and station dioramas can give you a dominating appearance in the station. Placed near entrances, exits and on station platforms, and put your message near your audience.

Although, drivers typically spend amounts of time in stations trains. As a result, frequency of exposure to your ads during both their morning and evening commute.

  1. Impacts customers in desirable areas of the market near social spaces, retail centres, business districts and distinguished neighbourhoods.
  2. High-quality display showcase enhances brand and product image.
  3. Maintains high visual exposure throughout day and night using backlit illumination.
  4. Effective for short-term campaigns that require rapid consumer awareness.
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