Despite an ever-growing number of methods to advertise online, billboard advertising is still one of the more powerful ways a business can market. Every week consumers likely see hundreds of billboards, but they only remember a few of them. So, how can we design one of those few who going to be recognised by customers?

Following some important DOs and DON’Ts is the best way to ensure your billboard identity.

Let’s take a look at some of those fundamental basics in billboard advertising.

  1. Use six words or less

Six words may not look like much, but when we see billboard advertisement, we are often on the move and don’t have a much time to read long line text. Industry research proves that six seconds is about the average time spent reading a billboard. Just keep in mind that, keep it short and simple, and make your call to action catchy and memorable.

  1. Billboards shouldn’t be a distraction

While you want your billboard to get seen, you do not want a disturbance. Billboard advertisements are aimed at those doing something else when they notice it (walking, driving, biking, etc.)

Therefore, make sure your billboard is eye-catching, but not so much to cause a distraction.

  1. Billboards shouldn’t look for the direct response

Anytime you advertise, you want some answer, but an advertisement is not the place to expect a direct response.  Billboards are there for an immediate and memorable message to get people to look you up.

Some billboards are fully covered with the phone numbers and websites. If someone is driving, how will they take down that information? You can add your contact information, but it is not advised to that the core of your advertisement.

  1. Placement is a key

One of the most significant mistakes those new to billboard advertising make is improper placement of the billboard. Firstly, you must know your audience and know where the placement of your board will best reach that audience. Choose the ideal outdoor locations for billboards.

Strategic locations and creative advertisements are creating a thriving billboard campaign which produces high amounts of sales.

For more information refer: How to select an ideal location for Billboards

  1. Timing and quantity are important

How long you place your billboard advertisement campaign is also an essential factor. The longer the billboard is up for, the more people will see it. Billboards might seem costly, but a minimum of 30 days is approved for your campaign to ensure maximum exposure.

The quantity of billboards is also an important aspect to consider. The more you have, the better. One is almost always not sufficient.

  1. Be smart, but don’t go overboard

Still being intelligent but not losing your audience is another fine line when dealing with billboard advertising. You want to be quick and have fun, but not give them difficult puzzles to work out.

Determine how you can make the most of your advertising spend by using billboard advertising. The last thing every billboard advertiser must remember is that you want to show it, not say it.

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