Good vs Bad outdoor design

The successful outdoor design will catch the eye of drivers and be readable at roadway speeds. To grab this, our designers are specially trained to lay out designs that will achieve both.

While the choices are limitless for creative designs, global advertisers help you to make your message to be more efficient. Now, build your business that can make an impression.

The examples below, from the driver’s perspective, show how an active outdoor design can be demoted by clutter, lack of contrast, small font size, and the wrong font style.

The Golden Rule of Outdoor – Seven Words or Less!

Cluttered (images not arranged in the proper way)

Basically, the messages should be simple and precise in outdoor advertising. Observe the image given below. This example shows how the impulse to include multiple pictures to convey the information.

Are those brown piles food or something else? Mostly, advertisers that apply force to the design with a single focused image and seven words or less in the copy achieve better results from their advertising.

Poor Contrast

Although, It’s essential that outdoor advertising designs are easy to read. Choose colors with high contrast in both hue and value. Contrasting colors are viewed well from great distances while colors with low contrast will blend and obscure a message.

In this example, even though the individual colors are bright. The combinations of the colors result in low contrast. The use of too many colors weakens the focus of the message by presenting conflicting emotional responses.

To learn more about color selection for outdoor designs, see combining colors for contrast & purpose.

Combining colors for contrast and purpose

The high color contrast on a billboard is proven to improve recall by 38%. Hence, advertisers need to pay special attention to color choices to maximize their advertising return. Color choices and combinations will enhance the readability of your billboard advertising, grab attention and create a strong visual memory of your message.

The chart shows a scale of readability with the first combination being the sharpest. Other examples that still produce good contrast. These combinations work because they pair colors that are strongly segregated from the human eye. The color value is the relative lightness or darkness of the color. Black contrasts well with any color with a light value, and white works with colors of dark value.

Letters too small to read

This design demonstrates the risk advertisers take when they overcrowd designs outdoor media like a billboard with small words. There are only three to five seconds to grab a driver’s attention, and, it is necessary for outdoor advertising. In a way that can make content readable from a distance. Drivers who cannot read a billboard are unlikely to look again.

Unreadable font

In the busy media aspect, ornate font style becomes a frustration to the viewer. Fonts can indicate a specific brand style but they are avoided in outdoor because they take too much time to read.

As a result, good fonts can read easily and quickly. It doesn’t require valuable time to realize. In addition to the consistency of the letters, they are equally spaced.

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In a conclusion, Global Advertisers is an outdoor media agency has giving support for your product, brand. With the help of this media partner, you can successfully create an effective outdoor design and avoid the mistakes which damaged your reputation.

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