How to create brand awareness for a new product?

Do you want to know how to increase brand awareness? Your company may offer the most significant product, but unless any customers are aware of it, you may not make a single sale. One of your most important things is to build brand awareness for your product. To ensure your product gets the excellent visibility, examine a wide variety of marketing strategies and options.

As you know, the solution to creating strong brand awareness is by repeatedly showing your brand to your target audience.

Here are some basic points which can help you to build brand awareness for the new product.
  1. Out-of-home advertisement-

Why is OOH Media an essential tool for business? Outdoor advertising is a useful marketing tool and is an integral element of a high-quality advertising campaign. Firstly, outdoor advertising provides readily available brand messages and images for a wider audience, since you are targeting people on the go.

  1. Offer promotional products-

The numbers of people love freebies and creating an event at which you give away products is more likely to draw customers. Also, a promotional event creates an opportunity for you to send out a press release about the event as well as the product. Consequently, utilising the local media outlets, such as newspapers and news programs, for getting the word to the public.

  1. Order printed promotional material-

These materials share information about the products. The written promotional content can range from simple flyers to more elaborate pamphlets that detail product specifications. Also, business cards can be the best marketing tool. If the company features one product, in particular, the business card can note that the organisation is “home of the ——product”, to keep the connection in mind for consumers. And be sure, these printed promotional items as possible, to reach the highest number of audience.

  1. Create sample sizes of products-

Offer sample size of the product to those who can review the products and offer feedback or a response. Try to focus on sending the samples to those with credibility in the industry, such as professionals and experts whose feedback will have more effective in convincing customers to try the product.

  1. Get testimonials from customers who have used and enjoyed the product-

Testimonials can be a powerful tool for convincing potential customers to take the plunge because they create the link between clients who trust the opinions of others like themselves.

  1. Create a social media presence-

Here are social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be essential tools for developing brand awareness. When a customer likes your product and says people about it, they are doing free work to build your brand information for you. The gently you can make it for people to provide a connection to your company. sO, others may follow and the more people will become aware of your brand.

  1. Sponsor public events-

Recommend events such as milestone celebrations would create buzz and promotion both for the organisation and your product. Network with marketing leaders, local politicians and media sources are essential to expand the reach of your product. refer to: Advertising local events using OOH

Remember, it all must begin by clearly determining your marketing policy, which would detail the how, when, and where you should sell your product. Also, add significant items such as details about the timeline of the product launch, your target audience.


Advertising local events using OOH

First of all, outdoor advertising works fantastic for promoting your event or service in the targeted areas. The best advantages of OOH (Out-Of-Home) are; they are simple, unavoidable and cost-effective.

Furthermore, it catches the attention of potential customers and influences them powerfully. It has an extensive reach, best visual spread, specific targeting, repeated exposure, and significant impact. How can you, as a small, local organization, get one step ahead and promote your event without getting caught up in the clutter?

Look no further, let’s discusses how to advertise your local event using out-of-home (OOH).
  1. Advertising local events on billboards don’t need big budgets

Outdoor advertising can be cost-effective, highly-impactful way to spread the word about product or event. One Need a stable budget to run OOH campaigns on billboards, bus panels, and other OOH locations. Instead, outdoor advertisement space is now much more convenient and affordable than it used to be, which means it’s not just large, nationwide corporations who can get the benefits. You can rent as much or as little space as you can afford.

  1. Pinpoint locations for the most effective outdoor advertisements

Think about the types of places where your target audience can frequently be found. Imagine you are promoting a local youth music festival. How about advertising the event at bus shelters on the school bus route? With a vibrant, eye-catching design, you’ll be able to capture the attention of your target customer. Think about the areas that families tend to spend time together.

Refer Selection of an ideal location for Billboards

  1. Combine your outdoor advertisement with a strong online presence

An online campaign will be able to present more detail about your event to the customer. It helps them to engage with your message on a deeper level.

Your outdoor advertisement should not only build an awareness of the event you are running but needs to point customers towards your event website and social media channels.

With 26% of adults visiting a website they have seen advertised on OOH media.

Refer Digital marketing methods that help you to grow your business 

  1. Run an integrated advertising campaign

Promoting your local event is more than a group of strategically placed OOH advertisements. To make a real impact on your target audience, you need to tick all the boxes. When more people see and hear your advertising, then it becomes more efficient for the event.

Get advertising!

Undoubtedly, this has kick-started your ideas on how to advertise a local event using OOH (Out-Of-Home). There are plenty more advice and information throughout our blog to get you up to speed on all things outdoor advertising.

Selection of an ideal location for Billboards

Billboard advertising has been an active form of outdoor advertising. Strategic locations and creative advertisements create a successful billboard campaign which produces high amounts of sales.

On another hand, location is the key factor when it comes to conducting an adequate billboard campaign. In fact, billboards can be highly profitable, although if you want it to be successful, first you should decide and break down the location factors when choosing your ideal advertisement.

Here are some tips that would help you to choose the ideal outdoor locations for billboards.
  1. Ensure visibility

Particularly, billboards which offer limited visibility cannot create a great appreciation for the businesses. So, while finalizing the location, visibility of the billboard advertisement should be a top priority for every marketing campaign. Expert Marketers state that front-facing billboards increase the clarity of the ads on a broad scale. It is consistent that commuters do not go out to view the billboard ads. So, front-facing locations make billboard advertisements readable in just a few seconds.

  1. Placing at a readable height

It is necessary to put billboards at the proper height to get maximum exposure. According to the experts, you can get maximum impact at 1–3 meters. So, it is required to place billboards accordingly. Apart from this, examine the locations from all sides which help you to identify barriers like trees, bushes or tall buildings.

  1. Traffic count of location

Billboards are placed on highways and crowded area of the cities to get extensive exposure to the brands. Apart from this, you need to analyze traffic count of that particular area. You can check out local authority traffic profiles and get to know the official numbers of traffic.

  1. Know about your audience

Conveying the brand message to the right people ensures you to increase brand awareness in the market. Not everybody is ideal for your business, so it is essential to reach out your brand message to the right audience. For example, if your product is made for youths, then placing billboards near high schools or colleges would support you to reach out your product to the right audience.

  1. Commercial or Residential Based Area

If your advertisement is placed within a business area, then there’s a high chance that people are traveling that route frequently. And, you will get the largest audience for your hoarding advertisement. If you are willing to attract local businesses, you will install your billboard in industrial sectors. It will become aware of your billboard’s content.

Therefore, billboards are an excellent way to reach a mass audience in a short period. Above set of rules will get you on the right steps. It’s crucial that you carry out the initial planning to decide on the right billboard for you.

The secrets of effective Radio Advertising

Nowadays, the technology is taking various shades of marketing. The numbers of radio listeners are also increasing continuously. The advertisement on the radio in India is also progressing tremendously day by day. The receiver has an efficient marketing investment. Using radio, you can grab the public attention by their attractive concepts in advertising.

Importance of Radio Advertising

In a radio advertisement, the target audience is of prime importance and leads to the type of people you are trying to reach. It is essential to understand the target audience. So that, your advertisements find them, grab their concentration and meet their needs. The goal of advertising is to touch each aspect and sense of your target audience’s life.

Here are some points that define your target audience.
  1. Age

Firstly, you may need to understand the age of your target audience when choosing a radio station to advertise. For example, if you are trying to support an electronic music and dance festival. It may not be the best technique to choose a radio station that plays classic rock and roll as the listener’s average age would be higher than the desired target audience.

You may need to identify and understand the average generation of listeners for each radio station so that you can advertise on one that most closely matches the intended age of your target audience.

  1. Time of the day

When you broadcasting during certain times of a week, it could profit your business depending on the target audience. For example, if you are trying to achieve office employees, then it would help you to have an ad on the radio during peak driving times since that is how people usually tune into the radio. This timing could be between 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning and 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening. Youths and young adults typically tune into the radio later at night.

On the other hand, Senior citizens are much more likely to tune into the radio during the early hours of the morning.

  1. Type of Music Station

Kind of music station you choose for your brand is tightly wound with age. If you are trying to publish a product for adults, placing an advertisement in the hip-hop channel will probably not to be listened by many senior citizens.

However, the choice of music station does not always have to revolve around age. Perhaps your industry is targeting the type of people that listen to heavy metal music. That could be at any age, but you had better be sure you are advertising on a music station that plays heavy metal.

  1. Beware of Multiple Target Audiences

Do not be tempting to appeal to a large group of people than you initially intended. Most businesses that think this way has a mentality that the more people who listen to their ads it will be more beneficial for their company.

If your advertisement falls onto ears of people that are genetically not interested in your business, it will be all for naught. You can focus all your advertising techniques on one specific target audience. Instead of having to play advertisements on multiple radio stations, you can concentrate on one radio station and most likely result in the same amount of customers.

Global Advertisers prompts “Radio Advertising”

Global Advertisers offers its radio advertising services on a barter basis. Choose from our radio advertising packages. We provide this medium standalone as well as part of a media mix plan. Our team is at your service 24X7 to help you with our knowledge of the market and explain how to make the radio work for you.


BTL promotion and marketing

Companies market their products in many ways. These ways typically grouped into two categories which are above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) advertising. Above-the-line advertising is marketing that is done by ad agencies and includes television, radio and press promotion. The company itself typically conducts Below-the-line advertising.

Whenever a startup, or a small business, begin advertising. It starts with below the line marketing. Below the line marketing methods include comparatively low-cost ways which are targeted towards a particular audience. And the communication is intended to reach directly to the client. Most top companies use a combination of both above the line as well as below the line marketing.

ATL marketing includes television, radio, newspapers or uses other such mass media tools where the shelf life is meagre. Compared to that BTL marketing has a longer shelf life. But it eventually depends on the skill of the marketer, and the strategy that he uses to execute his BTL marketing plans.

Let us first study the various tools of below the line marketing

  1. Internet Marketing

It is one of the favourite media of marketing nowadays and considering the mass level entrance of the internet. In fact, till date, various marketers are confused whether internet marketing can still be recognized as below the line.

Internet marketing itself is classified into two types.

Social media marketing

Marketing through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google plus or others. Facebook pages can be used by corporations to offer products to their clients and to get in touch with customers. Sponsored products can be used for promotions. Thus, social media marketing has generally used the strategy of below the line marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing scheme does not only include push marketing like the old days. Major Banks and companies communicate various offers to their customers through email to retain them. Many companies have begun tapping into a database via email marketing. Many blogs and affiliate sites are also using Email marketing to sell products.

  1. Outdoor advertisements

Another massive tool for BTL marketing, outdoor advertising has been used for ages in the field of marketing. In fact, where outdoor advertising mainly included large billboards, they have now moved to using large televisions or pixel screens in public spaces like restaurants, parks, etc. And the hoardings are reserved for highways or out of city locations.

  1. Sales promotions

Sales promotions are temporary methods to improve sales by attracting new customers and encouraging existing customers to purchase more. Although offers may be short-term, there is a belief that trial of the firm’s product will create brand loyalty.

  1. Banners, brochures, Pamphlets, paper inserts

You can utilize the list of different paper material for BTL marketing. You can use visiting cards, flyers, pamphlets, banners, brochures, paper inserts, anything and everything that your mind can think.

Simply, BTL activity focuses on communication between the target audience and the brand.

Global Advertisers is specialized in different, result-oriented and impressive BTL advertising will help you in advertising your product without spending much.

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The Indisputable Reality About Information That Nobody Is Sharing With You

The very first problem to do would be to learn when your information had been compromised in a data infringement. Item info is just one of many effective tools which could help in boosting the particular conversion rate. Whether or not you wish to choose like warranty info with merchandise descriptions together with datasheets or even providing it from within the ecommerce shopping cart, you will need to ensure that customers must be alert to crucial stipulations which are linked with their get.

The website alone is simple to make use of and enjoyable making you wish to group your bags straight away. The vast majority of other issues websites on the market need prolonged forms to accomplish and some even ask you sign in through Facebook. At the moment there are some at the resources page. You only need a brand page and a credit ranking card.

A PIM solution provides a simple ways to centralize in addition to organize the information. If you’re collecting information to be able to create a connection for an expected lead or future customer, marketing divisions have to keep in mind, under GDPR, to only accumulate information that is definitely relevant in addition to concise designed for what’s meant. The expression Private Facts doesn’t show up in the GDPR, yet has a specific meaning inside US privacy law. Consequently , no matter where a person travel, you’ll in a position to obtain your healthcare information gracefully.

You will discover two techniques to store the info, possibly on the fog up eg. The many given info is offered by simply vendors so that their clientele discover that it’s not hard to buy products using information. Circumstance information is currently easily available around the Commission web page.

What You Don’t Know About Information

Once the info is registered, it may not be altered. Or in other words, the SR data is the fact satellite information that has been algorithmically corrected to remove any disturbance from the atmosphere. It’s possible the fact that the relevant data might not have recently been shared with HIBP. Thus, your data from some other sources could possibly be included throughout order to ensure that an complex evaluation.

Information – Dead or Alive?

You don’t need to lessen the pace of the practice. The procedure to add knowledge is incremental. Some of the greatest data systems may be vulnerable to mass media hacking. Therefore , Product Facts Management system is necessary to lessen the intricacy of companies. Software in addition to associated products and services dominate increasingly more of value development. Adding Creation information application in your firm will encourage the manufacturers to supply every vital detail of these merchandise together with spread that across the many channels.

Annually a good deal of persons are defrauded on the internet. Protecting your privacy on the internet can be a must-do. The net isn’t a question a great plus an informative spot. Access to a process is protected by authentication and documentation, and they’re usually utilised combined with one another. Social networking users pays for dodgy followers as well as fake favors, views and even shares to offer the appearance of a larger audience.

The easy and excellent way to choose a customer fulfilled is by supplying the comprehensive data to the customers. No matter what kind of product clients are looking, they could get lots of different products very easily. For your clients, it’s very significantly important to find information regarding the product or service no matter whether the fine time of day and day within the week.

Bus media: An effective outdoor media

In India, buses are the suitable and affordable travelling medium for plenty of people travelling regularly and consistently all over the city, district or a state.

What is bus media advertising?

The definition of bus media advertising is advertisement displays placed on the inside and outside of city buses. They combine both partial and full wraps.

Of course, bus media advertising is still a perfect and easy transport medium to reach a large group of audiences. Hence, marketers find a big interest in Bus media advertisement over radio or TV advertising. But they are bound to see a bus advertisement frequently displaying on a moving billboard or bus wrap. This will help marketers to give a high result of their brand message on people’s mind. It also produces a needful brand momentum in the targeted areas.

Bus Media advertising effectiveness

Due to the prominent visibility and low public bus advertisements costs to advertise on buses, statistics show that posting ads on bus displays on the outside and inside of city bus lines or on bus roof. These advertising displays produce great impressions to the public.

If you are also willing to expand your brand message all over the city to get an extensive publication of mass audience, then look no further and visit us at  It is India’s most proficient one-stop destination offering all media advertising solutions.

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The bus is the perfect medium for this method of thinking, as the public is exposed to your message and throughout a campaign. Use our vast knowledge of bus media advertising and see the results for yourself.

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Digital marketing methods that help you to grow your business

The Internet has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives, and it is just incredible to try and picture our lives without it. You need to have an active digital marketing policy. It can help you to achieve and place your company on the right path to success. Due to the high use of the Internet and technology, digital marketing is one of the useful techniques that can help your growth. It can help you get more customers and build your reputation. Although, It is expanding your business.

Planning a website for your company is the best digital marketing method that can support you to grow. However, it is just an origin point, and there are a few more important things to do to establish your online presence successfully. Creating a website for your company is the first step you need to take when trying to develop your online presence.

1. Starting a Blog

Starting a blog, either on its owned or as a part of your website, is an excellent idea of engaging your clients and making them want to buy your product or use your services. For an excellent blog, content is the key. Think about selecting a team of content writers that can make your blog look impressive. Not only will your blog attract more clients, but it will also help you make your company reputation since it is the best place for you to talk about your industry and share your opinions with a large number of people.

Therefore, blogging is another essential digital marketing method that will help you successfully grow your business.

2. Establishing a Social Media Presence

Due to the expanding popularity of social media networks, you should seriously think about creating your presence there. It is a great digital marketing technique for your business, and you will get more customers.

A presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or any other social media network will help you extend your business since it will be visible to millions of people.

3. Understanding the Power of SEO

By creating your website SEO friendly, you will drive more traffic to your site and attract more customers. You need to do your SEO correctly for your website to be found on search engines.

When it comes to digital marketing, you want to regularly find new approaches and learn new ways of developing your business, since the digital environment is changing every day.

Branding and customer satisfaction

Branding is the process of recognizing a product with a name or image that describes the features and qualities of a product to customers. Actually, a  brand can add additional value to the product. Basically, the brand was identified by the elements that differentiated the product and service from the market competition.

Today branding has become is a bit more complicated, but even more significant in today’s world of marketing.

Therefore, many organizations develop brands as a way to attract and keep customers by promoting value, image, or lifestyle. Branding is essential to nearly every business, from those promoting new technologies to those providing logistic support to other companies.

So, why is branding so important?

  1. Strong branding can promote recognition for your business
  2. Your brand sets you apart from the competition
  3. Strong branding generates referrals
  4. Branding sets expectations
  5. Strong brands add value

On the other hand, customer satisfaction is the vital aspect to evaluate the quality of a product and attached attributes in a product. Normally, customer satisfaction is important because it produces marketers and business owners with benefits. So that, they can use to maintain and improve their businesses. In a review of nearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent responded that they observed a customer satisfaction metric very useful in controlling and monitoring their activities.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction for Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Encourages customer retention and reduces customer churn

Most of all, many marketers observed that the main reason behind the customer churn is not price, but it is the poor quality of products and services offered. If you work hard to satisfy your clients, they will keep doing business with you.

  1. Assists repeat buying

Satisfied customers manage to come back and do business with you. This will not only help you increase your revenue, but also establish a good business relationship with you.

  1. It limits corporate changes

If your customers are happy with your services and products, they will want your company or business to survive any change that may come around. They may even try to assist you in ensuring the industry survives.

  1. Publishing your brand through positive word of mouth

Actually, happy customers can sell your brand and business to you. They promote your products and services to their friends and relatives through the word of mouth communication.

  1. Boosts market share and revenues

Especially, customer satisfaction encourages customer retention. This fact contributes to increased market share and revenues.

Consequently, giving an excellent customer service will satisfy both you and your target audience.

As a result, they get a right service, you get precise revenue, and it becomes a win-win situation for both parties. That’s why you should never ignore the benefits of customer satisfaction. It’s high time to face the truth – your brand can always do better!