Outdoor Advertisements – What catches the eye stay in the mind

Hasn’t it ever happened ?  you looked at some billboard on your way home while you were driving or maybe just passing by and it just got stuck in your head? Or when someone uses the name of a movie or a company, and you immediately could remember the whole poster?  Well, that’s the power of outdoor media, it can grab your attention even in a matter of seconds and print a picture in your head.


But Outdoor advertising is not just constricted to just traditional media like billboards and bus advertisements, you will be surprised to know that there are also many other categories like trains, railway stations, bus shelters, gantries, flyover panels, glow signs, airport media, pole-kiosks and much more.

Outdoor Advertising doesn’t work anymore in this digital world? 

Yeah sure, many of us spend more time on social media sites and its the new trend, etc. But outdoor advertising will never go out of fashion.

Don’t we all travel all the time?

As long as people are going to travel from one place to another, the outdoor advertisement will keep on playing an integral role in the advertising world. We go to work in our car, by public transport, we always look round, and the right advertisement will always catch our eyes. 

Innovative Advertisements: 

Outdoor advertising has risen a bar and keeps on demanding new ways to get peoples attention.

The oldest still one of the most effective media: 

Outdoor advertisements have many benefits, to start with its a cost-efficient method, reaches out to a mass audience, some products are based geographically, it works the best in that area.

And do you know whats different about Global Advertisers

They offer plans like Barter Deals, Special Neon Display, Multiple Formats.

Yes! You read it  right. Barter  Deals!

With these deals cash crunch won’t be a problem for the advertisers, you can pay through EMI and pay the money later if you are low on cash right now.


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